TBS350 Macadam Sealing Machine

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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:TBS350


The asphalt system, aggregate system and spraying have been modularized, and easy to install and maintain.

TBS350 synchronous macadam sealing machine is the advanced product that is developed by XRMC on the base of many advantages of foreign familiar products. The asphalt system, aggregate system and spraying have been modularized, and easy to install and maintain. The control system is design as PLC + module structure. The automatic control console is installed in the driver’s cab and the manual console is installed behind the vehicle body. The machine can implement the up-layer sealing construction, laying (layer spread method construction) of asphalt pavement (country road). In the special state, the asphalt and macadam can be spread respectively. This machine suits for the preventive maintenance of different road surfaces in different conditions.

Sprinkle width(mm): 0-3500

Asphalt tank(L): 6000

Capacity of macadam hopper(m3): 10

Burner model: BTL20

Fuel flux: 10-22kg/h

Thermal equivalent: 118.6-260.9kw

Sprinkle number of asphalt(kg/m2): 0.5-3.0

Macadam sprinkle number(m3/m2): 0.002-0.022

Work speed: 2.5-6km/h

Chassis model: SX3255NR464

Engine power: 300/1900rpm

Max total weight: 25000kg

External dimensions(mm): 10493×2500×3296

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