pvc flooring for children room with cartoon room inspire kids' talent

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10000 m²/month
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Product Description:



PVC virgin material


2mm, 3mm, 8mm

Wear layer





Customized design


1 sqm

2.Certifications: CE,ISO14001, ISO9001,CTI.

1) PVC material,eco-friendly,safe,soft,comfortable

2) Super wear resistance,durable,long service time
3) Customized design, personalized cartoons

4) An-slip,injury prevention

5)Shock proof and noise absorption 
6) Easy installation and cleaning

7) Play function and educational.

8) Waterproof,moistureproof,anti-bacterial,fire resistance.


Kindergarten,school, parent-child center, children study/sleeping rooms,children activity/ library/ health recovery and training rooms,house corridors, halls and other grounds for children living and studying.

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Q:What kind of flooring is best for dance?
A Wooden Floor Is Best , Not Linoleum . Carpet Isn't Good , It Will Ruin Your Shoes , & Is Basically A Dangerous Surface To Dance On.
Q:MINIMIZE average cost per floor... CALC HELP?
If the cost per floor is C(n) = 3n^2 + 500n + 842 then the average cost per floor would be this function divided by the number of floors n: A(n) = (3n^2 + 500n + 842)/n A(n) = 3n + 500 + 842/n This is the function we want to minimize, so take it's derivative: A'(n) = 3 + 0 + -842/n^2 To find possible max/min values, set the derivative equal to zero: 0 = 3 - 842/n^2 842/n^2 = 3 842 = 3n^2 n^2 = 842/3 n = sqrt(842/3) = 16.753 Since we can only have whole number answers, our answer must be either 16 or 17 A(16) = 600.625 A(17) = 600.5294 So our answer will be 17 floors
Q:Floor functions?
Remember x can describe as integer part y and decimal part .ddddd or y.dddd the floor of y.dddd and -y.dddddd so floor of (y.dddd) is y (the next smaller number ) the floor of (-y.ddddd) = -y - 1 (the next smaller number) so along as .dddd is not zero . for positive x , floor(y.ddddd) = y for negative x, floor(-y.dddd) = -y - 1 so floor(x) + floor(-x) = y + (-y -1) = -1 However , when x is a whole number you have y + (-y) = 0
Q:Slate Floors?
I used recycled 'chalk board' slate in my kitchen and bathroom. If I don't keep it sealed it gets chalky, other than that I love it. I did something different in the bath. Before I put the slate down, I layed down tubing for radiate heat. I don't have a boiler so I ran the hot water to the shower through the floor, and a towel rack. Now when I finish a bath or shower my floor and towels are toasty warm. RScott
Q:How to stain concrete floors?
They make paints for concrete that basically stain the floor. Some even coat it for protection. Especially good for outdoor porches etc. Just ask for it at any Home Depot or Lowe's store. It comes in most colors.
Q:Vinyl floor tiles (self-stick)?
complex factor search on google and yahoo that will help
Q:Kitchen Floor?
Well you can go under the house and make sure the joist are sound, if they are you could add a few studs underneath the soft spots this will help. The only real solution is to have the floor torn up in that spot and replace the sub flooring. This will mean replacing the linoleum or tile. I'd try the joist first.
Q:On the sims 2 how do you get a roof on the fourth floor?
By default, the game stops you at four floors and you can't add the fifth. If you are determined, and your computer is willing, there is a cheat to change the floor limitation. The actual functional limit to the number of floors is determined by the ability of your computer, and - in a way- by the set limit to the number of wall pieces. My old computer crashed after the 6th floor. I haven't tried it recently on my newer system. Anyway, if you want to use the cheat to get the last bit of roof done, if I recall it is: intprop setHighestAllowedLevel # Where # can be as high as 255... but your computer will collapse, curled up into a fetal position, sobbing, long before you reach that amount. In your case, set it to 6.
Q:my floor makes creaking noises?
If you are able to access this area under the floor, (basement) and you can identify the area that squeeks, run a bead of construction adhesive along each framing member in this area. Try to squirt as much as possible between the framing and the floor. This should quiet the floor for now. When you decide to replace the floor covering, run deck screws thru the floor into framing from above. This should quiet the floor completely.
Q:How can I get squeaky floors fixed?
It isn't exactly the floor that's squeaking. It's the nails that were used to put down the plywood and sub-flooring. The nails were either too short, not driven in hard enough, or there were too few nails used, so when someone is walking around the wood flexes and the squeak you hear are the nails moving up and down. There isn't much of a practical cure for that other than driving new and longer nails into the floor and plenty of them. So, a floating floor system can be pulled up rather easily and since you have a 10 year warranty I would demand the builder fix the problem. It is NOT the wood squeaking, but the nails, and the carpenter that installed the plywood did an inferior job. The builder is going to contend that you're (I'm) wrong in an effort to get out of correcting the problem. I would sue him and challenge him to provide you with a set of blueprints along with a copy of the manufacturers specs on requirements for installing the plywood and sub-flooring. Once again, it would be easy to pull up a section of the floating floor to inspect the integrity of what's underneath it. I hope that helps.

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