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Product Description:

Suspended ceiling system Main and Cross tee and Wall angle
Main tee:
24x38mm length: 3600/3660 (12')
24x32mm length: 3600/3660 (12')
15x38mm length:3600/3600 (12')
15x42mm length:3600/3600(12')
Cross tee:
24x32mm length: 1200/1220 (4')
24x26mm length: 1200/1220 (4')
15x38mm length:1200/1220(4')
15x42mm length:1200/1220(4')
24x32mm length: 600/610 (2')
24x26mm length: 600/610(2')
15x38mm length: 600/610(2')
15x42mm length:600/610(2')
Wall angle:
20x20mm length: 3000/3050 (10')
22x22mm length: 3000/3050 (10')
24x24mm length: 3000/3050 (10')

Color: Ivory-white
Surface treatment: baking finish
Packing: standard cartons
Material: high-quality hot dipped galvanized steel coil
Length and thickness can be customized as customers request



Normal Plane System

Slim (narrow) Plane System

Groove System

Exposed System

FUT System


Installation Steps:

1. Determine the requirement ceiling level, mark the position and fix wall angle on the wall

2. Hang main tee with T-bar suspension hook

3. Insert cross tee to the main tee

4. Cross tee adjacent to wall angle light fittings

5. Adjust the levels and alignments throughout the entire grid system accurately

6. Install PVC gypsum ceiling tile or other materials ceiling panel



Office, factories, hotels, theaters, external corridor, washroom, bathroom, etc.


1. Is OEM available?

Re: Yes, OEM service is available.

2. Are you factory?

Re: Yes. we are the largest factory in China.

3. Can we get sample?

Re: Yes, sample is free for our customer.

4. How many days for production

Re: usually 2 weeks after receiving of downpayment



T Bar Suspended Ceiling Grid High Quality Best Price

T Bar Suspended Ceiling Grid High Quality Best Price

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Q:Construction Process of Light Steel Longguard Paving
Construction points (1) according to the design of the ceiling height on the wall line, the level of tolerance ± 5 mm. (2) boom installation 1) choice of boom. Generally speaking, light steel keel ceiling selection of the boom can be based on the standard map, light steel ceiling selection diameter 6, medium, heavy selection of diameter 8. If the design has special requirements, the load is large, you need to be determined by structural design and verification. 2) According to the design or standard map to determine the hanging point spacing. Generally not on the ceiling between the 1200 ~ 1500 mm, the ceiling distance of 900 ~ 1200 mm. 3) fixed ceiling. For the cast-in-place concrete roof can be embedded in the construction of embedded boom or embedded iron, so that the boom and iron welding. In the old building or concrete orifice can be used under the nail gun hanging point iron (small angle iron) fixed, need to add a gasket. The nail must be secure (if the nail is perforated, the boom can be used to fix the boom). Or the expansion bolt under the lifting point. 4) When the boom is installed, the upper end should be welded with the embedded piece, the lower end should be set with thread, with a good nut, the end of the thread exposed to not less than 3MM.
Q:Light steel keel how many meters long?
It depends on what you need the specifications and thickness, a little thick can be done about 10 meters, thin about 45 meters or so, can be ruled processing.
Q:I want to finish my garage. I can handle the walls and floor, but I can't seem to get any help for the ceiling. I went to my local Home Depot and talked to two different people. They sell the stuff, but don't have a clue as to what I would need. The room will be 14' x 24'. Any help would be a appreciated.PS: My zip code is 02816, if that helps.
Home Depot lists a 400 sq ft drop ceiling grid installation kit for $14.38. They also list 2' x 4' ceiling panels for $4.11 each. I could not tell it the grid kit included the actual grid, or just hardware. Your room is 336 sq ft.
Q:I am putting in an electrical outlet behind a wall and I am looking above the wall by moving a ceiling tile. After moving a ceiling tile, I found that there is a light wired behind the ceiling tiles, a place nobody would be able to see it. I can't see where to turn this on, and it is not a problem, it has just made me curious. I live in a 95+ person fraternity house if that makes any difference.
The light used to be on the finished ceiling when the structure was first built. Later a drop ceiling was added and they just left the old lights up there. They were probably controlled by the switch that you currently use to turn the troffer lights on that are mounted in the ceiling grids.
Q:While I won't get into the reasons why, I ended up drywalling my walls in a small sitting room in my basement before doing the ceiling. The walls have since been painted. What are my options for installing drywall in the ceiling and what types of roadblocks may I encounter when doing so?
With no offense, OOPS. In any case it isn't a capital offense crime. After installing thousands of sq. ft. of drywall I offer that the process will be much the same as if the walls were still just studs. Certainly a helper or two would be nice, but the job can be tackled by a single, with some effort. If you have two like sized step ladders they can help. You can make braces from 2 x 4's to hold up a sheet, once you manage to get it up. The braces can also be used to boost: the sheet to the ceiling then wedge/hold it in place. Once screwed to the rafters/ joists all you need do is tape, mud, sand, and eventually paint. If you happen to NEED it white you can mask off your walls at the meeting points. I've also applied thousands of gallons of paint and have a suggestion. Assume your walls are a color. It is a trick of the eye perhaps, but glaringly noticeable to anyone if the painter didn't have a steady hand, and happened to get color up onto the ceiling. The better process for a DIY especially, is to cut the ceiling down onto the walls, and then paint the wall color to within 1/16th inch of the ceiling in a masked, straight line. Odd how it works, but it does. Steven Wolf
Q:Light steel keel hanging flat how to calculate the material?
Per square meter double plane ceiling material dosage. (10m * 10m size for the measurement unit, the main keel spacing 900mm, cover keel spacing 600mm, consider the 5% loss, the actual site ceiling size, spacing differences, the following table data will be corresponding changes.
Q:I have a suspended ceiling that is 2' x 4'- the guy at Lowe's told me I can use the USG Lace 12 x 12 tiles to interlock to have 8 of them fit in a grid...is this actually possible? Everything I have seen online says that those are to staple or glue up- not to be placed in a 2' x 4' grid.
I wouldn t think you could either. I would think that middle seam would sag after awhile,. Go with your gut and don t ... GL
Q:Light steel keel plus wood can ceiling it
Aluminum ceiling installation can choose light steel keel and wood keel, but now the market are basically using light steel keel, after all, light steel keel is metal!
Q:Both sides are empty light steel keel partition in the middle to conceal the socket, switch box, how to be fixed
Sockets, switch boxes, are fixed on the keel, the amount of good position, first installed on the woodworking slats, and then fixed to the keel, the screw from the nail fixed, socket switch box and woodworking lath connection glue closed interface. Gypsum board dig hole can be.
Q:What is the average cost per sq ft to install a drop ceiling?
Hi Bob, I have heard of ' Angies List ' but have not used it myself yet. They list many contracotrs form many trades. You may want to get some estimates from contractors listed there. Secondly, try Home Depot or Lowe's just pose the question to someone in the tile dept. for a general idea of costs. Just a thought , but I would look for a tile contractor closer inland than actually hiring a Contractor from the Cape. It's a frugal thought :o)

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