pvc flooring for children room with cartoon room inspire kids' talent

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10000 m²/month
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Product Description:



PVC virgin material


2mm, 3mm, 8mm

Wear layer





Customized design


1 sqm

2.Certifications: CE,ISO14001, ISO9001,CTI.

1) PVC material,eco-friendly,safe,soft,comfortable

2) Super wear resistance,durable,long service time
3) Customized design, personalized cartoons

4) An-slip,injury prevention

5)Shock proof and noise absorption 
6) Easy installation and cleaning

7) Play function and educational.

8) Waterproof,moistureproof,anti-bacterial,fire resistance.


Kindergarten,school, parent-child center, children study/sleeping rooms,children activity/ library/ health recovery and training rooms,house corridors, halls and other grounds for children living and studying.

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Q:Fixing slanted floors in a house?
The first thing to do is figure out the amount the floors are off. If there is a place where you can run a string from the front to the back of the house put a nail in the floor wher it is high then run the string to the low end if the height is not to great then you could take 1X3 pine strapping and run it trough 16in apart and shim under to get the height you need at varies points till you get to the high point. Keep in mind that you may have to add to the top of a doorway sadle and cut the door with the process. If the difference is more then 1 to 2 inches then I would have the low end jacked to get closer. It will take a combination if floors are to low on one end. Doing both on really unlevel floors will give you better results.
Q:how do I fix pergo flooring?
the 1/4 inch is so crucial, if the floor has been recently installed it may be the boards themselves. if anything with the locking tounge and groove looks strange, if there are coming apart that could be a defect in the boards. also you are suppose to let the floor sit in the room it is going in for 48 hours prior to install. if this wasnt done this is more than likely the problem. it wouldnt hurt to call up the company and check on the warranty and all that..... if you bought some 50 cent stuff than there is your problem right there.
Q:Am I wrong about the 13th floor?
The 13th floor still exists, but guests are usually not allowed on it. Most times, it's a maintenance floor (air conditioning, electrical, laundry, etc).
Q:Home decoration when the wood floor below to put the camphor powder or camphor wood decay?
In general, put sure, I suggest you do not need to deal with the wood floor, wood floor below the need to deal with the end, many people playing keel or plywood, you need to deal with. The proposal is to find a regular anti-termite project to do more professional, more at ease, the price is relatively cheap, if it is not a primer, then simply put a little camphor powder on the line, but the general manufacturers have to send!
Q:can i use tile for the kictchen floor for my baby iguana subtrate?
he won't like it but you CAN
Q:how to dry particle board in floor?
Sorry, but if it’s particle board and it has gotten wet over time …..most likely it is ruined
Q:Cleaning nasty floor base.?
Not sure what you mean by base floor, is it wood or concrete or chipboard. You would have to be careful if it is chipboard or wood as soaking it could make it warp or shrink if it gets to wet. Trying a small area first is a good idea, then take it from there. A bucket of warm soapy solution and a deck scrubber if you have one preferably with a long handle or you will have to go down on your hands and knees, then rinse with luke warm water and a mop. Do small area at a time. Leave to dry thoroughly and see how it has turned out, may have to be done a few times to get the result you want. Hope this helps.
Q:Why is the floor arch? How to handle the arch?
The main reason for the arching of the floor is because the concrete floor before the floor is not completely dry, resulting in the late temperature rise after the water can not evaporate and produce expansion, the treatment method is: If the room area is not large, you can ask the professional wood workers first The edge of the wall of the presser foot (kick line) line off, and then cut the saw blade to the edge of the wall saw part, and finally the skirting line can be installed.
Q:Carpets on every floor?
Laminate flooring is now becoming more popular for the reasons you state. You can snap together pieces of floor and if anything happens you can replace the piece/s damaged. Also I used carpet squares in my bathroom again for the reasons you state. If one gets stained I can replace it with another square.
Q:Will you, home improvement shop floor is not the last time, shop floor, what else to do it?
No, the last process is to install the skirting board, after the shop also waxing

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