single jet dry type vane wheel cold water meter

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Product Description:

Product description



Measuring the volume of hot water passing through the pipeline



Magnetic drive, lower transmission resistance;

Magnetic shield, for external magnetic field protection;

Sealed dry dial register ensures clear reading;

Register can rotate more than 360°for easily reading in any position;

Inlet strainer


Compliance with Standard

Technical data conforms to ISO 4064 Class B Standard for horizontal installation


Maximum Permissible Error:
    In the lower zone from Qmin inclusive up to but excluding Qt is ±5%
    In the upper zone from Qt inclusive up to and including Qmax is ±2%


Installation Requirements

The meter should be installed in horizontal position with the register face upwards;

Pipeline must be flushed before installation;

The meter should be constantly full of water during operation


Working Conditions

Water temperature:90

Water pressure:1.6MPa

single jet dry type vane wheel cold water meter

single jet dry type vane wheel cold water meter

single jet dry type vane wheel cold water meter

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The company takes high quality as the foundation, integrity as the road, 

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We mainly manufacture Intelligent water meters, remote reading water meters, 

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Our products are largely used in Running-water Company, 

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We have complete production qualification, such as production certificate and all test reports, 

we have passed ISO9001 Quality Management Certification. We are strictly producing 

according with national standards, industry standards in the production process.

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Q:Can hot water pipes hold water meters?
Water meters can be installed, but use a hot water meterA hot water meter is a water meter for measuring hot water flow at 0-100 degrees centigrade. With automatic water charging function, the user will be handed over to the water management department, management department will purchase content written to the IC card, the user information input in the water meter IC card, the meter will automatically open the valve in the water supply, water users in the process of water meter microcomputer automatic reduction of the remaining amount, the purchase of water is exhausted, automatic closing valve water meter, users need to purchase water to open water supply valve again.
Q:The water meter doesn't move. The pump keeps beating. Why?
First, check the pump connection pipe whether there is a valve open, if there is no flow out, the water meter is not going.Second, if there is water flowing out of the pipe and the water meter doesn't go, it's probably the water meter is broken.Third, check the flow of water outflow, if large enough, it can be sure that the water meter is broken.Fourth, if the outflow of water less than the meter (don't know your water meter specifications) the starting flow, it should check the pump.
Q:Why doesn't the water meter turn around?
Subsurface leakage. If the water consumption exceeds the normal value of more than doubled, renovation concealed, installation pipe leakage or indoor pipe network underground dark leakage possibility is bigger, especially pay attention to whether the toilet is flowing.
Q:Which direction is the switch for domestic water meter?
It's a watch side valve. Generally speaking, the counter clockwise is open. Be careful not to force too much, easy to spool broken.
Q:How to see the number of IC card intelligent water meter
If your water rate is double rate, after you insert the card, the remaining water charge is displayed on the LCD screen,
Q:What's the tool for changing water glass?
Don't need a professional tool, of course to remove meter independence from in the pipeline, is the need to use the wrench, pipe wrench (general household recommended 14 inch, up to the maximum opening, which is to be opened, just barely enough clip header, just can clamp meter above the head, this clip is the most convenient on both sides of the connecting tool etc.). Here comes the need for water meter installation pipe clamp is said in aluminum pipe hose pipe, if the meter is installed in the galvanized iron pipe, does not need the pipe clamp, removed when only one 12 inch wrench.
Q:The difference between a water meter and a flowmeter
The installation and maintenance of ultrasonic flowmeter is convenient, no process parking, and the other two are parking to install
Q:What's the function of the water meter installing the soft joint? Do you have flanged connections or threaded connections?
General water meter joint is iron joint or copper joint, I do not know the meaning of LZ, may be soft joint in order to play a sealing role, instead of rubber gasket, to prevent leakage of water meters.
Q:How to solve the water meter inversion?
Is the first flip meter, you can purchase some manufacturers like watch in the water known as anti flip artifact known as the water heat shrinkable film tamper device, only need to install the meter when it will be set in the pipe above, with hot water or hair dryer blowing, will be good fit to take over, if to remove the table must be broken flip heat shrinkable flexible membrane, which is a kind of effective method. The second is simply the problem of water table rotation, although the national standard says the water meter rotation within a certain limit is allowed, but the inverted water meter is completely uncontrollable. At present, only control to avoid the occurrence of water meter rotation, for example, you can install the exhaust valve and check valve, so as to maximize the water meter rotation.
Q:RF IC card intelligent water meter for reverse installation
Radio frequency intelligent water meter with inlet and outlet fixed, no reverse decoration, if you are installing regional restrictions do this then I suggest you buy that LCD is anti meter with our normal water inlet and outlet on the contrary, you meet your requirements, but now the water meter market is rare

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