Polyester Hook Rug Grey-White Backing

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Product Description:


1 Material : 100% polyester
2 Pile height:3-5mm
3 Pile Weight:1600-2400/sq.mt
4 Good price and quality, best service

Detailed description:

Material: 100% polyester with grey/white back or cotton washable

  1. Pile height:3-5mm

  2. Pile Weight:1600-2400/sq.mt

  3. Back: White-grey back with latex adhensive .

  4. Any Design: Modern design, children design, traditional design, Persian design,etc. Can make according to customer’s artwork and colors. Colors better control within 6 colors per design.

  5. Size and shape: Max size is 70x140CM, can make size as per client’s requirement.  Shapes are rectangle, square, shape size, etc. Our standard sizes are: 40*60cm, 50*80cm, 60x90cm, 70x140cm.  1.75’X2.75’, 1.83’X2.83’, 2’X3’, 5’X8’, 8’X10’

  6. Lead time: about 30-45days which depend on the order quantity.

  7. MOQ: 500SQ.MT per order.

  8. Feature: cheap, soft and affordable.

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Your okorder.com.

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