Tactical FlashLight 120lumen With Press Pad Switch And Mount

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Product Description:


Tactial Flashlight with Red or green laser for rifle and pistol.


Key Features:

  • Highest quality CREE LED light source

  • Long Lifetime 

  • Waterproof to 30 meters

  • Extremely durable lightweight T6061 T6 Aircraft Alunimum construction

  • Belt pouch included

  • 2 position end (constant-on, intermittent)

  • Passed the Vibration and Shcok test!

  • Waterproof to 100M

  • Housing material: Aluminum


Finish color: Black or Red optional
Light source type: Cree LED
Max. lumen: 120
Battery type: CR123A x 2
Voltage: 6V
Battery operating time: 120-180mts (continuous on)
Flashlight focus: preset
Lighting period: 100,00 hours
Size: 25 x 125mm
IP rating: 66
Waterproof: To 100 meters
Switch options : ON/OFF press pad switch or button switch

flash light



  • Dark area Illuminating

  • Diving Illuminating

  • Outsports Illuminating

  • Other Military and law enforcement agencies around the world

     Light Source CREE LED CREE LED 
    LensShatterproof & high-heat resistance glass/polycarbonate 2mm thick lens
    Power SupplyTwo CR123 Lithium BatteriesThree CR123 Lithium Batteries
    Battery Life (Continuous)90 min (continuous on)
    Dimensions4.9"L x 1.12" Bezel Diam.6.25"L x 1.12" Bezel Diam.
    Weight without batteries  
    Construction6061 T6 Aluminum & Non-slip rubber-wrapped body with Delrin battery cap
    Waterproof (100m)YES
    FinishMatte Black
    Switch OptionsStraight Cord Pad,Curly Cord Pad,Comes with on/off Pad switch
    Warranty5 Year Limited
    Mount OptionsSM-5900: Rail Mount for  Green Laser or Xenon Flashlight,

                                        SM-5500: Dual Barrel Mount for  Green Laser & Xenon Flashlight


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Q:I bought a bright spot flashlight (Q5 flashlight, LED long-range flashlight), the battery with a charge will not go in
Because you open the battery directly in charge, it is equivalent to a conductor, directly to the flashlight power supply, and you do not plug when the battery is scrapped, no electricity, so it will be dark for a while!
Q:Please master to help me identify what LED said, the more detailed the better, Pailide GL-K139q flashlight inside, not CREE.
Domestic Taiwan led also understand some, fever is less current is too small, can not withstand high current, small current, of course, power consumption will be small, the same current, CREE led heating is not greater than them, brightness is not lower than them
Q:Accord LED charging flashlight, the process of charging open, light on it out
It is recommended to find a new flashlight! It's hard to buy accessories yourself!
Q:The LED light flashlight can give you light plant
Yes, but because it is used for lighting, the amount of red and blue will be insufficient, or set the special tube, the best growth effect!
Q:What battery is the rechargeable LED flashlight battery? What is the principle?
Nickel batteries, because the battery is carbon based, the power output is slow, relatively linear, output, use for a long time
Q:Use LED lights and cell phone batteries to make flashlights?
It depends on what LED is, if strawhat micro light LED, it depends on a few LED lights, and then the calculation, if the power of LED 3-5W, it can also direct drive in general, but for security reasons, can add a constant current voltage stabilizing circuit.
Q:What about the flashlight bulb? Which kind of brightness will be higher?
Light flashlight, light emitting LED with us CREE Q5 imported illuminant, aluminum metal mirror reflector cup good spot, produces 250 lumens enough to allow attackers to temporarily blind the slight light, using T6 aerospace aluminum CNC metal cutting, three hardening anodic oxidation coating forces, to ensure lasting long time under the condition of appearance. The compact size of the structure makes this flashlight a very suitable choice for everyday use.
Q:The sea king Diaoguang flashlight JW7200 can be converted into a LED light it
JW7200 itself is the use of LED light source, the use of 3W is already LED lights.
Q:Why hold a few moving magnets, manual power LED flashlight bulb will shine?
Compared with ordinary torches, the LED flashlight has high luminous efficiency, that is, it glows under the same brightness, and the same battery LED flashlight has a long luminous time. So you don't have to use your hand to generate electricity.
Q:How to change LED flashlight to blue light?
1, needs to buy blue light LED lamp diode;2, open the LED flashlight, the original LED diode is removed and replaced with blue LED diodes, connected by soldering solder joint;3, the LED flashlight assembled, press the power test lamp can.

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