Shade Sail water-proof cloth sail 160GSM

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Product Description:

Shade Sail water-proof cloth sail 160GSM

Net weight:  160g/m2--320g/m2

Size:  3x3m, 3.6x3.6m 3x3m, 3x3x3m,5x5m,5x5x5m and so on UV block:  85-95%

Material:  100% virgin HDPE

Using life:  5 ~10 years Gurantee

Export market:  Europe ,America,Japan, the Middle East ,Africa

Shape:  Square, Triangle , Rectangle

Packaging & DeliveryPackaging Detail: Each piece of sail will be put into a pvc hadle bag with a color label inside, seveal pcs packaging into a paper carton with shipping mark.

Product Description of shade sail shade cloth:

Shade Sails protect and shade you from the severe effects of the sun's heay & UV rays. Some areas of the world call them Sun Sails.

They make a beautiful additions to your patio, backyard, or other outdoor areas.

Flying Sails is the perfect alternative to a traditional pergola, umbrella or covered porch. Floating and curvaceous, the make an attractive addition to any property, and with the right design,

they can enhance the appeal of the entertaining outdoor areas..

The perimeter of each sail is designed with a gentle cantenary curve inwards towards the center of the sail to control the fabric tension. Shade sails have reinforced webbing around the perimeter and marine stainless steel D or "Delta" rings at each corner. When properly tensioned, shade sail fabric will not wrinkle, sag, or flap in the wind.

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