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RS232 Magnetic card reader is developed for using ISO Format card and used for the commercial POS systems and Store supermarket etc.

It is Manual Swipe Type Magnetic Card Reader with RS232 terminal.



The Configurations are as follows:

Model No.



RS232  card reader

Track1, 2 and 3






Major features of the Swipe Reader are as follows:  

• Powered through the PS2 – no external power supply required

• Hardware Compatible with PC or any computer or terminal with a RS232 interface

• Bidirectional card reading

• Reads encoded data that meets ANSI/ISO/AAMVA standards and

Others such as ISO track 1 format on track 2 or 3.

• Reads up to three tracks of card data.

• LED for status.

• Compatible with RS232 specification.

• Can use standard Windows drivers for communications.

No third part device driver is required.

• Many programmable configuration options.



B. Cable Length

* Customized connector are also available.





Length -90mm

Width - 24mm

Height - 21mm



100g (Approx.)  with cable



Voltage: 5V From PS2(mouse) bus



i Operation : -25’C ~ 60’C, 20%~90% RH

ii Storage : -30’C ~ 70’C, 10%~95% RH

iii Humidity: 0% to 95% RH non-condensing



Indoor use


F. SHOCK : 30G, 11ms


G. Case material: ABS plastic


H. Life of Head: 300,000 passes, minimum




A. Card Specification

The cards which are used in RS232 card reader should be complied with ISO 7810, 7811 and 7812.

Track Position




Recording Density

210 BPI

75 BPI

210 BPI

Recording Capacity

79 Characters (7bits)

40 Characters (5bits)

107 Characters (5bits)

Card Thickness


0.76 mm ± 0.08 mm


Card width: 0.010 to 0.050 inches 0(.254 to 1.27mm)




Formats: ISO 7811, AAMVA,and CAD MV.

Swipe speed: 5 to 55 inches per second, bi-directional

Slot width: 0.055 inches (1.37mm)


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Q:How do you use a memory card reader?
I haven't seen a reader that can handle a memory stick and a sim card. If you find one, it should just plug in to a USB port and it'll appear as another disk on your PC. There should be software supplied with the reader to handle backing up the sim card.
Q:If I have a vending machine with credit card reader, How the reader handles the transaction?Direct with the Co
The card reader works just like one in any business. It needs to be hooked up to a phone line and it will dial the approval line for the cards that it accepts. Also like a regular card processing machine you will have to pay a percentage of each sale or a transaction fee for each sale. It depends on which cards you accept as to the amount and the fees. Each card company has a card services department for businesses just call them and find out. Good luck!
Q:Is it true that Tarot Card Readers end up alone in life?
Amazing the stories that people make up. Tarot card readers are single, married, divorced etc. just like everyone else. One does not have anything to do with the other. I am a Tarot reader of 18 years and have not found my finances affected in any way.
Q:Is card reader is a input device or electronic data storage equipment?
A card reader had its hey day in the 1970's. Essentially, it reads in a deck of cards which were punched with square holes across about 132 columns. The pattern of vertical holes signified the character. So essentually a card could have 132 characters on. Programmers (in the olden days) would write out sheets of cards which would then be typed up by a punch card operator. The punch card operator would then deliver the 'deck' back to the programmer. The deck could be 12cm deep - sometimes much much more. The Programmer would then submit the deck of cards to the computer room where the Computer Operators would take the deck of cards and feed them through a card reader which would read about 5 cards a second. The information held on the cards would be loaded into memory and could then be executed by the processor. Ultimately, these decks could be saved on disk as true programs. Any Programmer who upset a Computer Operator could expect his deck of cards to be accidentally dropped on the floor. It took ages to sort them back into the correct sequence!!!
Q:how can you tell if your computer has a memory card reader?
i have never heard of a memory card reader. all computers have memory sticks. just open up your computer and you will see them.
Q:Overseas travel without camera software: Will memory card reader work?
If okorder
Q:How to install an internal card reader/writer on my computer?
If it is internal, then the usb pins are totally different it has eight pins female jack, you should find the male pins on the board and it written on the board usb 1 and usb2 near the pins.
Q:does thinkpad T410i built in card reader support MMC on windows xp sp3 32-bit platform?
Spend $10 and get a USB card reader. Have you tried the card in another machine? It could still be an issue with the card itself
Q:What is a usb, card reader and video capture card?
If you have the right hardware- you can use a USB, which is just another cord that can plug into almost all computers (usually about 5$ for a cord), other than that- yes you do have to buy a card that supports you running the hardware that you are going to use to copy. a 13in 1 card reader is a piece of hardware that can read many different things including CompactFlash, CompactFlash II, MicrodrMedia, SD, Mini SD, XD, MultiMedia, Secure Digital, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro Duo (most of the time) it plugs into your computer using a USB cord that comes with it. just put in one of the above disks into your card reader and it will show the contents on your computer.
Q:Why won't my SD card reader work?
It could be physically unplugged and/or damaged. If you feel comfortable, open the case up, and find the back of the card reader and just push the connectors in to make sure they are secure. Card readers are simple things and usually don't require custom drivers or anything so it should just work fine if it's plugged in correctly.

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