RVV-type 300/300W conductor PVC insulated and sheathed flexible cable

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1000000 m/month

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RVV-type 300/300W conductor PVC insulated and sheathed flexible cable

Executive Standard: JB8734-1998

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Q:laptop charger (20v 3.5A) as adapter with IDE/SATA to USB cable to power 3.5 HD?
Essentially you could, but why would you when ypu can buy one for cheap? The whole idea f a laptop is so its portable (just my two cents)
Q:is there a command that would power on and off my cable modem?
Your cable modem doesn't have its own IP address. Your PC that's plugged into the modem is what gets a unique IP. IP addresses are obtained on a lease that tends to use the same address until explicitly renewed or your connection goes offline for an appreciable time. If you want to change it, you can write a script (BAT file) to release and then renew your IP address (type ipconfig /? at a command prompt to learn how to use). I don't know why you want your IP to change so frequently. Your Cable provider knows exactly who is using which IP and when, so it wouldn't shield you from the RIAA/MPAA. If you are concerned about security, you're best off with a hardware router (Linksys or D-Link are 2 popular brands) that includes a firewall.
Q:LCD Display on Computer Tower power cable.?
I think this device should have a power connector as well as a sensor cable (USB in use should have a connector running on to your motherboard.) can you provide me the make/mode number of the equipment. Also provide me with a link so that i could see the connectors and wires and the device. Else take a pic, upload it some image hosting site and provide with a link. (you can edit your question or add additional info and provide a link. Replace the
Q:can i hook up small constant power cables to ignition constant power cable?
I wouldn't tap into any wires where your alarm is.. If you have any issue, it could arm your alarm, and you might not be able to start your car, until the wiring was fixed...
Q:power cable for eSata?
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Q:What does ZR-YJV 6mm2 * 3 cable mean?
4S shop is a single-brand car franchise model with "four in one" as the core, including vehicle sales (SALE), spare parts (SPAREPART), after-sales service (SERVICE), information feedback (SURVEY)
Q:What is the interface between the power interface and the hard disk?
How can you pick up the computer, Internet cafes router connected to the tap, each tap has a lot of jacks, so you can pick up so many computers, you can carefully observe the Internet cafes, some iron box there are a lot of green In the flash is the tap
Q:Is it safe the touch a hooked up 4 gauge power cable when a car is running?
Well it's DC powerdirect currentso it cant hurt a person,however if it grounds out on something in or on the car it can injure you with the sparks or heat produced by welding its self to whatever the object is that grounded it.
Q:sata power input?
No, there is a separate power cable for SATA devices - the same as PATA devices. Interestingly enough, the SATA cable is 7 pins, and the power cable is 15 pins!
Q:Just bought dvd roms, they connect via sata cables, but they didn't come with power cables, can I buy them?
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