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Layer: 2
Material: FR4
Board thickness: 1.6mm
Surface finish: lead free HAL
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Q:How to do PCB double panel
Design good pcb file, directly to the system board business on the line, you do not have professional equipment, then make a double panel is more difficult
Q:What is the difference between a single and double-sided package?
Because the single-panel has many stringent restrictions on the design line (because there is only one side, the wiring can not cross and must be around the path), so only the early circuit to use such boards; single-panel wiring diagram to the network printing
Q:What is the difference between them and ordinary double panels?
HDI board is a high power density inverter (High Density Inverter), the use of micro-blind buried hole technology, a relatively high density distribution of telephone boards.
Q:Can the double panel be used as a wardrobe?
It is a special way that the plywood is present and has a thickness of 3mm. Decorative panels are currently different from the mixed oil practice of a high-level decoration materials.
Q:What is the process of making a double panel
Particles are attached to the hole. It is best to activate 2 times for the back copper preparation) [Note: drying 2 times] through the hole (the hole to remove excess activator to ensure that each hole are transparent) curing (100 ℃, 5 to 10 minutes, so that the carbon particles in the hole better adsorption) re-activation (30 ° C, current approx.
Q:Central East e0 double-sided material and how environmental protection
Is the flexible circuit board, and the board has both sides of the line graphics
Q:Three open double panel is what it means
Which does not have copper, so that the hole without copper, but the double side of the pain of the circuit board, called false double panel, looks double panel, the actual and double-sided is different!
Q:When drawing pcb diagram how to judge whether the single or double panel
When you are in a wire, you double-click the pop-up dialog box to select the layer where the wire is located
Q:Decorative double panel with benzene do not put long formaldehyde
and the concentration is very high, because the formaldehyde release cycle is 3 to 15 years, long time can not be placed The complete removal of
Q:Rotel schematic diagram generated pcb how to set up when you can generate double-panel?
The default is a double panel, you can both sides of the alignment, hope to help you!

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