Standing Seam Panels Series

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Product Description:

Zinc Standing Seam Panels Series

1. The curving machine is to use for curving standard profile with tapered shape; after consecutive curing on both sides and pan to get an arc profile.

It is controlled by PLC automatically; Simatic panel(for input of both end -section size and lenght);curve feeding,taper feeding and angel adjustment are driven by seervomotor.

Profile parameter;Wider End:MAX500mm,narrow End :MIN270mm;Curving Redius:MIN10 meter

This curver takes on high efficiency ,easy handing and safe property

Standing Seam Panels Series  Standing Seam Panels Series Zinc Colored Steel Roofing Tile  Plate


Color corrugated steel roofing sheet
Length:Any length.

Product Description

Model No.:900
Wave Height:25mm
Wave width:210mm
Coverage Width:900mm
Coil Width:1000mm
Total width:900mm
Length:Any length,generally less than5.6m or 11.8m,Tolerance±0.2mm
Color:standard color:red,blue,white grey,etc
special color:according to RAL color
Wave No. :5
Surface finished:50-150g/m2 Zinc-coating( as per your request)

Painting:Top painting:16~25μm

Back painting: 6~10μm

Feature:Building metallic materials have excellent performance of decoration, corrosion resistance etc.

rupture strength:280-400 Mpa

Tensile strength::300-400 Mpa

The elongation is not less than 20

Great Appearance
Great Durability
Low Maintenance
Easily installed over Existing Roofing
Energy Efficient
Resists Mold & Mildew
15--30 Year Finish Warranty
100% Recyclable

Raw materials
(1)Hot dipped galvanized steel sheet
(2)color coated galvanized steel sheet
(3)Galvalume steel sheet
(4)Pre-painted galvalume steel sheet
(5)Aluminum sheet
(6) Pre-painted aluminum sheet
(7)Stainless steel sheet

(1) Gymnasium
(2) Warehouse
(3) Hospital
(4) Supermarket
(5) Shelter,
(6) Commercial facilities
(7) Industrial facilities
(8) Garage

3.Standing Seam Panels Series Zinc Colored Steel Roofing Tile  Plate

Collred glaww wool sandwich steel plate is made through combining the upper and lower layers lf collred corrugated steel plate with the keel and glass wool ,divided into two kinds,mainly consisting lr the two categories of roof plates and wall plates .hanging-nte type glass wool sandwich plate is a new tupe heat preservation roof material with stainless steel wire replacing the lower layer of colored corrugated steel plate .With good fireproof property ,glass wool sandwich plate is widely used in walls and roofs of large public buildings ,industrial workshops and other kind buildings.

Polystyrene foam plastic sandwichx plate uses colored steel plate as sur face material close hole selfextinction polytene foam plasticas core material After the automticcontinuous forming machine corrugates colored steel plates ,these surface  

material and core material are bonded using a high-strength adhesive to form a new tu type highefficiencu clad building material.Featuring heat preservation ,one off waterproof,fast construction speed,long service life,simple and elegant appearance etc,it is mainly used in roofs and walls of publie buildings and industrial workshops,clean workshops,combined cold storage warehouses,joint floors lf building,commercial booths ete.  

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Q:MD board has no E1 level
Medium density fiberboard by formaldehyde release of E1 and E2 levels, formaldehyde emission is generally not more than 30mg / 100g as a qualified product. Most of the medium-density fiberboard on the market for the E2 level, E1 level slightly less.
Q:Will the experts: acetic acid plate and the difference between acrylic, resin sheet
Organic chemical chemical industry is so complicated, only conventional products conventional method, that is, specify the specific conditions. And that are colorless and transparent products it, designated conventional cellulose acetate plate, conventional acrylic plate, conventional thermosetting resin board. Among the three, you can see the degree of colorless translucent to the highest acrylic, followed by resin, acetic acid again. You can see heat conditions, heating to one hundred and fifty degrees above, acrylic will soften the flow, the resin will be soft but not flow, and then raise the temperature, acetic acid will melt. Look at the situation of specific solvents, dip chloroform (chloroform) wipe the surface, acrylic solution, slightly soluble acetic acid, resin unchanged. Of course, for the specific different varieties, the situation is very different
Q:What is the width of the stainless steel sheet? What are the common widths?
Standard 3 square meters 1220 * 2440 thickness from 1 to 12. The whole volume is not good to say.
Q:Decoration need to buy snow Ling plate, the plate how?
Snow surface plate product shape flat, thick and large ratio, the unit volume of the surface area is also great, this shape features to bring its use on the characteristics: (1) surface area, so inclusive capacity, in the chemical, container, construction (2) can be arbitrarily tailored, bending, stamping, welding, made of various components of the product, the use of flexible and convenient, in the automotive, aviation, shipbuilding and tractor manufacturing and other sectors occupy a very large number of metal products, metal products, metal structure, Important position; (3) can be bent, welded into various types of complex sections of steel, steel, large I-beam, channel and other structural parts, it is called "universal steel."
Q:What are the types of plates for office furniture?
Particleboard Particleboard is made of wood scrap as the main raw material, and then infiltration of glue, additives made of thin plate. Pressing the press method can be divided into two categories: extruded particleboard, flat particleboard. The main advantage of this type of sheet is the price is extremely cheap. Its shortcomings are also very obvious: very poor intensity. Generally not suitable for the production of large or mechanical requirements of the furniture.
Q:What is the FR4 plate in the market and Tenghui VT-42B plate quite
Refers to the surface is FR4 light green, the middle of the black plate
Q:How can quickly calculate the number of panels used in the cabinet cabinet ah?
To the furniture store looking at a variety of wardrobe mental arithmetic plate use area, count to 10 when the basic can touch the law.
Q:Now home furnishings are what plate?
Blockboard blockboard, line known as big core board. Daxing board is made of two pieces of veneer stamping together. Big core board price is cheaper than the core board, the vertical (to the core material to distinguish) bending strength is poor, but the lateral bending strength is higher.
Q:Natural granite stone plate according to its surface level of processing can be divided into three categories
1, fine panel (RB). It is a smooth, smooth sheet. 2, mirror sheet (PL). It is a flat surface with a glossy glossy sheet. 3, rough panel (RU). It is the surface smooth, rough, with more regular processing of the stripes of the plane board, chopped ax plate, hammer plate
Q:601 stainless steel is what
601 stainless steel Product Name: 【nickel-based alloy】 Product Origin: Japan Metallurgical / SMC / VDM / ATI Product Brand: Germany ThyssenKrupp VDM US Hastelloy Japan Metallurgical OUTOKUMPU (Otto Kunpu) US Metallurgical ATI Specifications: Forging, bar, sheet, strip, ring, wire, flange, etc. can be produced according to customer requirements Application: widely used in aerospace, electricity, petrochemical, shipbuilding, machinery, electronics, environmental protection and other industries.

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