PVC Insulated Nylon Sheathed Cable in physical and electrical performance than the PVC cable

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Type and temperature rating







Temperature rating

90℃ Dry

75℃ Dry or Wet

90℃ Dry or Wet

90℃Dry or Wet

90℃Dry or Wet

Description of the purpose and usage properties
The nylon sheathed cable has more excellences in physical and electrical performance than the PVC cable.
The cable has smaller outer diameter, lighter weight, less static friction coefficient than the same size of PVC cable, which greatly improve safety and convenience in installation and assembly of the cable.
It is self-lubrication, and has good resistance to corrosion, oil, acids, alkali, and moisture.
The cable is widely used in fixed installation, home appliance, lighting equipment, construction and aviation engine room with voltage up to 450/750V.
Its permitted long term working temperature shall be 70℃ or 90℃, installation temperature shall be over 0℃, and maximum bending radius shall be not less than 4 times of outer diameter of the cable.

Test Item

Test Requirement

Test Result

Test Standard

Flame test



UL 1581

Insulation resistance in water



UL 1581

Convolute and cold bend test

No cracks

No cracks

UL 1581

Oil resistance test



UL 1581

The cable shall be delivered in coil. Each package of delivery shall be 100 meters, among which can include the short wires of no less than 10 meters, and the length of the short wires shall not be over 10% of total length of each package.
Any delivery length shall be permitted in accordance with the purchasers' requirement

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Q:I am looking for 120V retractable power cables that can replace the cords on small appliances, know where buy?
Try okorder
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try okorder.com its an excellent site that sells everything from cables to systems and at very good prices
Q:Will my power cable burn my modem?
Get the proper supply. It will be easier on it. With that supply, it could overheat and prematurely fail.
Q:PS3 Power Cable?
Some PS3s have universal power supply. To know which one you have you need to open it. If you don't want to open it (and void the warranty) - use power converter. Note: for PS3 you'll need at least 400 Watt. As for power cable itself - depends on the socket on your power converter.
Q:Would this work? 2 SATA cables to 2 Molex cables to 1 PCI Power Cable?
Given that your PSU has enough power to run the card... I think it might work. However, how can you be out of Molex cables? That makes me think you have a weak PSU.
Q:Why do portable hard drives have a power cable?
In order to work they must be connected to your computer, and to a power source. Would your car run if the engine were not connected to it?
Q:Wrong power cable in USB hard drive, help!?
Do you have an Geek Squad nearby, if so, take it to them and see if they can fix it, this also happened to my 1TB USB drive, they got the data off, but I'm in Mississippi. Hope it works
Q:Can I push phantom power through a 100' microphone cable?
Absolutely! Currently, we power all of our condenser mics with phantom power through lines that are over 300' long. The power required is miniscule, therefore the current flow to power them is also very small. The voltage drop is what will eventually cause the mic to stop working, but that will require thousands of feet of cable, especially at 48 volts, if that is the rating of your phantom power supply (can be 11 to 48 volts).
Q:Question about power leads and av cables?
There are 3 different power supplies, and 5 different types of Xbox. First is the Xenon/Falcon Xboxes. The power supplies for these work with all Xboxes (excl the Slim) Next are the Opus/Zephyr. The power supplies for these ONLY WORK with these consoles. They have a little plastic pin in the plug so that they wont work in any other type of Xbox Lastly we have the Jasper Xboxes. Again, the power supplies only work with these consoles. Unless you buy a power supply for Generation One xboxes (Xenon/Falcon) then you're not guaranteed to get it to work. TBW
Q:Lawn mower power cable cut - mowing?
so replace the power line.

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