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1)Excellent adhension bond
2)Good self-coalescence
3)Safe application,no pullution



Self-adhesive Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane(with reinforcement)

Self-adhesive Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane(without reinforcement)



















1)Self-adhesive without bonding agent,torching.
2)Good rubber elasticity,and elongation
3)Excellent adhension bond
4)Good self-coalescence
5)Safe application,no pullution
6)Excellent waterproof and high strength
7)Corrosion resistance and ageing-resistance
8)Available for wet ground  

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You generally get what you pay for of course. Look for wear and stain blocker warranties. Longer warranties is a better carpet. Don t buy the notion of the big brand stain blockers are better, They are all the same. You don t pay for the advertising dollars of the no name stain blocker. Thickness in carpet only counts in the amount of yarns per square inch . Thickness in tallness do not always make a better carpet. Its the twists per thread length that make the better carpet. The actual truth is the shorter, the tighter ( twists) the better the carpet.And if the twists are heat set in. Ask a salesperson about this. If they know or can look it up then talk more with them. If they baulk or don t know, you walk , they don t know carpet. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:Can you use fabuloso in a rug doctor?
Don t use anything other than a rug shampoo. These are specially made to be low suds since its hard t get out of a rug. An left over shampoo actually attracts dirt so rinse well and get as much water out as possible so rug dries faster.GL
Q:What is non-woven fabric? What is called a needle rug?
The needle carpet is suitable for changing the place with frequent cycle. It belongs to the low grade product in machine-made carpet
Q:How do I get my young cat to stop pooping one of my 3 kitchen rugs?
My cat poo's on my Kitchen rug too. Just this morning I had to clean up a pile and prepare the rug to wash it again! It's very annoying. The only way I can get him to stop is to make sure that kitty litter box is scooped out atleast twice a day. The days I forget.. then I know I am going to find a pile of poo on that rug. Some cats are just extremely picky about their kitty litter boxes. Maybe try a bigger kitty litter box or if you have the money, get one of those self cleaning ones. Try getting two litter boxes. I do notice that the kitty litter does matter too. When I'm running low on cash I get the dollar store brand. That brand I have to keep super clean but when I get one with the masking order dealy he uses it a little bit more before he decides the floor is his only option. Also I tried removing that one rug and he started using my daughters bed room and my closet which was horrible. So I would suggest dealing with the litter box before trying any potty repellent stuff cause I am sure the cat will just start going some where else in your house.
Q:Can i put my rug in the washing machine??
its going to depend on the type of carpet. if its carpet like what goes into bathrooms yes, but dont use detergents with enzymes like Era. they eat the latex backing. If its an area rug like an oriental rug then no you will need to have it dry cleaned of shampoo it. Most of the time you can get away with just taking the rug outside for a good beating unless it has some stains.
Q:Carpet bombing?
No, it doesn't. The most bombed country in history was North Vietnam, and they were scarcely subdued - they ended up winning the war! I wonder if you've been reading Mitchell and Douhet's theories? In reality, air bombing is very effective against point targets or small-area suppression. But trying to carpet-bomb with conventional explosives simply creates alot of collateral damage. It doesn't give you any additional military effectiveness while putting your air-fleet at much greater risk.
Q:Do I need carpet in my living room?
Carpet is a matter of taste. In many cases there is a allowance given by the seller of a home to a buyer for carpet. Very seldom does a buyer keep the carpets installed by I seller. I've even seen a seller install new carpet just to have the buyer rip it all out before they move in. Save your money and buy a through rug.
Q:How do i stop my rug from sliding?
Q:Stainmaster carpet question.?
yes it is a great carpet and they stand behind it. l would always be concerned about light colours in high traffic areas and if you have chosen pile in high traffic areas...this will quickly be matted and will show dirt, regardless of the stain must vacuum, preferably every day...because the dirt will go down to the base of the carpet and wear it out.
Q:Do you need an upper floor carpet at home?
1, carpet laying simple, modeling, patterns, installation time is short, can create an atmosphere inside the room, a vigorous atmosphere.2, the carpet is a kind of flexible pavement materials, good skid resistance and softness can make people not easy to slip and knock on it. Therefore, if the children's house carpet, it can give children a safe line of defense.

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