Sanitary ware factory siphonic ceramic wholesale dual flush one piece toilet

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China main port
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150 set
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2000 set/month

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Product Description:

Typeone-piece toilet
Net Weight34kg
Colorwhite or custom made
Flushing Methodsiphonic
Installation Typefloor mounted
Toilet Seat Covernormal or slow down
Drainage Pattern


Drainage Hole(Dia.)3 inch
MOQ100 PCS or mix 1*20 GP
Packingin strong sea-worthy brown box,surrounded by thik EPE from 6 sides
Delivery Time20-30 day for one container
Qty/Full Container400 PCS/40 HQ
Payment termsL/C or TT

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Q:Basin basin faucet whether there are national standards
National regulations require 4 kg of pressure.
Q:How hard is it to fix a leak under a bathroom sink?
No special tools needed. If you can't twist the connections apart, you might need a pair of channel locks to help. First see if it is just loose, or needs to be replaced. There is two sizes of P-trap, 1 1/4 or 1 1/2. Take the old one to Lowes, and they will fix you up.
Q:No hot water coming from the bathroom sink?
There may, be a stop tap for the tap, which doesn't affect other taps, which someone has turned off. The only other things I can think of. are something blocking the tap, which you would notice, or the tap itself is failing to open the seal. If you intend to take tap apart to look into it, be sure to turn off the stop tap which leads to that tap, and more likely to other water outlets as well, not the supply tap where water enters the building, as this won't stop the water from the storage tanks. Hope you sort it out, if not try ringing a plumber for advice, some ARE that considerate, as I found when I was having problems fitting self cutting tap for washing machine, it might have more chance if a lady rings.
Q:Bathroom sink cleaning help?
I have no what they are, but I managed to get rid of hair dye from my daughter's vanity so you might like to try this. Soak a makeup remover pad with neat bleach and sit it on the spot/s. Leave for a day or so, re dampening as necessary. It took aver 24 hrs, but the dye stain was gone and there was no dicolouration where it had been. Good luck.
Q:Bathroom sink keeps getting clogged?
The vent stack may also be clogged
Q:What is the style of the bathroom basin?
In the daily life by the genius can do things, by diligence can do the same; by genius can not do things, by diligence can do.
Q:What is better than plumbers putty to seal drain in bathroom sink?
The space between the flange and the sink seating area is quite small. If it is not leaking, the putty job was successful. The idea behind making a rope from the putty is to assure a complete seal. Silicone works, but makes disassembly much more difficult.
Q:Jingdezhen art basin where to sell, what are the style. how's the price?
Hello, can this be? Chaozhou production, color durable, there are a variety of styles. Contact me?
Q:Smell from bathroom sink drain?
in case you activate the faucet, and enable it run for a jiffy does the scent stop. If it does then the main undemanding venture would be a blocked vent pipe and while the lavatory in that line is flushed the only way that the water will pass down is to suck the water out of the traps letting sewer gas up into your house. that's something that the construction superintendent desires to repair. you do no longer point out that the sink drains slowly so i do no longer assume that it is plugged with hair, in case you seem down the drain each and every so often you could discover the hair there. i could block the overflow, just about fill the sink with water, pass away the water working, pull the plug, and attempt applying a plunger to loosen the blockage so as that it washes away.
Q:bathroom wash basin faucet handle, how much height from the ground more appropriate
1m high comfortable position, the door lock is the same,

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