pvc pipe 0.8MPa Material PVC Specification: 16-630mm Length: 5.8/11.8M Standard: GB

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Product Description:

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Beijing, China (Mainland) Material: PVC Specification: 16-630mm Length: 5.8/11.8M Standard: GB 

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: coils in plastic bag 

Delivery Detail: 15- 20 days 


PVC Pipe 


2, Wall thickness:1.6mm-26.7mm; 

3, Pn:0.63-2.0MPa; 

4, Length:5.8/11.8M 


**Sizes: 16 to 630mm

**Pressure Rating: 0.6MPa, 0.8MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa

**Colors: white, grey, red or other colors on request

**Connection: socket fusion joint

**Standard: GB

**Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001

**Packaging: coils in plastic bag or as your request



**Corrosion Resistant: resist chemical matters or electron chemical corrosion

**Higher Flow Capacity: smooth interior walls result in lower pressure loss and higher volume than metal fittings

**Lower Installation Costs: light weight and ease of installation can reduce installation costs by as much as 50% over metal fittings

**Longevity: more than 50 years under proper use

**Environment-friendly: PVC-U drainage fittings can be recycled



water pipe network system, industrial liquids transportation, Agricultural irrigation pipe and sewage treatment

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Q:How empty do you get the toothpaste tube before you will throw it out?
Flat empty...no use wasting product.
Q:Gerbils are chewing on plastic tubes connecting cages. Help!?
You would just be better off getting a 20 gallon long tank or a bin cage. The cage you have now is too small and it would be hard to safely connect it to a tank.
Q:Two identical strong magnets are dropped simultaneously into two vertical tubes of the same dimensions?
plastic because there is no magnetic field to provide resistance.
Q:How to remove the odor of plastic pipe?
The use of vinegar is volatile, the plastic tube immersed in vinegar in heating 50-60 degrees (tube must be full of vinegar) fire making vinegar volatile 60%, 30 minutes after the odor removal.
Q:does anyone think it's inhumane to make horses jump over hurdles, smashing into the hard plastic tubes?
Not being mean or anything... But would you please gets your facts straight before you judge something. The pastic tubes aren't attatched to the poles. they are on cups so that when they are bumped they give and fall down. Leg protection is used almost all the time... to PROTECT the horse. If the horses didn't want to do it... they wouldn't! They can be very stubborn creatures at times.. you can't make them do something they REALLY don't want to do. And you make it sound like these horses are soo abused?? Most of these horses are very expensive and are pampered BEYOND BELIEF!!! And about the panting, snorting, jumping... Don't you start breathing harder and sweating after a work out!!! It works the same for horses.... That's my opinion. I am not a jumper, I am a barrel racer!!!!! Jumped horses before but i prefer the something faster! It is not inhumane at all! Most (i know there are exceptions... some people who are in it for the money... the championships... the wins and dont' care about the horse but its not common) They are very pampered, very well cared for PETS!!! They are expensive!!! I wonder if you are a horse owner of have ever been to a show jumper competion. What makes you think it is soo bad?? (and about the falling... dont even the best human athletes have falls or spills? As for the horses having control over the situation.. they have none. Those are the risks you take... i guarantee they are well looked after to make sure they are ok!) Good Day! **Edit** Sasha... are you freakin NUTS!!! You don't like seeing ASSISTANT dogs because they always look sad? What do you think that theyre abused because they are giving back freedom and life to the people they help?... Give me a freakin break!!! ... what has this world come to!!!! DELTA_DAWN I GIVE YOU MAD PROPS!!!!!! VERY WELL SAID!!!! I'd give you more than one thumbs up if i could!
Q:PP-R what's the plastic tube?
Is a kind of polymer polypropylene material, used in water supply, can be hot melt welding.
Q:Gerbil chewing on the inside of tubes.?
First of all, aspen isn't good for rodent. Try using Carefresh or atleast pine. U probably think they're eating it but they aren't. They';re probably just putting it inside in their pouch to bring it to their nest or something. My gerbil does that too. So don't worry about it. Maybe you can put more bedding inside thegerbil's nest to save up some work for the gerbil. =)
Q:How can I stop my hamster from using its tube as a toilet?
My science teacher taught this to me. She uses a little container (a flat dish of some sort); I used one of those hummus containers. Fill it with kitty litter (any kind), and she will go there to pee all the time. Don't know how, but it worked with my hamster. Try it! Those hamster litter and potty things never work from the store.
Q:the teacher in item 5 needs to order plastic tubing.if each of the 60 students needs 750mm of tubing?
What about the cutting allowance?
Q:Why does a cow magnet go slower through a copper tube than a plastic tube?
A magnet is not attracted to copper, so you might expect that it would not have any effect. But there is another property of magnets to keep in mind: a moving magnet produces an electric field. So, as the cow magnet moves through the copper tube, it creates an electric field that sets up small electric currents in the copper tube. These moving eddy currents in the copper have their own electric fields that work against the field of the magnet. These interacting fields are what slows down the cow magnet. The plastic tube is not affected by the moving magnetic field of the cow magnet, because plastic is not a conductor so no electric field is created in the plastic tube. We are most familiar with a moving magnet creating an electric current in a wire, the way a spinning magnet in an electric generator creates a flow of electricity, but a moving magnet will create an electric current in any conductor. It doesn't have to be a wire, and it doesn't have to be ferromagnetic. Hope this helps a bit.

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