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Powered by doosan,diesel generator power range 50-680kw 

ModelPOWER(KW)Engine ModelEngine Power
FKS-D5550 55 DB5854/59
FKS-D7064 70 D114677/85
FKS-D10092 100 D1146T108/117
FKS-D145132 145 P086TI-1149/164
FKS-D175160 175 P086TI177/199
FKS-D240220 240 P126TI241/272
FKS-D265240 265 P126TI-11265/294
FKS-D330300 330 P158LE-1327/362
FKS-D370320 370 P158LE363/414
FKS-D400360 400 DP158LC408/449
FKS-D460420 460 DP158LD464/510
FKS-D505460 505 P222LE-1512/553
FKS-D503456 503 DP188LA502/552
FKS-D525480 525 P222LE532/574
FKS-D550510 550 P222LE-S552/603
FKS-D559507 559 DP180LB556/612
FKS-D608550 608 DP222LB604/664
FKS-D664600 665 DP222LC657/723
FKS-D680620 680 DP222LA670/737

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Q:is it economical to use a propane generator for your home 24/7 ? The home has total electric and my husband?
It is very difficult to have your own generator and make electricity as cheaply as the power company. You have to have generators up in the megawatt size to compete with the power company. Even if you go with solar power, you will find the cost to be very high. It takes up to 10 years or more to get you investment back on such a system. The only practical thing to do is try to reduce your consumption by installing the most efficient light bulbs you can, being sure your insulation is complete and try to eliminate air infiltration at doors, windows, entrances to attic spaces and turning off stuff when it is not in use.
Q:What Size Circuit Breaker do I need.?
Within the USA the national electrical code for wall outlets call for using 12 gauge wire and a 20 amp breaker and a 20 amp outlet. They have to be sized together like this. If you are using heavy duty equipment that draws a lot of amps then only have 1 outlet on that circuit. You really should consult a local electrician on this.
Q:Diesel locomotive horsepower question?
you must look at the power distribution between 4 and 6 axles as a fraction. you must also realize that at WOT (all 2000 ponies [38-series]) for either an SD or GP, the altenator produces the SAME power output (600amps if i remember correctly?). you are dividing the power available by either 4 or 6. so, you can see here that the GP trac mtrs have more power avail to them. thus why an SD will lug down at low speed longer. takes a bit longer to burn those out because they dont have the power avail to them as a GP. the trac mtrs on GP and SD are the same per class. for interchangability and mass production. so SD trac motors arent smaller. SD's primarily came about as a way to spread the weight out. giving the SD a lighter axle loading than its counterpart GP. for railroads who wanted the high hp, but had light rail. so most everything on a GP38, and SD38 are the same parts. fuel tank, trucks, and frame being the major differences. in essence, both SD and GP 38 series pull the same, they both have the same power output to the trac motors. if either sd or gp trac mtr takes more than it can handle, well, do you smell smoke? you must understand the 'load' is a fixed load. meaning the altenator can only produce so much. basic example: take a 9volt battery. hook 4 xmas bulbs to it. note how well they lite up. now hook 2 more to the chain for a total of 6. notice they all still lite up, but not as bright? thats exactly how it works with traction motors. same power plant in both examples, just a different fraction of power per unit.
Q:What gas powered generators are the suitable for running 24 hours a day? but not too pricey.?
Any generator that is suitable for continuous operation will seem very pricey. If you pretend that each dollar weighs a pound, such a generator will cost a lot more than a ton of money. It will also run on either diesel or natural gas, not gasoline. Contact Generac, Caterpillar, and other generator manufacturers for information.
Q:Whats the best Fuel economy (in mpg) you can get from a Diesel Electric car ?
Probably - with serious optimization - about the same as from gasoline/electric hybrids, maybe a little worse. Most people are as surprised as I was to find out the maximum theoretical efficiency of a diesel engine is about 50% while the maximum theoretical efficiency of a gasoline (otto cycle) engine is about 65%. It has to do with the diesel adding heat at constant pressure while the otto cycle engine adds heat at constant volume. Anyway, gasoline engines typically fall behind because the theoretical maxima are at infinite compression ratio with perfectly insulated cylinder heads, cylinders, and pistons. Diesel engines are capable of much higher compression ratios than gasoline engines, and the method of throttling gasoline engines has the effect of reducing the compression ratio even more. That has given diesel engines a reputation for efficiency and they are more efficient than turbine engines (about 40% max) and rockets (about 12% max). However, hybridization has allowed gasoline engines to reach efficiencies that are not very practical for diesels. The current generation Prius spends a lot of engine operation at 38% efficiency - the 2016+ is supposed to reach 40%. Diesels can't compete; although that represents only 61% of the theoretical max for gas engines it is 80% of the theoretical max for diesels, and that last bit of efficiency is the very devil to achieve. It would require entirely new materials and other major improvements. As the source says, Conventional gasoline engines have long run about 25 percent, diesels at 30 to 35 percent.
Q:Inherited a continuous 12.5 kw, 1800 rpm, 240 volt, single phase, 60 hz generator that requires 25 hp engine?
The generator probably has to turn at 1800 rpm to maintain the 60 Hz frequency spec. Thisis important in a TV set but I can't think of any where else it would be important. Slocks will be edpendent on line frequency but in an emergency you don' really care if you have a watch. Reet the clocks after the power returns. You will probably use minimum power during a blackout. You need light heat and a book which doesn't use much power. No Alfred Hitchcock or Ray Bradberry.
Q:question about propane generators?
Why a propane unit? Propane cost more per gallon that gasoline or diesel. If you have access to natural gas it would make more sense.
Q:How do I remove a Detroit 8V92 (Diesel Engine) From my 1991 Prevost Marathon Mirage le?
Sir, Engine Dismantling Very Responsible Job Once Removed The Parts You Should Reassemble That Is - The Problem.Total Repairs Anybody Will Do But Once Removed By You Nobody Give Attention Keep in Mind. Firstly Remove The Battery Store It Safe Location.Disconnect The ,Diesel lines,Wirings,Cables,- Sesors, Modules, Then Disconnect,Gear BellHousing,Torque Coverter If There,Engine Mountigs, All Water Lines,A/c Connections,Front Grill,If You Need The Bonnet Also, Put The Rope Put Cross Bar- Tie Properly Care The Mudguards,Pull The Engine With Sufficiant Manpower Or Crane Nor Lifter. Check Once More before Takeout The Engine Assy-Wheel Blocks,Support To The Gear Box,Door Lock, Safe The Key,Nobody Not Allowed Inside The Car, Before Pullout Check Again And Make Sure Nomore- COnnections Arrange The Table Keep Everythings Ready Pullout Keep On The Table Check Externals. Make More Dismantling The Engie Take To Machine Shop They Knows What Nee for Your Engine. If Over machine Work Bring To Spot Selct New Parts What You Need Do Accordingly.
Q:Where are diesel engines used in civil construction?
Just about every piece of equipment powered by an internal combustion engine found at a civil construction site is powered by a diesel engine. Things such as scrapers, loaders, track hoes, dozers, dump trucks, rollers, and even electric generators are powered with diesel engines.
Q:I'm envisioning more efficient, tall, narrow tires on our vehicles.?
Who said traction was not dependent on surface area? Tires of the same compound the wider on will have more traction, the only wat out isis a different better compound. If the tire has less weight in a taller configuration it will have more centrifugal energy.

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