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Product Description:


HG114 Hf Straight-seam Weld Pipe Mill is used to produce round pipe 1 1/2" - 4" and square tube 40x40mm - 90x90mm.

HG114 Hf Straight-seam Weld Pipe Mill 

I. Summary

The mill is intended for manufacturing round pipe of Φ50mm-Φ114mm with thickness of 1.5mm–5.0mm from cold-rolled and hot-rolled coil strip by means of unclosed tubular blank with its subsequent welding into tube, edge heating by means of solid state high-frequency welder, longitudinal seam welding in rolls of tube welding machine, cooling, further sizing or shaping and on-stream cutting of endless tube in measured lengths.

Finished product will be of round, square or rectangular pipe.

The manufacturing process provides for the uses of coiled strip precut in required width sizes in slitting machine.

II. The technical flow of the production line

{SteelTape}→→ Double-head un-coiler →→Strip-head Cutter and welder→→

Horizontal spiral accumulater →→Forming section(Flattening unit +Main driving unit +Forming unit +Guide unit +High frequency induction welding unit +squeeze roller)+ De-burr frame →→Cooling unit →→ Sizing unit and straightener →→Flying saw under computer-control →→ Run-out table

III. Basic conditions:

a) Steel Pipe Specification 



 pipe diameter


 pipe thickness

  1.5 – 5.0mm

 square pipe

  40X40mm –90X90mm

 rectangle pipe

  40X40mm –90X90mm

 pipe length

  6.0m – 12.0m

 length tolerance


b) SteelTape Specification

1. Material:        Carbon steel (δb≤500Mpa, δs≤235Mpa)

2. Steel Tape: Inner diameter:    Φ470-510mm

Outer diameter:    Φmax=1800mm

Strip steel width:       160mm-400mm

Strip steel thickness:   1.5mm-5.0mm

The maximum weight:  4.0 tons

c) Electric installed capacity:       appro. 800KW

d) Size of the whole line:           appro. 75X7.0m

e) Line Speed:                    20-70m/min



 Forming & sizing section

4.1   Forming mill gearbox, universal joint

4.1.1   Mill entry flattener by up-horizontal roll and below-horizontal roll, one positive five-roll flattener, one pair of feeding vertical roll.

4.1.2   Forming mill consists of:

-      Driven stand:            7 sets (Horizontal)

-        Driven stand shaft:             Φ 100mm

-      Material of shaft:         40Cr

-         Side roll stand:                 8 sets(Vertical)

-         Side roll stand shaft:       Φ60mm

-      Material of shaft:          40Cr

-         Gear box & universal joint: 7sets

-      Material of gear box:      cast steel

-      Material of gear:          20CrMnTi

-      Main motor:              132kW   Model: Z4-250-31  1 set

-      Main redactor:            1 set

-      Horizontal roller frame with worm gear & shaft. adjust up and down at same time and level.

4.2        Sizing mill gear box, universal joint

4.2.1   Sizing mill consist of:   

-            Driven stand:               5 sets (Horizontal)

-         Driven stand shaft:              Φ 100mm

-      Material of shaft:          40Cr

-         Side roll stand:                  5 sets (Vertical)

-         Side roll stand shaft:        Φ60mm

-      Material of shaft:          40Cr

-         Gear box & universal joint:  5 sets

-      Material of gear box:       cast steel

-      Material of gear:           20CrMnTi

-      Main motor:               110kW   Model: Z4-250-11  1 set

-      Main redactor:             1 set

-      2 set single head Turk’s head, with 4 rollers*2sets

-      One speed testing roller with air cylinder for CNC flying saw

-      Horizontal roller frame with worm gear & shaft. adjust up and down at same time and level.

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