Special steel smelting blowing oxygen tube

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Item specifice:

Standard: GB Technique: ERW Shape: Round
Surface Treatment: Black Steel Grade: Q195,Q235,Q235B,Q215 Certification: ISO
Thickness: 1.5 Length: 6000 Net Weight: 1300

Product Description:

The oxygen blowing tube is a small-caliber steel pipe used for making steel and blowing oxygen. Generally, small-caliber welded steel pipes are used. The standard is from 3/8 inch -2 inch eight, with 08, 10, 15, 20 or Q195-Q235 steel belts. Made. In order to prevent erosion, some of them perform aluminizing treatment.
Carbon and other chemicals give specific properties or properties to metals, so these chemicals should be carefully measured and controlled during smelting. Oxygen tubes are used in blast furnaces, converters, induction furnaces, and arc furnaces to make steel carbon, that is, oxygen rich mixtures are injected into metal melt through blow tubes. The oxidation reaction burns the excess carbon in the metal melt, reducing its carbon composition to a suitable standard.

Special steel smelting blowing oxygen tubeIron mouth
When the expected steel water composition and temperature are reached, the iron mouth is opened by means of a blow tube through drilling and tapping. One end of the oxygen blowing tube is connected to hyperbaric oxygen, and the end of the oxygen blowing tube is ignited. Through careful and skilled operation, the iron cannon mud with a thickness of 800 mm can be burned, which helps the flow out of the metal melt.
Clean the steel pack.
After the casting process is over, the steel package blocks need to be cleaned immediately. The slag on the package needs to be cleaned up. The blow tube is used to clean up and down the pipe mouth, such as the embedded slag at the bottom of the steel package, and also needs to be cleaned with a blow tube.
Clear the middle water outlet.
The intermediate package is a container that temporarily stores metal melt during the steelmaking process. It is more economical to replace the entire water filling system by cleaning the intermediate filling port with a blowing tube.

Special steel smelting blowing oxygen tubeClean up the skin.
The oxygen blowing tube can effectively cut and clean the slag skin caused by the slag layer. The solidified or solidified metal forms an insulating layer from the refractory material, reduces heat loss, and protects the lining from corrosion, chemical erosion, and thermal impact.
Clear steel spillage
The blowing tube is used to divide the solidified steel spillage into small parts that are easy to treat and to facilitate the remelting or treatment of some valuable spillage.
Where to sell Q235 blowing oxygen pipes, Q235 blowing oxygen tubes spot price, blowing oxygen tubes are used for steel blowing oxygen pipes, generally used welding steel pipes, specifications from 3/8 inches -2 inches eight. Made of 08, 10, 15, 20 or Q195-Q235 steel belts. In order to prevent erosion, some of them perform aluminizing treatment.
Specification: 5m-16m
5 * 1, 5 * 1.5, 6 * 1, 6 * 1.2, 6 * 1.5, 8 * 1, 8 * 1.2, 8 * 1.5, 9.52 * 1.24, 10 * 1, 10 * 1.2, 10 * 1.5, 10 * 1.8, 10 * 2, 10.5 * 2.5, 12 * 1, 12 * 1.2, 12 * 1.5, 12 * 1.8, 12 * 2, 13 * 1, 13 * 1.2, 13 * 1.5, 13 * 2, 14 * 1, 14 * 1.2, 14 * 1.5, 14 * 2, 16 * 1, 16 * 1.2, 16 * 1.3, 16 * 1.4, 16 * 1.5, 16 * 2, 17 * 2, 18 * 2, 19 * 2, 20 * 2, 21 * 2, 22 * 2, 27 * 2, 38 * 11, etc., and can produce special specifications of blowing tubes, coating blowing tubes, seamless blowing oxygen Guandeng.
Oxygen Pipe Co., Ltd. and Japan's Sumitomo Metals, Kawasaki Iron, New Japan Iron Kobe Steel, Germany's Waluruike, Bentele, and Spain's T.R and Tvbesex, Italy Dalming and other world-renowned steel pipe production companies have a good cooperative relationship, It is a Japanese JFE company's spot supplier in the Chinese market. At the same time, the company and Tianjin seamless, Baosteel steel pipe, Hengyang steel pipe, Baotou steel pipe, Chengde steel pipe and other domestic large-scale steel pipe manufacturers have established a good cooperative relationship. It is now the agent of high pressure alloy tube Tianjin, Chengdu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.. Through several years of hard work, the company has become a large scale alloy steel pipes, steel pipes for structure, welding pipes, Square moment tubes, heterogeneous tubes, copper pipes and steel materials production and sales base. At the same time, the company has sold seamless pipes, alloy tubes, welding pipes, galvanized tubes, heterogeneous tubes, and Guandeng products from major domestic steel mills to all parts of the world. The products are exported to South, North America, Australia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The country is well received by domestic and foreign customers.

