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BrandSHACMAN F3000 9 cubic meters concrete mixer truck
Mixer Truck ModelSHACMAN SX5257GJBJR384C
Drive modelLeft or right driven hand, 6X4
EngineEngine model: Cummins ISME 345 30
Power(Kw/Hp): 254/345
Idle speed(r/min):600-800
Max torque(N.m):1710
Type: electrically control, diesel engine, 4-stroke,6-cylinder in line, inter-cooling and turbo-charging, euro-3 emission standard
Min.fuel consumption(g/Kw.h):≦198
Engine oil filling volume:39L
Thermostat opening at 82℃
Oil pump: BOSCH
Clutch∮430 diaphragm clutch
GearboxModel: Fast Fuller RT11509C 9forward and 1 reverse
Propeller shaft∮180 contrate gear propeller shaft
Front axleMan technology 7.5 ton front axle
Rear axle16 tons Hub reduction drive axle ratio: 1:5.73
ChassisFrame: cross section in vertical, width 850mm
Front suspension: conventional and parallel leaf spring type suspension
Rear suspension: invented leaf spring stabilizator suspension
SteeringModel: 8098 integral circuiting ball power steering
BrakesRunning brake: Dual circuiting compressed air brake
Parking brake: Rear wheel power spring brake
Auxiliary brake: Engine exhaust brake
CabinMAN F3000 length head, one sleeping bed, four-point suspension, A/C, 2 rear windows, mechanical clerestory, hydraulic suspension cab, hydraulic chair, metal bumper, USB, electrically reversal cab
ElectricsStarter: 5.58kw,24V
Alternator: 2.0kw(28V,70A)
Battery: 135AH
Instrument panelCombined instrument panel
Dimension (mm)Wheel base; 3800+1350
Front wheel track:2036
Rear wheel track:1850
Front overhang: 1525
Rear overhang: 2435
Approach angle: 20°
Departure angle: 20°
Overall length: 9135
Overall width: 2500
Overall height: 3900
Oil tank(L): 380
Front axle loading capacity:7500
Rear axle loading weight: 16000X2
Performance:Max. running speed(km/h):83
Max. climbing capacity(%):30
Min. ground clearance(mm):314
Min. turning diameter(m):24
Fuel consumption(L/100km):40
Mixer drumEffective volume(m3):9
Mixing volume(m3):9
Surplus rate(%)≦1
Rational speed of the mixing drum(r/min):0-16
Model of the decelerator:ZF
Volume of the preumatic water

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Q:Where is the fan speed sensor located in Dongfeng Hercules cement filling truck?
A sensor (transducer/sensor) refers to a device or device that senses the measured and converted signals into usable signals, usually consisting of sensitive and converted components.
Q:Bulk cement truck transport costs three hundred km
Brothers, general algorithm is 5 ton kilometer angle, you do the math, and transportation of live stability, much less living is not continuous, not more than 2 times a day, or not to do, it may be mentioned that the standard load jorat, 8 horns, or simply wear a car.
Q:How to remove the body cement?
1., you can try to use gasoline to raise, and then a little softening of the paint, then pull off the cement.2., you can use the hair dryer to cement the part of the cement, and the temperature difference between the cement and the plastic can fall off automatically.3. with a blade in the paint and then cut the cement, waxing, cut open can try to grind down the cement grinder carefully, gently Dala, must be very careful not to paint, grinding, please master operation.
Q:Want to buy a cement tanker, how much money to invest, make money do not earn? What's the profit per day?
Any industry will have to earn money, any industry will also have risks.For the cement tanker, I guess you say is the commercial concrete transportation truck concrete, cement tanker not pull cement powder (or called powder material)
Q:Has the cement mixer been mixed in the jar?
Yes, the mixer only prevents concrete that has been stirred from freezing and segregation
Q:The working principle of cement watering car?
Pump vehicle refers to the concrete pump truck can be completed at the same time on-site concrete delivery and fabric operations, with good pumping performance, cloth range, and can walk, flexible and easy to transfer features. Especially in the basic, low - level construction and frequent diversion site, the use of concrete pump truck can show its superiority. The utility model has the advantages that the construction is convenient, and the concrete placement position can be changed arbitrarily in the movable range of the arm frame, and the pipe can not be temporarily laid on the site, thereby saving the laying time and improving the work efficiency. Especially for a pouring and high quality requirements of the project in the concrete pouring of high demand, large volume and super thick concrete foundation, concrete pouring the underground foundation has 80% is completed by the concrete pump truck
Q:Price of cement watering car
Cement pump car about 50 meters, the price is about 150-250The cost of truck mounted pumps is about 300000The price of towing pump without car is 270 thousand
Q:Start with the cement mixer
Now if you run the car business settlement is relatively good, according to the monthly average earn 20 thousand here in Shanghai so far, 2 to 3 years can then principal, is the net, although large one-time investment, but considering the car is under warranty, this kind of vehicle used in harsh environment, a lot of little small disease, late to buy second-hand the car will be greater investment.
Q:Cement pump car cover new house quality is good, or with artificial cement irrigation house, good quality
The quality of the concrete depends mainly on the quality of the concrete1 cement strength and water cement ratio2 quality and kind of aggregate3 construction methods4 maintenance conditionsEffects of 5 instarsTherefore, if other conditions are the same, the cement pump truck mixing than artificial mixing evenly, the amount of one-time mixing is greater, the construction is relatively continuous, there is an advantage.
Q:What are the specifications of bulk cement truck cans?
According to the size of the volume, the bulk cement truck is divided into single bridge 20 tons, after Shuangqiao 35 tons, the first four after eight, 55 tons, semi-trailer 55 tons or more

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