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Ferro silicon is widely used in the steel making,iron casting ,low-carbon ferroalloy producing:

1 In the steel making field,Ferro silicon is used as deoxidizer and alloying agent to precipit and diffusedeoxidation.Adding a certain amount silicon of fe-si to the steel can obviously improve the strength ,hardness ,elasticity and permeability of steel.

2 In the iron casting,it is used as ball mile agent and alloying agent especially in the nodular iron casting, Adding ferrosilicon to cast iron ,it can prevent the formation of carbide and promote the precipitation of graphite and the nodulizing.then the mechanical capacity can be the same of steel's.

3 High-silicon ferrosilicon can be used for the production of the low-carbon reductant in ferro alloy industry.

4 In addition ,ferro silicon powder can be used as a suspended phase in the mineral processing industry and coatings for welding electrodes in the electrode manufactruing.


Used as deoxidants and desulfurizing agents, and could purity the molten steel, etc. The size includes:0-3mm, 3-25mm,10-50mm, etc.

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Q:What is the difference between the production process of ferrous powder metallurgy and cemented carbide?
Powder metallurgy, powder metallurgy, has been in fact a long time ago. In early times, powders of gold, silver, copper and bronze were obtained by mechanical comminution and used as decorative coatings for pottery. In the second half of the eighteenth Century and the first half of nineteenth Century, countries such as Russia, England and Spain made sponge platinum particles from factories, and manufactured coins and valuable objects by hot pressing, forging and pressing, sintering and other processes.
Q:Carbide yk20? What do you mean?
Cemented carbides YK20, Y represent alloy categories - tungsten cobalt, K20 represents cobalt contentDensity g/cm3:14.30-14.60;The hardness of HRA is more than or equal to 86.5;The shear strength is greater than or equal to N/mm2:2350,Performance and usage: with high toughness and wear resistance, suitable for embedding percussive rotary drilling bit, drilling in hard and tight hard rock.
Q:How can I buy carbide die on the Internet? Who can help?!
The mould made from the same carbide alloy made from Zhuzhou will not be sold.
Q:What are the parameters of the wear resistance of cemented carbides in addition to their hardness?
Even the best knives in the world, if not1, reasonable processing parameters;2 、 proper installation and use;3 、 timely maintenanceAnd so on, it will turn into a scrap of iron in a short time.
Q:Can CBN wheels grind cemented carbide? Why?
Cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheel is not suitable for grinding carbide and non-metallic hard materials. Cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheel is suitable for processing several material products: high manganese steel; high chromium nickel molybdenum alloy steel; the chilled cast iron (HS80 ~ 90); the various types of hardened steel (HRC55 ~ 65); various types of iron (HB200 ~ 400), and has been in the domestic car (gear, flywheel, shaft, bearing, roller, machining) (slurry pump impeller, volute, shield, sheath and other processing) and mould, the glass cylinder; and the gem high hardness of soft and ductile materials, the high hardness in all walks of life to machining processing of materials, and can enhance the working efficiency. Greatly saves processing time and power and gain huge economic benefits.
Q:Hello, what's your company? What do you do with carbide? Thank you in advance
Our company is the manufacturer of woodworking knives, made of carbide alloy circular saw blades and forming tools.
Q:Carbide tool number with a suitable speed of 20
LZ, I don't know if you did it for eight years or eight years. When you finish the car hit 1600 turn, your knife is a diamond? I'll ask you to open 6 is the number of mid-range lathe wire ah, the general lathe open open 6 mid-range at least twenty-six wire, when you finish turning with so high feed! Even if you use 1600 rpm and this knife, your surface is bright, but your workpiece roughness must be unqualified. Remember, finish is not roughness. You are good at the question. The cutting speed is based on what kind of cutting depth and amount of knife you choose when you rough the car. You don't say the exact size of the part you want to process. That's not good. The key experience is to rely on their own step by step, tired.
Q:How hard metal is welded with stainless steel?
Braze welding can be used.Carbide containing tungsten, vanadium and other metals, melting point higher than stainless steel, can be consideredOxyacetylene brazing, using copper wire dipped in copper flux, brazing carbide and stainless steel.
Q:The difference between cemented carbide YG 15 and yg12
Material introduction: YG3X 14.6-15.2 132092 is suitable for high speed finish machining of cast iron, non-ferrous metal and alloy, hardened steel, alloy steel and small cutting section. K01 YG3X YG6A 14.6-15.0 137091.5 is suitable for semi hard finishing of hard cast iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys. It is also suitable for semi finishing and finishing of high manganese steel, quenched steel and alloy steel. K05 YG6A YG6X 14.6-15.0 142091 has been proved by the production and use that the alloy can be used to process chilled alloy cast iron and heat-resisting alloy steel. It can also achieve good results and is also suitable for the finishing of ordinary cast iron. K10 YG6X YK15 14.2-14.6 210091 is suitable for processing integral alloy drilling, milling, reaming and other cutting tools. It has high wear resistance and toughness. K15 K20 YK15 YG6 14.5-14.9 138089 is suitable for semi finishing with medium casting speed of cast iron, non-ferrous metals and alloys, non-metallic materials. K20 YG6 YG6X-1 14.6-15.0 150090 is suitable for cast iron, nonferrous metals and alloy non metal material during continuous cutting finishing, discontinuous cutting the semi refined car, fine car, small section fine car, coarse thread, continuous section semi finishing milling and finish milling, rough and fine hole expansion. K20 YG6X-1 YG8N 14.5-14.8 200090 is suitable for high speed cutting of cast iron, white cast iron, nodular cast iron, and chrome, nickel and stainless steel.
Q:Method for assembling hard alloy cold heading die
If it is made of hard alloy cold die core and the steel bushing assembly, depends on the heat treatment hardness you cold die steel sleeve to be, if not steel heat treatment, direct heat bushing, the amount of interference for hard alloy core diameter of about 0.6%, if the steel heat treatment to HRC40 about the amount of interference for hard alloy core diameter about 0.3%.

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