Punching Net,Rectangle Hole, Square hole, Diamond Shaped Hole

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Material: Stainless Steel Wire,Galvanized Iron Wire Hole Shape: Round,Square Application: Protectiong Mesh,Window Curtain
Customized: Customized Feature: Heat Insulation Standard: ASTM,DIN
Certification: CE,ISO9001 Color: Black,White,Red Surface Treatment: Zinc Plating,Spraying

Product Description:

The Description of Punching Net,Rectangle Hole, Square hole, Diamond Shaped Hole

Punching net refers to have different shaped holes in the same material, in order to adapt to different needs.

Punching net used raw materials are: stainless steel, low carbon steel plate, galvanized steel PVC cold rolled coil etc..

 Feature of Punching Net,Rectangle Hole, Square hole, Diamond Shaped Hole

Can be divided into two categories: patterns of punching net, forming punching net, punching net thick, thin punching net, microporous punching net, wire cutting, punching net. Laser punching net.


Punching Net,Rectangle Hole, Square hole, Diamond Shaped Hole

Punching Net,Rectangle Hole, Square hole, Diamond Shaped Hole

Advantage  of Punching Net,Rectangle Hole, Square hole, Diamond Shaped Hole

Pass: the rectangular hole, square hole, diamond shaped hole, hole, hexagonal hole, cross hole, triangle holes, Naga Madokakong, a long waist hole, plum blossom hole, scale hole, hole, star shaped hole pattern, irregular holes, drum hole etc..


Can be used for environmental noise control barriers across the city section of highway, railway, subway and other transportation facilities in the building wall, the object, the generator room, factories, and other noise sources of sound insulation and noise reduction using sound-absorbing plate, can be used for buildings, wall sound-absorbing ceiling.



Pass the specification of Punching Net,Rectangle Hole, Square hole, Diamond Shaped Hole:

The main specifications of punching net with a rectangle hole, square hole, diamond shaped hole, round hole, a slotted hole, hexagonal hole and cross hole, triangle holes, a long waist hole, plum blossom hole, pore scale, the pattern holes, eight net, herringbone hole, star shaped holes, irregular holes, the drum hole, special-shaped hole, louver etc..



1 thickness 0.2mm-1mm, length 20m

2 1.5mm-10mm in diameter

3 pieces of plate thickness 0.2mm-20mm; width * length is less than or equal to 1.5m*5m

4 0.5mm-200mm in diameter



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Exposure time can refer to what you buy photoresist, generally have attached information, the above will have a reference time.
Q:What is the commonly used mapping software for screen printing?
The principle of stencil printing is: the printing plate (paper version or other version of the foundation to produce through the ink hole) in the printing, through a certain pressure to the ink through the hole version of the hole transferred to the substrate (paper, ceramics ), The formation of images or text.
Q:On the issue of their own screen printing
To India, you need to buy something: screen version, ink [water], scraper, so much can work
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The screen printing can be a large area of printing, the largest format up to 3 m × 4 m, or even greater.
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Screen (sticky net) used in a narrow place, the best night net, pay attention to the depth of water, the Internet is not too heavy too heavy. Can sink on the line.
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