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They are the latest success of CNBM. Introduced in 2009 it quickly became one of our top selling products. The F3000 has an improved driver’s cab utilizing advanced technologies from the German truck giantMAN. The power of the F3000 series comes from Wei Chai Euro III, IV engines or the Euro III, IV and V electric control engines Made by Cummins. F3000 series utilize technologies introduced by MAN in its front/rear axles and its suspensions, cooling system of the chassis, the intake/exhaust systems and the chassis structure/layout. Powerful, safe, reliable and comfortable, the F3000 is a refined product line positioned in the highend market of the truck manufacturing industry. The F3000 series has many optional equipments to customize from; it is a new generation of products that meets the toughest demands and requirements for all purposes under any working condition.

Gross Combination Weight(kg)56000
Kerb mass (kg) (kg)15300
Max. speed (km/h) Km/h100
Min. turning circle(m)24
Min. ground clearance314
Approach/departure angle22°/33°
Max. grade ability(%)30
Appearance dimensions (mm)
Length 12150
Height 3450
Wheel base (mm) 1800/4500 / 1350
Overhang(front/rear) 1525/2775
Track width (mm) (front/rear) 2036/1960
Model WD12.336 Euro Ⅱ,
Max power(hp)336/2200
Max torque(n.m/rpm)1350/1300-1600
Displacement (L)11.596
Control typemanual
Gear ratio9-forward and 1 reverse speeds  
12.44 8.31 6.09 4.45 3.36 2.47 1.81 1.35 1.00    13.02R
ClutchΦ 430 diaphragm-spring type
Brake systemWEVB
SteeringIntergral circulating ball power steering
Air filter Fleetguard filter
Cooling F3000 Cooling system
Cab MAN F2000 cab with length flat roof, one sleeping bed, radio , A/C  
Front axle 6.5 ton axle with Steyr technology, Dual
Rear axle 13 ton rear axle with styer technology , Dual
Tire 12.00-20
Fuel tank capacity (L)300 L Aluminium Alloy
Oil tank capacity (L)40000 L

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Q:How much is the charge per kilometer for the tanker?
This is based on your car horsepower and distance comprehensive judgment, thank you, hope to adopt
Q:What is the gas station tanks before the end of pole
Gasoline tank and diesel fuel tank ventilation pipe is slightly different: there is a small circular pipe intermediate gasoline tank, is filled with desiccant. In accordance with national requirements, the nozzle must be higher than the ground 4.5m. The pipe has requirements for the construction of buildings and station structures outside the station.
Q:What are the mandatory rules for the tanker on the road?
The engine exhaust pipe of the oil tanker is a front type structure, and it should be equipped with a fireproof cap in case of accident. Tanker must be equipped with fire extinguishers, safety measures as necessary.
Q:The length, width and height of the semi-trailer of 30 tons or so
high recovery value: because Aluminum Alloy has high corrosion resistance in the tank in the mandatory retirement after the Aluminum Alloy tank and no great damage, recovery value is more than the original aluminum tank 85%. That is to say, a tank if using 5T aluminum scrap recycling tank, to at least 80 thousand yuan.Very long service life: long life, low maintenance cost, Aluminum Alloy has good resistance to this advantage in corrosion resistance, strong corrosion products of effective transport tank will be more obvious. Therefore, to bring customers direct benefit is the Aluminum Alloy tank service life of steel can greatly extend the European. And the North American experience, the life cycle of a Aluminum Alloy tank in 15~20 years, while the steel tank life only 7~9 years. Because Aluminum Alloy good corrosion resistance, Aluminum Alloy tank can keep the surface bright and beautiful, more beautiful; and does not need any coating or surface treatment, cleaning is very easy, so the cost of maintenance Aluminum Alloy tanker is quite small.
Q:Is the edible oil tanker dangerous?
Not very serious, this point from the formal selection standard, safety is guaranteed. Everything has its own design principles, in all aspects of the accurate, combined with it is also very safe.
Q:Double tank truck structure
The first compartment of the tank, the tank of a tanker with a die plate, in addition to the vehicle of the warehouse but also the installation of a submarine valve, a European standard Guankou, some places require oil must have bottoms oil and oil and gas recovery, which is in the installation of a loading device and oil oil and gas recovery device, due to rising costs.
Q:How much pressure or pressure does the breather valve or safety valve on the tank train take off?
People ask is the opening pressure of the respiratory valve, there is pressure, how abnormal, halo is very.
Q:Do they make money? How big is the profit?
Now there is a new product, can be the first trial, the product called great wall paintings, very creative, feel after the popular trend of wall decoration.
Q:What is tank bottom oil?
Oil tank in use, usually only take the upper part of the oil to use, the bottom of the oil due to long-term precipitation, there is a wealth of water, sediment and various minerals, serious will become a plate shape, become oily.
Q:What is the tank body made of the tanker?
(1) carbon steel can be divided into three kinds: carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel and free cutting structural steel according to the use, and carbon structural steel is divided into two kinds: construction steel and machine manufacture structural steel;(2) by refining methods can be divided into open hearth steel, converter steel;(3) according to deoxidization methods, they can be divided into boiling steel (F), killed steel (Z), semi killed steel (b) and special killed steel (TZ);(4) according to the carbon content of the steel can be divided into low carbon steel (WC = 0.25%), carbon steel (WC0.25% - 0.6%) and high carbon steel (WC>0.6%);(5) according to the quality of steel, carbon steel can be divided into ordinary carbon steel (phosphorus, sulfur, higher), high quality carbon steel (low phosphorus and sulfur) and high quality steel (lower phosphorus and sulfur) and super quality steel.

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