T33 postpositive activated carbon filter catridge

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Product Description:

T33 filter cartridge(granular activated carbon filter)
Material: PP polypropylene shell and activated carbon, etc.
Production process: polypropylene shell granular activated carbon poured melted into a spin.
Usage: Application on postpositive-filtration water purification equipment. For adsorption of impurities in the water, to achieve the purpose to improve the taste.
Advantages: effectively remove organic matter, rest chlorine and other radioactive substances, and bleaching, Removal of peculiar smell effect.
Weight: 300 grams
Diameter: 50 mm

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Q:Is it harmful to drink filtered water regularly?
The reason is that these low boiling organic matter evaporates and condenses at the same time with the condensation of water vapor back into the water. Long term consumption of this water will not only cause the lack of certain trace elements, but also some organic substances are also ingested into the body, which is not conducive to health, so it is not suitable for conventional drinking water.
Q:Which kind of filter is good for drinking water filters?
The purification effect from low to high, static adsorption, filtration, distillation (both physical methods), the purification effect of the best operation is distillation; both water purifier filter effect and the adsorption of activated carbon.
Q:The water fountain was bought today, but the filtered water is black
Very normal, this is activated carbon filter out of the water
Q:How do I put the filter in the aquarium?
The key to a good fish is to filter, and the filter is mainly to filter the fish, and the toxins in the water are produced by the fish.
Q:Filter location of inlet valve for Vanward gas water heater
Note: the filter should be cleaned regularly, to prevent blockage of filter impurities, resulting in the amount is too small, the water heater can not start.
Q:Y filter generally in the circulating water, water or backwater?
The cooling tower circulating water should be in backwater
Q:Household water filter regularly cleaned?
We also use a filter, usually cleaned in 2 or 3 months, so as to ensure the clean water.
Q:Can water filter out smoke?
patients with vocal cord lesion, pure water filter for filtering cigarette smoke, water filter smoke volume expansion over 20 times at the same time, more than 20 times dilution of carcinogenic toxins, to prevent the erosion of high density cells lead to carcinogenic toxin gene mutations in cancer, smoking
Q:250 litres of water suitable for a submersible pump with a filter
(your fish tank 250*5=1200-2500L/H can be equipped with a 1200-2500 litre / hour flow filter pump or filter bucket)
Q:Does the filter in front of the water meter affect the measurement?
If there is no filter screen, the water speed is fast, the water meter measuring gear is fast, and the measuring time is short.

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