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produce kinds of casting products, we can make as per the drawing or the samples.    

Equipped with new type of energy-saving &environment-friendly production flow line of lost wax casting process and heattreating equipment,possessing complete and advanced CNC machining facilities.Besides,our company has itstop-advanced inspection equipment in the investment casting industry aswell,which means SpectrumAnalyzer,Microscope,Universal Testing Machine,IntegrationIntelligent Temperature Control Instrument and so on.

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Q:What is the difference between vacuum casting and expendable pattern casting?
The molten metal depends on air pressure into the mold, and then clear the air, forming a vacuum casting.
Q:How about Guizhou SNECMA Xinyi airfoil Foundry Company
Brother only know one, I do not know, second, nothing to see the relevant post bar will know, fortunately I did not go, do not be blinded by the interests of the eyes
Q:What are the determination principles of casting time profiles?
5., the number of cores and blocks should be reduced to simplify the process of molding, molding and blending.6. parting surface should be selected in the largest section of the casting, to ensure the removal from the appearance of the mold, and no damage to the mold. In order to ensure the quality of casting, it is necessary to avoid the sand mold after matching. In general, the casting position shall be determined first, and then the parting surface shall be considered. For the castings with low quality requirements, the parting surface that can simplify the process should be selected first, and the selection of the casting location shall be made. Be in a secondary position.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the precision casting of water glass sand compared with that of chilled resin sand casting?
The cost of steel water glass sand should be lower, but the collapsibility of sodium silicate sand, sand is not easy. If continuous sand mixing machine is used to mix sand, then it will be much lower than roller mixer. Resin sand steel should choose corresponding resin technology according to the characteristics of the product, the resin sand is higher, casting size and surface smoothness is better, and better the collapsibility of the resin sand, sand cleaning convenient, suitable for batch production line.
Q:What material is best for casting?
With iron, iron casting material (such as the need to manufacture non-standard equipment, the diesel engine flywheel)
Q:Does the casting belong to the metallurgical industry or the machine industry?
Casting belongs to the metallurgical industry. Basically relates to metal forming industry.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of casting parts compared with forging parts? How to choose when designing?
Casting: smelting metal, making mold, and pouring molten metal into the mold, after solidification to obtain a certain shape, size, composition, microstructure and properties, forming method of casting. There are Susong, not dense, not adapt to important parts;Forging: in forging equipment and work (mold) under the action of the blank or ingot to produce plastic deformation, in order to obtain a certain geometry size, shape and quality of the forging method. Dense and important parts.
Q:How to avoid casting pores?
The preparation of smelting and pouring shall be done seriously; 1.1, the burden shall be properly handled according to the requirements of the technological procedures. Before using, use sand blowing or other methods to remove the rust, sediment and other dirt on the surface of the burden, and preheat the charge to keep 3H above, so as to prevent water and oil pollution. 1.2, melting crucible, mold tool before use should be clean oil stains, dirt etc.. And preheat to 120 degrees -250 degrees, coated with protective coatings. 1.3, new crucible, new building furnace, rusty old crucible, use sand blowing before other methods to clean the surface, and oven processing. Should generally be heated to 700 degrees -800 degrees C, 2H-4H insulation, to remove the water and other chemicals adsorbed by the crucible. Crucible, melting ingot mold, tool coating has 1.4 before use shall be preheated, the crucible should be preheated to dark red (500 DEG -600 DEG); melting tools should be preheated to 200 DEG -400 DEG, remain above 2H (in addition to the use of induction furnace for melting alloy, crucible without preheating.) 2 strict implementation of process planning, and strive to achieve rapid melting 3 to strengthen the preventive measures to the wet season 4 refining gas, removal of Aluminum Alloy in gas "under normal circumstances, the so-called" gas "(also called" gas ") is the gas removal in the alloy," refining "refers to the removal of inclusions in the alloy. In the process of smelting aluminum alloy, the two processes of degassing and refining are combined together, so in practice, these two processes are called refining. Because the main gas in aluminum alloy is hydrogen, degassing is the main removal of hydrogen.
Q:Classification of casting
two. Casting process usually includes: the mold (liquid metal casting vessel become solid) preparation, according to the material in the mold can be divided into sand, metal, ceramic, clay, graphite, according to the frequency of use can be divided into single type, semi permanent and permanent mold, mold preparation is Main factors influencing the quality of castings; casting the melting and casting of metals, metal (alloy) main cast iron, cast steel and cast nonferrous alloy castings; the processing and inspection, casting processing cores and casting surface including the removal of foreign body, resection of sprue, grinding burrs and fash protrusions and heat treatment plastic, anti rust and rough machining.
Q:Is casting the same as forging?
There are differences, there are links, you can refer to the net casting company official website information

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