SDLG Brand Crawler Type Hydraulic Excavator LG6235E

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Product Description:

Product Description

LG6235E is an updated product developed by SDLG on the basis of advanced technology. 
This product has high-strength chassis, reinforced working device, perfectly-matched power and hydraulic system, suitable for use in many bad operating conditions.
1. The charger inter-cooling engine for DEUTZ 2nd generation of electrically-controlled governor system EMR2 is equipped, with strong power, economic and environment protective property and high reliability; The filtration system is designed with three stage of filtrations such and pre-filtration and air filtration, which effectively improves and prolongs the performance and service life of engine.
2. Rexroth full-power and positive-flow control hydraulic system is used, with little flow loss and low hydraulic noise; Advanced power control mode is used, with energy-saving and high-efficient properties.
3. EECU, VECU and IECU electric control systems with special technology of SDLG are used and is energy-saving and high-efficient, which provides the entire machine with multiple working modes to adapt to different working condition; Colored LCD is provided, with functions such as self inspection, monitoring, emergency fault alarm, GPS location and remote monitoring, and also has high human-machine interaction and is convenient for operation and maintenance.
4. X-shape lower frame and reinforced upper frame for broadening chassis are used, which ensures the entire machine with higher stability and easy to adapt to various working conditions.
5. Reinforced movable arm, bucket rod and bucket provide the entire machine with stronger ability to adapt to bad operating condition; Multiple working devices such as breaking hammer and rotator grab are optional.
6. The cab is spacious and bright and of wide visual field, good sealing effect, linkage suspended seat, dual-stage filtration and cold and warm air conditioner. Silicone oil rubber three-stage damper is also provided, with good damping effect, which ensures a comfortable driving environment.

Overall poerating weight22300kg
Bucket capacity1.1m³
Max.excavation force147.1kN
Swing speed0-11.7r/min
Traveling speed(low/high)3.6/5.5km/h
Max.digging radius9940mm
Max.digging depth6730mm
Max.digging height6650mm
Engine rated power127kW
Operating pressure35MPa
Max.climbing angle(H)35°


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This is the shift delay time is too long. Time lag refers to the time interval from the start of gear to the beginning. The reason for the delay time is too long. If you live in 1, the liquid level is too low, which will cause the main oil pressure to be too low and the oil pressure ripple. It usually takes 3-4 seconds to start the gear. 2 oil pump wear,.3 main pressure valve failure. The pressure regulating valve is stuck on the drain side or the spring of the regulating valve is too soft. Some of the pressure regulating valve is adjustable. 4, the force device clearance is too large, or the sealing of the working oil circuit is not good. The force device mainly refers to the clutch and brake.Other stalls not more symptoms, the 80% is in the gear box above the cutting, cutting the lid off, there is a spring for a long period, the OK, because the spring, spring can not stand the seal, so take some time to settle the oil. So he will file.
Q:How long is the warranty on the loader?
variable box: gear parts, shell (oil ring Paul 6 months) frame: 1 years of hydraulic oil: the manufacturers warranty for a year and half a year warranty if the various manufacturers are not the same as some second large maintenance work fee,
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