plastic bellows ( P E )

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500000 m/month
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Product Description:


  texture : PE

  OD : 54MM

  ID : 48MM

  thickness : 3MM

   weight :98.8g/m

  colour :  customers requirement

thickness : 1.5mm

applied range : wire sleeve

temperature range :-10℃ +20℃

length :1~500m

colour :customers requirement

Special specification can be made at the request of customers


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Q:I want a clear plastic tube with sealable ends.?
I have found you two suppliers of tubes, the second wall thickness isn't what you want but they are complete containers with caps. The first supplier supplies polycarbonate tubing in lengths and this is a very hard wearing clear plastic that you can cut to size with a normal hacksaw and then try and find end caps, or you can ask an engineering shop to turn six end caps for you and cut a groove in to fit an o-ring seal. The first option will be cheaper. Hard wearing isn't cheap.
Q:What flange plate is used to connect the plastic pipe to the flange valve?
The sleeve flange connection is to make the ends of the two connecting pipes make an edge of about 6~8, and the special flange is sheathed at the flanging position, and the gasket is screwed between the flanges to tighten the bolts. The plastic ring can also be welded at the end of the pipe to replace the flanging, and the plastic pipe needs uniform width and straight edge at the end of the flanging so as to ensure the tight interface. Material is more applicable.
Q:will the vapor from weed melt a plastic tube?
It's a great source for more information about the many benefits of portable herbal vaporizers.
Q:fish tank pump tube problems?
using standard size plastic tubing like other air pumps on the market (about 5-6mm in diameter)
Q:I pick up trash off the road today, it was like plastic tube and kinda like a cement thing, a lil farther down?
This is the youtube section, go to medical for this question
Q:Where can I buy inexpensive plastic tubes?
Lowes; you can buy plastic plumbing in 10 foot lengths and different hole sizes too. they will cut them if you ask, but you can do it yourself with an electric knife or small hand saw. I bought them for extra long windows and used them as drapery rods.
Q:When a mechanic wants to empty a gasoline tank of a car,he fills a plastic tube with gasoline.....?
its actually a working model of a syphen pump actually the receiving end is at a lesser height so due to the pull of the mouth the fluid rises and due to less altitude flows down creating vacuum which the remaining liquid seeks to fill thus acting like a pump
Q:What is the best re-cycling method for plastic bottles & tubes?
There are many good reasons for recycling bottles, which saves energy, water and resources. Often the material can be recovered and refashioned into new bottles. But whole or partial containers can also be used in engaging, creative ways by individuals. See some of these innovative green designs here. I've been seeing flattened wine bottle serving trays for years at funky eco-boutiques and in catalogs, and I've always thought they were pretty cool. They come in many different colors and labels, and can be used as paddles if someone forgot to bring the brie. I hope people would try to recycle these bottles. :) Miana
Q:What's your favorite freeze pop color/flavor? (like the yummy flavored ice thingies in plastic tubes)?
I like them all !
Q:My gerbils are always scratching at their plastic tubes. Why are they doing that and how can I stop them?
The first thing you need to do is put the gerbil in a closet, bathroom, or another room at night so you can sleep and the gerbil can make noise. :) Gerbils will shred anything and everything so ideally they should be kept in glass aquararium tanks which are easier to clean and therefore more sanitary and healthier for your pet. Wire cages only encourage rodents to poke their noses through and chew on the bars. That's unsanitary because it's hard to clean and they'll often get sores on their noses from doing that. Also, since respiratory infections are common you want ventilation, but not a draft. So get rid of the plastic - it'll get chewed to bits eventually anyway - and get a tank. Also put plenty of chewing blocks in there so your gerbil can keep it's teeth filed down. That noise can also be loud, but it's a necessary for them to chew and you just put them in another room.

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