Slim 3000mah polymer power bank

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Model Size





3000/4000mah 5000mah

Input voltage


Output voltage

5.0V (+ / - 0.2 V) / 1 A

Type of Battery

Emergency / Portable

Recharging time

+/- 5 Hours


MIC USB / Iphone Charging Cable


Cell phone/ Ipad / IPod/ Digital Camera


100 PCS


HSBC / Western Union


By Sea & By Air & Express( UPS/DHL/FEDEX/EMS)

Delivery time

5 Days after Deposit


1 year

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Q:how to measure the output power of generator ?
I don't think there is any easy way other than loading it up and seeing when the voltage drops to below the minimum you require. You can get a ball park idea by just looking at the physical size and comparing it with other known generators.
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I am a super villian! I'm on the evil league of evil! I'm not going to tell you how I rob banks because that is classified information.
Q:With Power Of Attorney can I cash bonds at any bank?
2 separate issues. The fact you have permission legally to cash them does not mean you meet the requirement of the institution to agree to cash them at all. Stick with HER banks
Q:Do I need a computer to power the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III?
i think yes you need a computer to power that thing
Q:Would you rather have super powers or be extremely wealthy?
super powers whats the point in being wealthy if i can control the world with my super powers
Q:I got stuck in a snow bank and now my power steering isn't so good.?
Go get it checked out by a professional mechanic you prob bent something with the steering mechanism
Q:Among the Four Tigers, which has emerged as the largest industrial power?
For industrial power the answer would be D. The other three are very strong powers financially, but aside from Taiwan manufacturing are not major industries -- their strengths are in the electronics and banking fields. South Korea has huge shipyards, auto manufacturers, and multitudes of factories that make and assemble parts for other factories.
Q:Good quality mobile power which brand?
1, choose a more well-known mobile power brand, product quality may be better, after the after-sales service more in place.
Q:Should The Fed be given more power to regulate the banks?
Not sure if the Fed should be given this duty. From everything that happened with the financial meltdown there is no doubt stronger regulation is needed. A lot of finance companies that were making the bad subprime loans, didn't fall under federal regulations. Then many of the state regulators never regulated these companies. Possibly a new federal agency over all banking. Some may feel that doing so would give the government to much power. We need to quit living in the red scare days.
Q:Does the central bank and/or government of a nation have the most power over the nominal exchange rate?
uncertain, from whati've found out its particularly extra complicated than that the critical economic company objectives for a undeniable interest fee or money furnish, then they advance the money furnish, which in turn depreciates(shrink) their forex values, and their internet exports circulate up and their mixture call for is going up:P so.i could probable say c.

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