Polyethylene Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets for Africa

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Product Description:

Introduction of Mosquito Net

This long lasting mosquito bed net is hooked on the ceiling and tucked under your mattress for overnight protection from bites. The deltamethrin treatment provides 4-5 years of protection, unlike permathrin which only lasts about 1 year. Insecticide treated mosquito nets, if used properly, are one of the best ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting and infecting individuals with malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases.

Details of Mosquito Net :

  •        Lasts 4-5 years

  •        Suitable for beds of all dimensions        

  •        For one or two people

  •        Attaches to  ceiling

  •        Can be suspended from a ceiling

  •        Pre-treated as per World Health Organization guidelines

Services of Mosquito Net :

Pre-sale services:

1.Various kinds of mosquito nets to choose from.

2.Any customized products can be satisfied according to your requirements.

3.Professional technicians engaged in each procedures.

Services during the sale:

1.Pre-checking and safeguarding products before delivery.

2.Providing solutions for any unexpected conditions involved.

After-sale services:

1.Assist customers on how to hang the exact mosquito nets.

2.Provided with instructions or vidoes of certain mosquito nets foldings.

3.24-hour Services.Contact us for any questions, we'd be gladly to follow.

Packaging & Delivery of Mosquito Net :

Packaging Detail:Individually packed into branded plastic bag,100 units per bale.
Delivery Detail:2 weeks after confirm order and payment

FAQ of Mosquito Net:


We'd be gladly to send you the sample for free, but you need to pay for transport cost, and we will turn back this amount of money to   you after orders issued.

2. MOQ

Our minimum order quantity for mosquito net is 1,000 pieces, and 500 kilograms for fleece fabric and mosquito net fabric.

3.Color, Size

Any color and any size is available as long as it's connected with mosquito nets.

Polyethylene Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets for Africa

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