Spring Cone Crusher/Advanced Technology/Widely Used

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Product Description:

Spring Cone Crusher

  • Type: Secondary Crushing

  • Input Size: 36mm--300mm

  • Processed Materials: Limestone, Granite, Gabbro, Basalt, River Stone, Coal Gangue, Quartz, Diabase,Iron Ore, Copper Ore,  Zinc Ore, Manganese Ore, etc. (for Hard Stone).

  • Applications: Aggregates Shaping, Mechanism sand, Bituminous Concrete, Metal Mine, Sand Making, Chemical, Road, Railway

  • Capacity: 5-1000 TPH

    The spring cone crushers by the change of the gap in the crushing cavity, and it has more advantages:

    1,Strong crushing force; High efficiency; High crushing capacity;

    2,Low operation and maintenance cost, easy to adjust;

    3,As spare parts selection and structural design is reasonable, the lifespan will be longer;

    4,Reducing downtime;

    5,Different types of crushing chambers to satisfy different customers’ requirement.

    6, High reduction ratio, high performance, low power consumption, and uniform size products.

Detail Specification:


Dia. of Cone


Adjusting Range

of Discharge Opening


Max Feed Size


Capacity (t/h)Motor Power (kw)Weight (t)

Overall Dimension



Spring Cone Crusher/Advanced Technology/Widely Used

Spring Cone Crusher/Advanced Technology/Widely Used


Spring Cone Crusher/Advanced Technology/Widely Used

Spring Cone Crusher/Advanced Technology/Widely Used

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Q:What's the difference between a jaw crusher and a hammer crusher?
Working principleThe PE series jaw crusher three-phase asynchronous motor machine through the belt drive rotor eccentric shaft rotation speed according to the regulations, hanging on the eccentric shaft and the lower jaw head push toggle plate on the eccentric shaft eccentric support, drives the movable jaw plate along the trajectory of movement, relatively fixed plate extrusion, shear movement in order to achieve the material, crushing, crushing less than row trajectory of feed helps to lower bulk materials, long elliptic trajectory makes the higher yield and grain size is more uniform. The sudden increase of load into the crushing chamber can not be broken in foreign material, toggle through their own fault protect other parts from damage.
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