Stairs for frame Scaffolding

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(1)Stairs for frame Scaffolding


(3)Features:Welding by Robot

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Q:Why stairs should not be set in the end of the building is the specification of the right?
"Code for Seismic Design" According to the actual damage caused by the provisions of the Tangshan earthquake during the multi-storey masonry structure staircase damage, and then again in the Wenchuan earthquake staged: a large number of stairwells arranged in the masonry structure and the end of the corner,
Q:Stairs change position
Lofts installed to warm, change will be affected, then it is still more trouble. Space is changing, it is recommended in the original basis to play your creativity, look at the surrounding neighbors, learn from each other.
Q:The problem of staircase stepping width
However, this fan from the edge of the handrail 250, is the most part of the distance from the radial distance of 250mm, where the step width of not less than 220 only,
Q:Some of the ancient aristocratic carriage up and down a few stairs like what is called ah
It's like a stool Old times, dedicated to the Mara sedan.
Q:Tianzheng 8.5 stairs no section line
First to say the simplest no cut, that is, only the tread, no picture cut off the line;
Q:What is the meaning of calculating the floor area of the staircase in the natural layer?
In other words, a 10m high floor and 2.2m high floor, staircase calculation area is the same, are calculated in accordance with the level of the floor projection area
Q:What is an accessible staircase
In the bottom of the armrest to set a height of 50mm security platform to prevent the crutch to slide out to cause a fall. In the stairs on both sides need to set a high 0.85 ~ 0.90m handrails, handrails to maintain coherence, at the beginning and end to the level of extension above 0.30m, in the up and down the stairs when the action is completed to help the body to maintain balance. In the handrail layer affixed to the Braille description card, told the visual disability where the number of layers and location. Handrails in the form of easy to grasp, to install a strong, can withstand more than one person's weight. Stepping tread and kick the color to have a clear contrast or change, to arouse the user's alert and help the visually impaired ability. Tread width should reach 0.30m, the height of the kick should not exceed 0.16m. At the beginning of the step before and after the end of 0.30m, should be set to 0.30 ~ 0.60m wide wide tips blind path, told the visual stairs where the stairs and the starting point and end point. The width and height of stairs and steps of public buildings and residential buildings should be considered for the use of persons with disabilities and the elderly, so the specifications are slightly smaller than those in the General Principles of Civil Building Design (Figure 13). That is, barrier-free stairs meet the fire requirements, and meet the fire requirements of the stairs may not meet the requirements of barrier-free stairs.
Q:The door is a downstairs stairs, the first floor is the living room, the second floor is the bedroom, this house feng shui ok
Q:Up and down the stairs knee pain, walking pain, what remedies can rule
suggestions: In daily life, most joint pain is not caused by trauma. Joint long cold and huge temperature difference is the main cause of joint pain, especially in the fall, the occasion of alternating cold and warm, low temperature or huge temperature difference will lead to muscle and blood vessels Contraction, causing joint pain. If you encounter this situation, first of all to warm as much as possible, you can use the hot method; followed by reducing the amount of exercise, so that the joints get rest If the above method can not make knee pain improved, then Go to the hospital for treatment, a clear cause.
Q:Is there a requirement for staircase handrail height in public places?
Third, the ladder change direction, the platform armrest at the minimum width should not be less than the net width of the ladder. When the need to carry large objects should be appropriate to widen. Fourth, the progress of each ladder should generally not exceed 18, nor should not be less than 3. Fifth, the staircase platform upper and lower corners of the net height should not be less than 2m. The height of the ladder should not be less than 2.20m. Note: The height of the ladder is the vertical height of the taper line (including the minimum and the highest first step outside the leading edge line 0.30m) to the vertical height of the lower edge of the straight protrusion. Sixth, the stairs should be at least one side of the handrail, ladder width of three shares of the flow should be on both sides of the handrail, up to four flow should be added middle armrest.

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