plastic bellows ( P E )

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500000 m/month

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Product Description:


  texture : PE

  OD : 54MM

  ID : 48MM

  thickness : 3MM

   weight :98.8g/m

  colour :  customers requirement

thickness : 1.5mm

applied range : wire sleeve

temperature range :-10℃ +20℃

length :1~500m

colour :customers requirement

Special specification can be made at the request of customers


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Q:Can a plastic pipe be evacuated into a vacuum?
Vacuum, of course, but does not guarantee how long the vacuum can be maintained.
Q:Super glue strong enough to attach coffee maker water pump tubing?
the chemicals would be poisonous.Put a small hose clamp that size or make one using a soft but firm wire around twice twist ends to draw tight.Caution: A wire too hard twisted too tight may bust the plastic inside tubing.Will be fine if pipe you are putting on is steel A light stainless steel alloy is best to eliminate corrosion.
Q:Do you know any store that sells plastic test tubes with caps?
Best place is a hobby shop. People use them for everything from holding dice to keeping change in.
Q:What sensors can be used to measure changes in the water level in a transparent plastic pipe?
The patient does not need transfusion to quantitatively measure the water level, only need to point measurement, so we can use the photoelectric sensor (a transmitting tube and a receiving tube), because of the refraction of water and air rate is not the same, and the infusion tube is cylindrical, equal to a lens, so that can detect changes in water and water, to remind the nurse.
Q:In my sink I found a plastic tube used to inject drugs with a clear liquid inside it- there was a bitten lime?
Who knows what to make of this. If there's no needle, a syringe is useless. There isn't any drug that i can think of where a user injects something and eats a lime, but i have seen people inject tequila or vodka into a lemon or lime, and then eat the fruit. Also, when people are learning to be a medical professional or learning how to inject insulin for diabetes, they might practice injecting a lemon or lime. We have syringes lying around our house from using them to squirt medicine into our cats.
Q:How much should it cost to replace the Mass Airflow tube on a 2000 Mazda Protege? Click this:
Q:Can this aluminum tube be repaired?
doubt you can patch it, if it's high pressure it's not worth it in the long run. Days are really hot and cars build a lot of pressure in the lines. Best bet, get it replaced with one that comes from a wrecked car, it's the cheapest way to go. Never buy the part from a dealer.
Q:When the fire line is weak, the pipe or plastic pipe is used
Fire tube weak 3 hours fire resistance requirements, galvanized iron pipe and brush fire retardant coating can reach the acceptance criteria of the fire department, so please do not use PVC with the plastic pipe and tube, galvanized tube outside to brush fire retardant coating in order to achieve the 3 hour requirement.
Q:where can I find tubing? aluminum or like a clear pvc?
Online and they have everything.
Q:Chrome or Plastic air tubes for the high performance air kits?
well chrome ones will heat up more than the black plastic ones defeating the purpose of a cold air intake.

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