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1-Excellent quality with competitive price.


2-World famous brand hydraulic system and other key parts.


3-Hydraulic Excavator is good excavator,have good preformance.


4-perfect after-sale service system.



                                       Main  Technical  Paramenters
Main Parameters(mm)Arm length2900
(KG)   Operating weight23800
(CBM)   Bucket capacity1.1
(mm)Height(to   top of Cap)3012
(mm)   Counter weight ground clearance1065
(mm)Min.ground   clearance468
(mm)Min.ground   clearance2928
(mm) Ground Contact Length of Track3445
(mm)Track   length4256
(mm)Track   gauge2380
(mm)Shoe   width600
(mm)   Max. digging height9420
(mm)   Max. dumping height6520
(mm)   Max. digging depth6722
(mm)   Max. vertical digging depth6276
(mm)   Max. depth cut for 2.5m level bottom6507
(mm)   Max. digging radius10051
(mm)  Max. digging radius at Ground Level9856
Min.Swing radius3769
(%)Grade   ability70
(Kpa)Ground   pressure52
(kN)   Bucket digging force157
EngieEngine   ModelCUMMINS-6BTAA5.9
(Kw/rpm)   Rated Power133KW/2000RPM
Emission   standardⅡphase
Hydraulic SystemMotorKAWASAKI
(L/min)   Flow rate of Motor2*230L/MIN
travel   motorNABTESCO
rotary   motorKAWASAKI
CabAir-conditioning   brandDENSO
seat   brandGrammer 


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I don't think you will have any luck finding a used one, you'll have to either rebuild yours or buy a new one from a dealer on the other hand you might find a used Bobcat and keep yours for parts

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