pc film slice protective and screen printing

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10000 m²/month

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 pc film slice sheet

   1) GE,LEXAN material.
    2) Omipa UV-PC coextrusion lines (4lines).
    3) ISO 9001: 2000 proved,SGS,ROHS.
    4) UV co-extrusion for long life-span.
    5) Light transmission rate up from 25%-88%.
    6) Customized colors and dimensions available upon request.
    1) Item Name: Polycarbonate sheet
    2) Thickness: from0.05-1.2mm

    3) Size: Max width: 2.1m, no limit on length
    4) Color: Clear, Bronze, Blue, Lake-blue, Green, Grass-green, White, Red, Grey, Yellow, Purple, Orange,etc.
    1) High transparency
    2) UV-Protection
    3) Light Weight
    4) Impact Strength
    5) Inhibiting Condensation
    6) Thermal Insulation
    7) Sound Insulation
    8) Flame Resistance
    9) Easy Installation
    10) Enviromental Friendly
    1) 1.Sky light system.
    2) Roof light for office buildins, department stores, hotels, villas, stadiums, schools, amusement centers, hospitals etc.
    3) Sound absorbtion wall for freeways, high-speed railway and MRTS.
    4) Indoors swimming pools, sun bath pools, greenhouse roofs and sidings.
    5) Subway exits, parking lots, garage tents, bus-stops, terminals, shopping arcades, large stadium and rain tents, pagodas, hallway tents.
    6) Robbery counters in banks, jewelry counters and police Anti-riot shields, Safety roof light for airports and plants.
    7) Safety roof light for airports and plants.
    8) Sign boards for advertisement, Sky-lighting cover.
    9) Housing glasses, indoor partitions, sidewalk, sight window, sunshade, terraces and shower doors


pc film slice protective and screen printing

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Q:POM what's the plastic board for?
For instance:1, POM has a high hardness and steel;2 and POM have good anti creep and stress relaxation ability;3, POM has excellent wear resistance, self lubrication and fatigue;4 and POM have good dimensional stability, low water absorption and little influence on mechanical properties;The dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent of 5 and POM vary little and have good dielectric properties.
Q:is mold on the exterior of the plastic sheeting under a used mobile home dangerous? what should i do? thanks!
I can't see why mold on the exterior of the plastic sheeting should be a problem unless there's an enormous amount of it, if it's there because the underneath of the home didn't get enough ventilation. It could be cleaned off, and shouldn't recur if the next place you put it is dry. If water has gotten into the insulation above the plastic, that would worry me. Wet insulation doesn't work, and if the insulation is wet, there might be other water damage in other parts of the home which could be serious, since the water in the insulation most likely flowed down from somewhere. Is the plastic in good shape with minimal tears in it? If there are any tears, look at the insulation through them to see if you can see any evidence of it having been wet. Have a good look with a strong light under there, and you might be able to answer your own question. Also, though the dealers might not be of much help, there is probably someone in the neighbourhood who does repairs on mobiles, and it might be worth getting them to give an opinion.
Q:i need information about thin sheet plastic injection molding?
we need more info
Q:What are those plastic peelable cover sheets for phones?
a sort of film that covers the screen... Search for phone screen protector
Q:What store can I go to, to buy corrugated plastic sheets?
This Site Might Help You. RE: What store can I go to, to buy corrugated plastic sheets? I would like to buy some of the sheets, but would like to go get it from a store and not have to wait for it to be shipped. Do they sell it at home depot or something?
Q:should I put a clear plastic sheet on my lg chocolate?
BUY ONE for as little as they cost best safe then sorry
Q:Need help finding plastic sheets?
Sounds like you are talking about Visqueen (trade name) which should be available at home centers (Home Depot, etc).
Q:What have you done with your stocks of plastic sheeting and duct tape?
I knew only one person that bought into that hype. She was a lib. But that's the way you libs are. Look at Al Gorf. He's been running around the country amidst one of the worst winters we have had in a couple of decades and he's still preaching about global warming. When will you libs finally realize that it get HOT when you say global warming not COLD. He had to cancel a conference on global warming due to in-climate weather. It was actually a Snow Storm. What a dork!
Q:Where can I buy that plastic sheet that usually comes on screens to protect from fingureprints, damage etc.?
Is there Wal-Mart in the UK?
Q:Where can I getg 1/2 inch plastic sheets for a low price?
Do you realize you're looking at about 70 pounds and a few hundred dollars? Check out the yellow pages in your local area under plastic.

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