Rubber Mat -Sheet for Livestock

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Product Description:

product description:

Description: This product is widely applied to the horse stall, with the feature of anti-skid, anti-wet,                                                        

product feature:

high wear resistance, high abrasion and it is easy to clean up.

Technical Data:

Specific Gravity: 1.2~1.6g/cm3, Tensile Strength: 2.5~15 Mpa, Elongation at break:

200%~300%; Hardness: 60°±5°

Application: farm, horse stall, cowshed and pasture, etc

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Mainly because of the high hardness of the rubber sheet you bought. This has no way, the molding rubber board can not reduce the hardness.
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Q:Antistatic and flame retardant can not take into account both, but also has two effects of rubber board?
If you want to flame retardant, I suggest that you can use ceramic anti-static floor, the general rubber board really flame retardant is not very strong.
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