Special steel smelting blowing oxygen tubeOur company's main products are: purple copper pipe also known as copper pipe. Nonferrous metal tube. It's a pressed and pulled seamless tube. Light weight, good thermal conductivity, high low temperature strength. Commonly used in the manufacture of heat transfer equipment(such as condensers, etc.). It is also used to assemble low-temperature pipelines in oxygen production equipment. Small diameter copper tubes are often used to transport pressure liquids(such as lubrication systems, hydraulic systems, etc.) and pressure measurements used as instruments. Copper pipes have strong, corrosion-resistant characteristics and become the first choice for modern contractors to install tap water pipes, supply pipes, and refrigeration pipes in all residential commercial houses. Heterotype tube tubes can be divided into elliptical heterotype steel pipes, triangular heterotype steel pipes, hexagonal heterotype steel pipes, diamond-shaped heterotype steel pipes, octagonal heterotype steel pipes, and semicircular heterotype steel circles. Unequal hexagonal heterotype steel pipes, five-plum-shaped heterotype steel pipes, double-convex heterotype steel pipes, double-concave heterotypic steel pipes, melon son heterotypic steel pipes, conical heterotypic steel pipes, and wavy heterotypic steel pipes. Heterotype tube, heterotype tube, moment type tube, heterotype welded tube, spiral welded tube, specification: 20 * 20mm -500mm, wall thickness 0.6mm -20mm, spiral steel pipe. Spiral steel pipe specification, 219mm -2020mm, Wall thickness 5mm -20mm. Straight seam specifications are 4 minutes, 6 minutes, 1 inch, 1.2 inches, 1.5 inches, 2 inches, 2.5 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 102, 108, 127, 133, 139, 159, 168, 177, 194, 219 Heterotype tubes such as 273 and 325 generally refer to rectangular steel pipes. Casting special oxygen blowing tubes, referred to as oxygen melting rods, oxygen melting rods, also known as oxygen blowing rods and oxygen arc melting rods, are the first products of Shanghai Baosteel to have rapid melting and cleaning functions. As long as it is fuelled by oxygen, it can immediately produce a high temperature of 3,600 degrees, allowing the processed workpieces(metal, non-metal, concrete, rock) to be quickly melted or cleaned to achieve the purpose of the operation. Also produced seamless steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, composite pipes, galvanized Guanji other pipes, high quality prices. The products are sold throughout the country and exported to more than a dozen countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States, and enjoy high honors in domestic and foreign markets.
Our company is strong, adopt and spot combination of business model. We have thousands of tons of stock in stock, sufficient supply, complete specifications and prompt delivery. Established a perfect purchasing → selling → transportation integrated supply and marketing service network.
At the same time, our company is a designated company of PetroChina and Sinopec, which has special equipment licenses and classification society certification. Our company solemnly promises to you: guarantee the best quality, the lowest price, the most perfect after-sales service to thank new and old customers.

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Q:What quota should be installed for heating seamless steel pipe?
Installation quota of seamless steel pipe project, if it is indoor engineering, sets of welded steel pipe, the price adjustment can
Q:Are the welded and galvanized tubes the same weight?
The same specifications of welded pipe and galvanized pipe weight is not the same, the general welding tube weight, galvanized pipe light.
Q:What's the difference between steel pipe and pipe fittings?
Pipe classification: steel pipe seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe (tube) two categories. It can be divided into round tube and special-shaped tube according to the sectional shape. The round steel tube is widely used, but there are some special-shaped steel tubes such as square, rectangle, semicircle, hexagon, equilateral triangle and octagon.
Q:Are galvanized steel tubes the same as degaussing steel tubes?
And the method of magnetic field created by means of electromagnets or permanent magnets. For analysis of residual magnetism, see table (1), select the demagnetizing method and system in combination with the conditions of the construction site (for example, given equipment, etc.). Table 1 magnetic remanence grade and welding conditions
Q:SC15 what does galvanized steel pipe look like?
Zinc plating: galvanized steel pipe hot galvanized and galvanized two kinds, hot galvanized, zinc coating thickness, with uniform coating, adhesion, long service life and so on. The cost of galvanizing is low, the surface is not very smooth, and the corrosion resistance of itself is much better than that of galvanized pipe. Refer to
Q:What's the difference between stainless steel seamless tube and stainless steel welded pipe?
Stainless steel welded pipe is also a hollow section of steel, but it is welded through the plate into the steel pipe, so there is a welded steel pipe welding gap.
Q:Who knows what is the difference between double submerged arc welded pipe and longitudinal submerged arc welding?
Double submerged arc welding is also a kind of longitudinal submerged arc welding.
Q:Is there any difference between thermal expansion seamless steel pipe and seamless steel pipe?
Seamless tubes are generally produced on continuous tube mills, also known as automatic rolling mills. The round steel is cut into the required length, centering on the end face of the pipe blank and then sent to the heating furnace to punch on the piercer. At the same time, the hole rotates and advances continuously. Under the action of the roller and the plug, the inner cavity of the pipe blank is gradually formed, and the cavity is called the capillary. Sent to the automatic tube rolling mill on rolling. Finally, the thickness of the whole machine is the same, and the diameter of the sizing machine is determined to meet the specifications.
Q:What's the difference between round and round tubes?
Round steel is solid and round tubes are hollow
Q:Theoretical weight of 25*25*1.5 square steel tubes
Square steel tube, referred to as square tube, also known as square tube, is a square pipe of a kind of name, that is, the length of the same steel pipe. The strip is rolled by process. Generally, the strip is disassembled, leveled, crimped and welded to form a round tube. The tube is then rolled into square tubes and cut to the required length, usually 50 pieces per package.

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