Pixel Pitch 6mm Indoor Small Led Display Led Display Wifi

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China main port
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10 m²
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10000000 m²/month

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Product Description:


pixel pitch 6mm outdoor led display 
1. CE, RoHS, ISO9001:2000 
2. High resolution 
3. High contrast 
4. 3 yea


pixel pitch 6mm indoor small led display led display wifi


Product Description


seriestypedensity(point/m2)LED typeModule resolution(point)Module size(mm)Cabinet size
Indoor full colorPH3111111SMD2121 Black led64*32192*96Can design
PH462500SMD2121 Black led32*32128*128Can design
PH540000SMD352832*32160*160Can design
PH54000032*32160*160Can design
PH62777732*16192*192Can design
PH62777732*32192*192Can design
PH7.621722232*16244*122Can design
PH101000032*16320*160Can design
Aluminum alloy/Die casting aluminumPH462500SMD2121 Black led72*72288*288576*576 Die casting aluminum box
PH540000SMD352854*54288*288576*576 Die casting aluminum box
PH54000032*32160*160640*640 Aluminum alloy box
PH54000048*48160*160480*480 Aluminum alloy box
PH62777732*16192*96576*576 Aluminum alloy box
PH62777748*48288*288576*576 Die casting aluminum box

192*192768*768 Aluminum alloy box
PH7.621722232*16244*122732*732Aluminum alloy box
PH101000032*16320*160640*640 Aluminum alloy box

outdoor full colorPH815625SMD353532*16256*1281024*1024
640*640 Rental aluminum box
640*640 Rental aluminum box




pixel pitch 6mm indoor small led display led display wifi


pixel pitch 6mm indoor small led display led display wifi

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Q:Is the TV screen good for the LCD or the LCD?
In contrast, LED can easily do the regional regulation (which can be a certain degree of LCD light leakage problems, but can only be mitigated, theoretically almost impossible to achieve the traditional CRT CRT TV contrast), and life Longer (CCFL tube work for a few years there will be a decline in brightness or start the difficult phenomenon, need to be replaced.
Q:IPS screen and LED screen difference
Simply said IPS screen perspective wider, more wide color gamut, suitable for mapping and see high-definition movies, the drawback is a higher delay, play the game is not to force the shadow. Suitable for making pictures or watching movies.
Q:Led display brightness is not enough because of what are the reasons
Display screen software which can adjust the brightness of the display. If you use the time for a long time, there are reasons for light failure, it is recommended to consider replacement
Q:Led display and led lighting What is the difference?
Application areas are different. Led display mainly in: government square, leisure square, bustling business center, advertising information release card, commercial street, railway station, sports venues (UNILUMIN Universiade) and so on. Led lighting is mainly home, mall, roads and other lighting
Q:What is the thickness of the led display?
The thickness of less than 75mm, with the aluminum. Can also be thinner but the material is not easy to find.
Q:LED outdoor display which part of the composition
Outdoor, LED display, as the future of outdoor display advertising media new favorite, widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories and mines enterprises, transportation, education systems, stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals,
Q:LED display more than the size of the area must be 380v
I installed the general are 380 to have some small screen with 220 plugs
Q:How to identify the quality of led display quality
Led display driver IC: the current development of led display driver is a bit crystal, Mingwei, and some domestic drive IC;
Q:Comparison between LED display and DLP splicing
DLP is a digital light processing, this technology is the first image signal through digital processing, and then the light projection. From DLP's technical principle, it has the least signal noise, accurate gray level, high reflectivity, seamless image display, high reliability and other advantages. DLP splicing screen by a number of rear projection display unit stitching, the most important feature is the patchwork small, you can control to 0.5 mm or less, we call it "seamless" splicing, which is the other two major technology LCD and PDP Can not and can not.
Q:16: 9LED What is the approximate size of the display?
Ie the effective screen is the diagonal size representation. And the aspect ratio of 16: 9 is that we say widescreen, the unit is inches. From this we can calculate the scale factor. (The old TV used in the ratio of 4: 3 also we said the narrow screen)

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