Phone Padmate China Electronic Hot selling Car Kit Handfree Wireless ear phone

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50000 pc/month

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Portable Media Player



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Guangdong China (Mainland)

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Gift box packaging

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Time of battery charging:

2 hours

Talking time:

3 to 4 hours



Working range:

up to 10 meters

Bluetooth profiles:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Gift box packaging. 100pcs/CTN;CTN Size: 51.5*35*35(cm);G.W: 20.8KG bluetooth
Delivery Detail:25-30 days,bluetooth


New v4.0 bluetooth wireless mini phone for car,better than car kit and easy receive call
*Special base
*Easy call

 New v4.0 bluetooth wireless mini phone for car,better than car kit and easy receive call




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Q:How to use ZTE wireless data terminal? With a USIM card.
If you want to access the Internet, you need to click on the wireless network card, customer service side, the main interface of the software "network connection / network disconnect" icon, began to access the internet.
Q:TD-SCDMA fixed wireless terminal function with ordinary mobile phone card?
This is determined by the model of the wireless plane.Some wireless machines only support 3G networks, so you can only use 3G cards.
Q:How does a PON terminal connect to a wireless router?
The line out of the light cat is connected to the WAN port of the wireless route;The computer connects the router's LAN port;Go to the routing debug interface and insert dial information into the router according to the wizard to save it;
Q:What is the WCDMA wireless data terminal?
Hello, you yourself answered all your questions. You should be the wireless network equipment, that is to use a laptop or desktop 2G/3G Internet use, to insert a SIM card (that is, you said the mobile phone card) to use, use of natural flow is the SIM traffic card buckle. As long as there is a theory for GPRS flow /3G flow pack /3G package Unicom card can be used (if a card did not get access to the 3G network access, such as ordinary did not apply for 3G package 2G package card, the card into the device, or may only use 2G Internet), if the tablet itself has the card slot can be plugged directly to the mobile phone Internet, naturally do not need this equipment, but if the tablet itself has no card slot, it can not use the equipment, because most of the current plate without USB interface, and wireless network equipment mostly only supports Windows Apple series or iMAC series operating system.
Q:What is wireless router AP isolation technology?
Configuration method is as follows: in the router's wireless settings in the wireless advanced settings, select open AP isolation can be.
Q:What are the most popular types of wireless access technology at present?
Cordless telephone system: the extension of the wired fixed telephone terminal, and the prominent feature of the cordless telephone system is its flexibility and convenience. This kind of fixed wireless terminal can simultaneously with several wireless sub machine, sub machine and machine tools in addition to the call, the communication between the sub machine can also be. One kind of working frequency is usually 45MHz, and the antenna is covered about 100 meters. Another type of cordless telephone system, such as DECT and PHS, operates at frequencies from 800MHz to 1.9GHz.
Q:How to use wireless data terminal?
As shown on the right, to complete the transmission of data, we need to establish a complete data transmission system. In this system, including: DTU, customer equipment, mobile networks, the background center. At the front end, the DTU and client devices are connected via 232 or 485 interfaces. After the DTU is powered on, register to the mobile GPRS network first, and then go and set up the SOCKET connection with the setting center in the DTU. The backend center serves as the SOCKET server, and DTU is the client for the SOCKET connection. Therefore, only DTU is unable to complete the wireless transmission of data, but also needs the backstage software coordination to use together. After setting up the connection, the front end of the device and the center of the background can wirelessly transmit data over the DTU, and it is bidirectional transmission.
Q:HUAWEI fixed wireless terminal f501 does not recognize SiM card
Let's talk about the simplest reason, check the SIM card is not inserted, inserted in reverse, the phone can not be read to the SIM card, then we need to correct the way to re insert sim card. Check verification is not bad for a SIM card using the normal mobile phone, the SIM card on the other normal other mobile phone, to see whether the identification to the SIM card, if others cannot identify the normal mobile phone SIM card, so that the SIM card is broken.
Q:Lenovo TD168 model TD-SCDMA fixed wireless terminal recording how to export?
Click on the application interface - standby settings - Wireless and network - attached storage to the -USB application (click on the computer is not connected case) - USB data connection is to use large capacity storage (don't click cancel this dialog box) - USB cable - mobile phone will be prompted to open USB storage equipment - Click to connect the computer.
Q:Can mobile Internet terminals use ordinary cell phone cards?
However, it should be noted that, such as the use of ordinary mobile phone card. You need to use the same mobile phone card. Mobile wireless internet terminal does not support Unicom or telecom 3G mobile card. Because the network system is different.

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