Power stacker-CL15 series CL1540 CL1546

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PRODUCT NAME:Power stacker-CL15 series


1.2Manufacturer`s type designationunitCL1540CL1546
1.3Drive:electric(battery or mains)、diesel、petrol、fuel gas、manualelectric
1.4Type of operation :hand , pedestrian, standing, seated, order-pickerpedestrian
1.5Load Capacity/rated loadQ(t)1.5
1.6Load centre distancec(mm)600
1.8Load distance ,centre of drive axle to forkx(mm)678
Weights2.1Service weightkg12751300
2.2Axle loading,laden front/rearkg1345/14301350/1450
2.3Axle loading,unladen front/rearkg930/345940/360
3.1Tyres:solid rubber,superelastic,pneumatic,
3.4Additional wheels(dimensions)150×54
3.5Wheels,number front/rear(x=driven wheels)1x+2/4
3.6Track width,frontb10(mm)685
3.7Track width,rearb11(mm)390/515
Basic Dimensions4.2Lowered mast heighth1(mm)18952095
4.3Free lifth2(mm)-
4.4Lift heighth3(mm)39144514
4.5Extended mast heighth4(mm)45435143
4.9Height of tiller in drive position min./max.h14(mm)985/1365
4.15Lowered heighth13(mm)86
4.19Overall lengthl1(mm)2055
4.20Length to face of forksl2(mm)905
4.21Overall widthb1(mm)805
4.22Fork dimensionss/e/l(mm)60/80/1150
4.25Width over forksb5(mm)570/695
4.32Ground clearance,centre of wheelbasem2(mm)26
4.33Aisle width for pallets 1000X1200 crosswaysAst(mm)2563
4.34Aisle width for pallets 800X1200 lengthwaysAst(mm)2498
4.35Turning radiusWa(mm)1640
5.1Travel speed,laden/unladenkm/h5/5.3
5.2Lift speed, laden/unladenmm/s105/170
5.3Lowering speed,laden/unladenmm/s100/95
5.8Max.gradient performance,laden/unladen%6/12
5.10Service brake electromagnetic
E-Motor6.1Drive motor ratingkw1.2
6.2Lift motor ratingkw3
6.3Batteryacc.to DIN,no 3PZS
6.4Batteryvoltage,nominal capacityV/Ah24/270
Others8.1Type of drive control MOSFET Control
8.4sound level at driver`s ear acc.to EN 12053dB(A)67

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