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Product Description:

Product Description:

Introduction of PVC Tape 
PVC tapes are made of soft pvc film coated with rubber pressure-sentitive adhesive.


Application of PVC Tape

PVC tapes are widely used in auto harness, wrapping of wire, and insulation protection. It is the main insulation material of automobilehousehold electrical apparatus.

Advantage of PVC Tape

Corrosion protection for metal piping systems above and below ground.

Corrosion protection for fittings and joints on mill coated pipe.

Corrosion protection of electrical conduit & fittings.

Resists corrosive action by salt water, soil acids, alkalies and salts.

Prevents dielectric corrosion between buried steel pipe and soil minerals.

Pictures of PVC Tape 

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape Vehicle Reflective Adhesive

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape Vehicle Reflective Adhesive

Specification of PVC Tape
PVC Electrical Insulation Tape Vehicle Reflective Adhesive


1. What is the range of your products?

So far, we manufacture various kinds of double sided adhesive tape, masking tape, kraft tape and BOPP packing tape. To better meet your needs, we can also source other adhesive tapes for you if it is appropriate to do so. 

2. What's the lead time for delivery?  

We ensure you a prompt delivery of the goods. We do not stock any of the goods. The production cycle time of 1*20FCL is 2-3 weeks. 

3. How many carriers does your double sided adhesive tapes have?

There are many carriers that our double sided adhesive tapes based on, which are tissue, PET, BOPP, PE foam, EVA foam.  

4.Can you accept the cooperation way of OEM?

Upon receipt of formal authorization, we can accept OEM processing.  

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