Round Knob Door Lock 607-A

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100000 Pcs/Pc per month pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Name:  Round Knob Door Lock 607-A

Product Information






AB/AC/PB/SB/SS/PSS/WR/WH (other finish is also available)

Door Thickness

35-50mm, other thickness available upon request




Brass cylinder


Normal/Computer key (brass/steel)


60/70mm adjustable tubular latch



Quality Standard

ANSI Grade 3


Box package, 24 Sets/Carton

N. W. per Ctn

12 Kg

G. W. Per Ctn

13 Kg

Payment Terms

T/T (30% deposit, 70% pay before shipment)


40-45 days upon order confirmation

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Q:Anti-theft door lock key cross good or flat good
Super B-level lock: the key shape for the single-sided blade within the milling groove or outside the milling key, the cylinder type for the side of the cylinder; by the Ministry of Public Security detection 270 minutes can not be technical open, the regional opening rate of zero (1,600 One ten thousandth). The ball structure for the double-row blade plus V-shaped side of the lock; if the use of strong twist tool to open the lock cylinder, cylinder internal damage, blew lock, resulting in can not open.
Q:WeChat payment is locked how to pay the password forgotten, before the binding of the bank card has been canceled, the phone number has changed, can not find it back locked
I now also encountered such a problem, ask the landlord to solve it? How to get back the payment password?
Q:How to identify the quality of the lock
Listen to the sound of the use of copper-plated material for the lock, open the sound more boring, and copper or stainless steel lock sound is relatively crisp. Buy skills: with more than two of the products for comparison checks, compare whether they are solid and reliable. Check whether the lock is open and flexible. Check the product's insurance structure to see if it is smooth and unimpeded. It is recommended that each lock at least try more than 3 times.
Q:Questions about qq device locks. My girlfriend's qq number I know the password. But she has equipment lock. How can we. Do not verify the device. On her
You must solve the equipment lock, you think about the design of this equipment lock is designed to prevent your idea, so there is a password is not my phone can not, and hope to adopt it, thank you.
Q:The key to the lock is often gone?
The more dust the more unlock the more ring true, and sometimes will cause the original key can not open the lock, in such a reason! With the pencil core is the best way, but after use to feel clean hands, lead to the human body is not good!
Q:What is the speed of the door automatic locking system
That is, when the speed reaches a certain degree of speed, the lock on the door automatically locked, and anti-rubbing is in the body around the rubber strip, the console is CD and air conditioning position, 6/4 is the rear seat Chair can press 6/4, respectively, down 1, the speed sensor automatically lock: is an electronic device, that is, when the speed reaches the computer set the speed, the door lock button will automatically press to prevent not driving door. 2, anti-rubbing: is set in the car at the corner of the corner of the mat, to prevent scratching directly to the car's main shell and patent leather. 3,6 / 4 split seat: mainly installed in the trunk without a trunk, the general vehicle ~ behind the installation of three seats, when the need to pull the larger size of the time, after the seat, you can fold or split To the car on both sides of the easy to install things, as the 6/4 split ~ is to press this seat according to the proportion of 10 divided into equal parts, divided by the number of copies of the two said the number of 4, the console: Your car in front of the steering wheel ~ under the windshield ~ that large piece of the ~ instrument, buttons, lattice, air conditioning, audio area
Q:Meizu x4 why the phone just said that was locked, but also shows the phone number to enter the password
Are you now unlocked? I am also very troubled with such a problem
Q:Anti-theft door locks can be changed inside and outside
Some special models, such as Paul Dean 11, Wang Li special, old-fashioned security lock can not change inside and outside, universal gourd-type lock, there are some brands can, there are some
Q:BYD f3 lock lock on their own opened how the matter
Hello, check all the doors are closed, check the door lock motor, the control box plug, insurance, relay, line is normal, timely maintenance, thank you [car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:Anti-theft lock points several levels. Which is the best
According to the Ministry of Public Security GAT73-94 "mechanical anti-theft lock" provides that anti-theft lock according to its anti-theft ability of ordinary protection level and advanced protection level, the general level of protection lock, with the letter "A" said, advanced protection level lock letter "B "Said.

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