portland cement 42.5N or R 32.5N or R 52.5N or R

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Product Description:

Product Description

(1)Grade:  portland cement42.5(china standard GB175-2007)

(2)Packing : 50kg PP Bag,then into 1MT,1.5MT,2MT sling bagj

                   1mt,2mt jumbo bag

(3)Quantity: 100,000mt per month

(4)Loading port: rizhao /qingdao/longkou, china

(5)Payment: by irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight or TT

(6)Shipment: within 30 days after the date of L/C .

(7)Inspection: by CIQ

Cement Specifications: Type 1 425

Chemical composition





Silicon dioxide %SiO2

20.5 – 21.5


Insotuble Residue %I.R

0.30 – 0.50


Aluminium Oxide %AL2O3

4.2 – 5.6


Free Lime %Free CaO

0.80 – 1.70


Ferric Oxide %Fe2O

3.00 – 3.60


Lime Saturation Factor LSF

93.0 – 95.0


Calcium Oxide %CaO

64.0 – 66.50


Silica Module SLM

2.30 – 2.50


Mangnesium Oxide %MgO

1.0 – 2.7


Alomina Moddule ALM

1.1 – 1.3


Sulphur Trioxide %SO3

1.5 – 2.3


Tricalcium Silicate %C3S

56.0 – 62.0


Potassium Oxide %K2O

0.60 – 0.75


Dicalcium Silicate %C2S

14.0 – 18.0


Sodium Oxide %Na2O

0.45 – 0.65


Tricalcium Aluminate %C3A

8.05 – 8.50


Loss On Ignition %L.O.I

0.90 – 1.60


Tetracalicium Aluminoferri %C4AF

9.0 – 11.0


Physical Test




Blaine Test


3200 -3400


Autoclave Expansion


0.09 - 0.20


Setting Time:



105 - 160




135 - 300


Compressive Strength:

After 3 Days


230 - 260


After 28 Days


420 - 440



LSF = 100 CaO/(2.80 SiO2 + 0.65Fe2O3 + 1.18Al2O3)

C3S = 4.07 CaO - (7.6 SiO2 + 6.718 Al2O3+ 1.43 Fe2O3 + 2.852SO3)

C2S = 2.867SiO2 - 0.754C3S

C3A=2.65 Al2O3 - 1.692 Fe2O3

C4AF = 3.043 Fe2O3

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Q:how to set up a cement slab?
Preparation for pouring a cement (concrete) slab would include: 1.digging in the earth to leveling the area and provide enough space for the slab. A standard for my area is 4 of concrete with 6x6 wire or 6 of concrete without reinforcement. The more uniform the area the greater is the ability to predict the size of the required pour. 2. setting up forms While I have seen expansion joints thrown into wet concrete a better job is when the expansion joint is placed against a subdivision of the slab. 3. pour the concrete making sure that any wire mesh reinforcement is not touching the earth. 4 screeding off the concrete 5 pulling up forms and any additional finishing. including stamping, coloring or other texturing This is a very searchable topic.
Q:is there anything wrong with building a pond out of cement?
Concrete is brittle and cracks soon. These cracks are permanent and cannot be repaired. Use a liner. It's easier and much cheaper. Ant it lasts forever. And unless you seal concrete, the lime will leach into the water for years and make it so alkaline that plants cannot live in it.
Q:how about zhuzhou Jingzuan cemented carbide Co., Ltd?
I am working in Zhuzhou Jingzuan! i know exactly what they are. they are a new Chinese Company, set up at 2009. before 2009, they are known as Zhuzhou Jingcheng. they are dealing with cemented carbide products: CNC inserts, mining tips, end mill, carbide rods, and tungsten bar,tungsten board. and from 2009 to 2012, they are only sale within China, after May 2012, they begin open their international markets. and what kinds of info do you want to know? you can write to me Jingzuan.bigel@yahoo.cn
Q:Does rubber cement warp plastic?
Yes, Because rubber cement shrinks when it drys and hardens. I'd recommend laminating if you absolutely have to seal the sleeves, you can try way paper and an iron its worked for me before and any arts and crafts store like Michelle's should have real lamination sets at affordable prices.
Q:How to make cement weights?
If you wanted to make barbells, you get a five gallon bucket and a five foot piece of pipe. fill the bucket to a pre measured line, with concrete one end at a time, 1/2 full bucket weighs about 30lbs, which would give you a 60lbs barbell. AS you get stronger, put the weight back in the bucket and then fill to the top with concrete, for 60lbs each end, for a 120lbs barbell
Q:when was cement made?
1.Cement is made by heating powdered limestone and clay. 2.It is used in mortar and concrete - mortar is used to join bricks together and is made by mixing cement with sand and water - concrete is made by mixing cement with sand, water and aggregate (crushed rock) 3.it sets and hardens quickly so building is faster. 4. Portland cement mortar was invented in 1794 and patented in 1824. It gained in popularity over lime mortar by the latter part of the 19th century and by 1930 has all but replaced lime mortar for new construction. Lime mortar was first used in Mesopotamia and was made by heating up limestone to drive out the water, then grinding it to a powder, which had sand added to it for greater strength. To use it, water was mixed to it to form a paste which slowly hardens. It was used in the Pyramids.
Q:Wil Ceramic tile stick to cement board with glue?
Rig_46, You can use adhesive for tile to hold the tile to the wall. But I don`t recommend to do that because over time the adhesive will dry out and possible have some or all of your wall tiles to fall off the wall. I just took out some old wall tile in my bathroom that was just what you asked about and the tile came off the wall very easy. The glue pretty much stayed on the wall but the tile came(or almost fell) off very easy. Just giving you a heads up on some issues I had. Then use 'thin-set' to install the tile to the concrete(cement) board. Then grout it and your done an done right. Hoped this helped. Good Luck.
Q:What are your opinions of fiber cement siding?
ive been selling hardieplank and other cement sidings for ages and as far as im concerned they are the best siding option out there. not sure what vinyl costs but cement sidings go for about 90 cents.sqft here in CA probably less elsewhere. once its up its up and little to no maintenance and a 25yr guarantee.
Q:Best way to fix a crack in cement block basement wall?
you will need to fix this from the outside...think about it, if the water is running through a block wall then the water is filling the cells of the blocks until it gets high enough to run in the crack...you can clean the crack and have it tuck pointed but the water will still be on the inside of the wall...put in a french drain if you dont have one...clean out the one you have if you do...
Q:Sand, stone, cement, steel, wood template, and iron template, these are building materials, I would like to ask is: wood template and iron template is what?
Wood template and steel formwork is also a building material, steel template you can go to the steel market to purchase, wood template you purchase woodworking board on the line are generally made on-site production, triangular steel can be made with steel.

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