Plasterboard for Architecture and Decoration

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Formaldehyde: E2,E0,E1

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Plasterboard for Architecture and Decoration


Plasterboard Length :1800mm to 3600mm 
Plasterboard Width :1200mm&1220mm 
Plasterboard Thickness :7.0mm to 15mm 


Plasterboard Packing : 


Two sheets glued together without pallets by hand in bulk,20'contianer.


Two sheets glued together with pallets by forklift in 40'container.


 Plasterboard  Features :


Gray paper-faced /Environmental friendly/Light weight/Moisture-resistant/smoothness


Plasterboard Delivery :Within 15 days after deposit.


Payment :T/T or L/C.


Price Term :FOB,CNF,CIF.



1...Standard Plasterboard

Plasterboard Length :1800mm  to  3600mm

Plasterboard Width :1200mm&1220mm

Plasterboard Thickness :7mm  to  15mm

Plasterboard Edge :Square Edge and Tapered Edge


2...Fire-resistant Plasterboard

Plasterboard Length :1800mm  to  3600mm

Plasterboard Width :1200mm&1220mm

Plasterboard Thickness : 9.0mm  to  15mm

Plasterboard Edge :Square Edge and Tapered Edge


3.Plasterboard Accessories:

Drywall Screw
Size: 3.5mmx25mm,3.5mmx35mm,3.5mmx50mmm etc. Paper Joint Tape Size: 50mmx50m etc

Self Adhesive Fibre Glass Tape: 50mmx90m etc

Packing: 24rolls/box

Jointing compound: 5kg/bag

Main channel, furring channel,wall ange, U track,T-Grid etc, sizes upon your detailed request.


Plasterboard for Architecture and Decoration

Plasterboard for Architecture and Decoration

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Q:i have to plaster a plasterboards?
Are you asking about putting plaster over lathe over plaster board or are you asking about filling the dings and cracks in plaster board?
Q:Making a mural on plasterboard/gyprock?
I am assuming that what you are calling gyprock is what others called sheet rockor drywall which is gypsum (a chalk like material) sandwiched between two layers of heavy paper. If so this is a material that is used on interiors and is NOT weather proof. Exterior or a Marine grade plywood would be the ideal to use out of doors.
Q:Will the mirror be glued to the plaster board?
The base of the lens is preferably sandwich, or the base of the nine-board. This is the standard base material. In the paper gypsum board on the lens, the actual is also posted, but theoretically is not possible. Keep the room dry. The bottom with a care can be better.
Q:Tiling on Damaged Plasterboard in Kitchen?
If the plaster or dry wall is exposed, its best to either run some paint primer over it to seal it, Or fill it in with some dry wall compound or spackle and then primer it. This is especially true if your using a mastic to reapply tiles.If your using a thin set to apply tiles just a primer is needed to seal the exposed plaster or dry wall. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Q:How do I attach plasterboard to a solid brick wall to cover it?
you dab the wall with plaster board adhesive.mix to a thick consistency.dab is method of flicking the adhesive on to the wall with a trowel.and firmly smack the board with a straight edge (long spirit level or a piece of wood) from one corner to the Other that makes sure the board goes on firmly and level
Q:Sound proofing a plasterboard wall?
One thing you can do is add another layer of plasterboard (we call it drywall or gypboard in the US) on top of what's already there. Here's the trick that makes it work really well: don't attach it directly to the existing wall. You need standoff clips that will hold the drywall up, but don't provide a straight path directly to the old wall. That gives the sound energy less ability to move the old wall, less material to be transmitted through. A lot of the sound energy gets eaten up by the heavy drywall. But there's direct transmission if the wall is one big solid piece, so having the standoff clips gives the new drywall layer just a little bit of flex. Most of the sound energy is dissipated moving your wall surface, and the rest is absorbed and dissipated by the standoffs. Transmission through the wall drops precipitously.
Q:Is their an Adhesive for putting plasterboard up?
I think i saw some at the home depot the last time i went. check it out
Q:Gypsum board ceiling why stay seam ?
Basically 5mm-10mm purpose is to resist the emergence of thermal expansion and contraction of the cracks, regardless of the size of the ceiling regardless of the size of a level
Q:Gypsum board has no formaldehyde
Gypsum board does not contain formaldehyde, gypsum board production was mainly based on building gypsum. Can be assured that use.
Q:Brief introduction of gypsum board ceiling spray latex paint a full set of construction technology
Gypsum board sticks on, after the primer, and then spray the finish, very simple

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