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BrandSHACMAN F3000 19000 Liters Water tanker truck
Truck ModelSHACMAN SX5257GYYJM434
Drive modelLeft or right driven hand, 6X4
EngineEngine model: Weichai WP10.290
Power(Kw/Hp): 213/290
Idle speed(r/min):600-800
Max torque(N.m):1160
Type: ELECTRICALLY control, diesel engine, 4-stroke,6-cylinder in line, inter-cooling and turbo-charging, euro-2 or euro-3 emission standard
Min.fuel consumption(g/Kw.h):≦198
Engine oil filling volume:39L
Thermostat opening at 82℃
Oil pump: BOSCH
Clutch∮430 diaphragm clutch
GearboxModel: Fast Fuller 9JS135 gearbox with 9 forward and 1 reverse
Propeller shaft∮180 contrite gear propeller shaft
Front axleMan technology 7.5 tons
Rear axleStyre13 tons with hub reduction ratio 1:4.8
ChassisVarious width, front 940mm and rear 850mm
Rear suspension: inverted leaf spring with stabilizer
SteeringModel: 8098 integral circuiting ball power steering
BrakesRunning brake: Dual circuiting compressed air brake
Parking brake: Rear wheel power spring brake
Auxiliary brake: Engine exhaust brake
CabinMan F2000 flat head with two seats and one sleep with A/C
ElectricsStarter: 5.58kw,24V
Alternator: 1.54kw(28V,55A)
Battery: 135AH
Instrument panelCombined instrument panel
Dimension (mm)Wheel base:4300+1350
Front wheel track:2036
Rear wheel track:1800
Front overhang: 1525
Rear overhang: 2220
Approach angle: 20°
Departure angle: 12°
Overall length: 9420
Overall width:2490
Overall height: 3270
Fuel tank(L): 380L
Front axle loading capacity:7500
Rear axle loading weight: 13000X2
Performance:Max. running speed(km/h):90
Max. climbing capacity(%):20
Min. ground clearance(mm):318
Fuel consumption(L/100km):40
water tankVolume (L):19000
pump model:60GCB-30
Rate of flow (L/min):50
Efficiency: 75%
OtherA/C, enlargement radiator, ABS

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Q:Why are tractors all hung and semi-trailer pulled?
The structure of the car is different, and the performance of semi-trailer is much better than that of full trailer! The official is also supporting the development of "fuel economy better" semi-trailer.
Q:What do you pay attention to used natural gas traction vehicles?
The seat surface should be clean and intact, no damage, it is necessary to remove the scratch; look at the original set of seat cushions. Try the clutch pedal. The accelerator pedal should not cause any sticking, heavy, or no return. When the legs and feet are on the accelerator pedal, lift the floor mat and carefully check the inside of the cab and the trunk for getting wet. Whether the seals are in good condition and that there is water mist in the headlights.
Q:What is tow tractor?
And the trunk can also be pulled away from the front of the car and pulled by other locomotives.
Q:Auman tractor 430 how much money
Auman ETX includes tractor, dump truck and truck. The tractor includes overweight type and heavy type and standard type; dump mine engineering, construction waste containing type, road transport and road transport heavy-duty truck containing compound; mountain type, compound type, plain type and heavy type and standard type.
Q:What kind of tractor is it?
A tractor with a traction device. This problem is the speed at which the tractor draws the accident car
Q:What does traction Trailer mean?
The total weight of the trailer by its own bear called full trailer, usually full Trailer Trailer. Also referred to as features: no power itself, independent of bearing, rely on other vehicle traction vehicle trailer driving is the design and technical characteristics required by the automobile traction, a non powered road vehicles, can be used normally for: carrying passengers or goods for special purposes.
Q:Traction truck load is the total mass of traction minus the maximum mass?
Whole vehicle equipment quality: the quality that the car is completely equipped with, including the quality of lubricating oil, fuel, vehicle tools and spare tire, that is, the quality of the empty car.
Q:Is the reverse direction of the trailer?
A semi-trailer is a trailer that is placed behind the center of gravity of the vehicle (when the vehicle is uniformly loaded) and fitted with a coupling device that can transfer horizontal or vertical forces to the tractor. There are two kinds of connection mode of the tractor and the trailer: the first one is the front half of a trailer traction saddle in the tractor rear section on the top of the back of the car bridge under traction Trailer part weight, which is half hanging; second is the front end of the tractor trailer even the rear of the towing vehicle only provide forward force, dragging the trailer go, but does not bear the weight down trailer, this is the whole hanging.
Q:How many tons can a semi-trailer pull at most?
Most of the semi-trailer freight, on the one hand and configuration, on the other hand, and pull the type of goods related.
Q:How to lift the electronic speed limit of the J6 dangerous goods EFI tractor?
Turn off the power, pinch the brakes at the same time, speed to the maximum, and then turn on the power, rotate speed, two times to maintain speed, in the end to keep the brakes for 3-5 seconds, into full speed state. This is the old way to lift the speed limit.

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