PET Bottle Crusher,Grinder wet crushing machine plastic crusher film crusher

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500-2000 kg/h output PET Bottle Crusher,Grinder


1) The crush working space is a special design for the container shape, which is
good for quick out-put, no accumulation, no bouncing-out, no duplicated crush;
products' shapes are even without dust or tiny substance
2) Special design in the angle of rotary cutters that causes energy saving, high
efficiency, limited vibration, silence and stable out-put of electric current;
when crushing, above effects will cause long lasting in transmission and structure
of the equipments
3) Easy-open design in the equipment structure, to make an easy maintenance
of safety, quickly in a convenient way; average will save at least 1/2 than
traditional designs
4) Main bearing installed outside of the equipment body that is good for easy
maintenance and long lasting in using life, also won't be affected by the
equipment's high temperature and leaking
5) The security of equipment body and performance have matched CE standard

SpecificationOutput(kg/h)Power(kw)No.of Rotary bladeNo.of Fixed bladeRotor Diameter(mm)Size of Feeding Hopper(mm)
SPC500/5005004583Φ 500500*500
SPC500/1000100055166Φ 500500*1000
SPC700/1000150075166Φ 700700*1000
SPC800/12002000110166Φ 800800*1200

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Q:What type of crusher is good for heavy crusher?
Heavy crusher can be widely used in all kinds of building aggregate, limestone, gypsum, shale and other compressive strength of less than 200Mpa, low abrasive material fragmentation
Q:How many categories are there in the cutter type of plastic crushers?
Claw knife plastic crusherClaw type knife plastic crusher blade ZHY series crusher convenient operation, simple and quick tool change, tool; optimization design, claw type knife can be dispersed by force, the shear force of each cutter increase, suitable for crushing thick material, hard material, material, effectively improve the cutting force, reduce tool wear; equipped with electric safety design, the use of doublehopperstructure, filled with insulation material, the device has the advantages of good safety and environmental protection, energy saving and durable.
Q:How should the plastic crusher blade be ground?
At this time, do not want to quickly disposable grinding good; should be sub polished
Q:Packaged with the above metal crusher can't get rid of a direct crushing
Crusher, crusher, plastic crusher, plastic crusher,
Q:Is the waste plastics crusher harmful to the environment when it is produced?
Waste plastic crushing machine is kind of, if the latest plastic shredding machine, then the production of the environment is helpful
Q:What material should be used for the plastic crusher screen?
The grate below the plastic crusher is made of alloy.
Q:I'd like to know something about a waste plastic crusher
Aimed at crushing PP waste woven pockets and PE agricultural film to be accurate crusher, and the quality of the tool is better. The structure of the woven sack crusher must be more dense, and it must be prevented from winding. The size of the screen hole determines the grain size.
Q:Plastic crusher is slow to eat. Why?
Sharpen the knife quickly. Grind the coarse sand with an angle grinder.
Q:Plastic crusher blade clearance600 plastic crusher
Plastic crusher blades, also known as plastic machinery blades, a wide variety of high quality steel, with good sharpness and abrasion resistance. It is mainly used in plastics, rubber and other industries. As with other blades, it requires precise geometric tolerances to ensure good assembly quality.
Q:How do you melt plastics?I want to waste plastics (such as: pots, shells), melting and then forming a useful equipment shell
It can be heated by plastic injection molding machine. The molten plastic is injected into the corresponding mold at higher pressure. After cooling and shaping, the product is removed

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