Outdoor Furniture Rattan Sofa CMAX-WM1038

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Material: Rattan/Wicker Style: Modern Usage: Outdoor & Garden
Color: White,Black,Yellow Structure: Unfolded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Unadjustable

Product Description:

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Outdoor Furniture Rattan Sofa CMAX-WM1038



Sofa : 68" W x 85" D x 100" H

stool : 55" W x 52" D x 40" H

table: 45" W x45" D x 45" H


Why choose us:

1. We are professional manufacturer;

2. Rattan is made by ourselves. We can find high quality & reasonable raw materials in China, so we have a competitive price;

3. OEM designs are welcome.

Our advantages:

1.Green product, UV-Resistant, Weatherproof and colorfast

2.Excellent hand weaving technique with fashion design.

3.Small MOQ and mixed container are acceptable! 

4.High Quality with competitive price and timely delivery.

Outdoor Furniture Rattan Sofa CMAX-WM1038

Outdoor Furniture Rattan Sofa CMAX-WM1038


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More Detailed Product Information:

1. Material

    1)  PE rattan,  UV resistance, waterproof, 1.2mm aluminum frame, high density sponge of cushion ,all color is available

    Best quality fibers to create the rattan, 100% high density polyethylene, resist the elements, also being recyclable and nontoxic;

    2)  Cushion,  High density foam, with removable cushion covers for easy cleaning, resistant against UV rays, and anything else the weather could throw at them;

    3)  Fabric ,  SGS tested and approved,waterproof & prevent UV;

    4)  Frame construction ,  light weight but strong, spray with good powder coating, which resist the elements further and ensure furniture retain its good looks;

2. Colors and Usage

    Colorful rattan and cushion are optional;

    Suitable to use the products both in indoor house and outdoor place.

3. Package 

     1. Inner with very soft plastic protector(waterproof bag), outer with carton

     2. Strong export package foam + corrugated/kraft paper + PE film

4. Payment terms

1). West Union , fastest ,safe , takes only 15 mints ,working 24 hours .Just need the receiver's full name and the sender's full name and the money control number .

2). Bank wire transfer, I can send you my company bank account .T/T, 30% deposit before placing an order, the balance of 70% should be paid against the B/L copy.

5. Delivery time 

    About 15-45 days after deposit , in addition to busy time. 

    About hand weaving furniture ,too short time may bring more troubles for each other.

6. MOQ 

    Negotiable, over 5 Sets of each furniture is welcome.

7. Warranty  

     The period of our guarantee is 2-year warranty.

8. Quality Control

   Our QCs would control our quality,such as hardware, PE rattan, and handicraft art.

1). Before producing, all of QC will check the original material, especially hardware and PE rattan, and the process of controlling is very strict.

2). In the process of producing, every step will be check before next step.

3). When all producing process has been finished, the QC coming from installation will check PE rattan, iron pipe, and handicraft art, if OK, this garden furniture will be passed.

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Q:how do i get my 1yr old. cat to start using its new scratching post and not scracth up the sofas?
I had the same problem... what I did (and I later found it was advised on the Internet) was wait until the cat was near the scratching post and ... scratch the scratching post myself. Turns out cats are immitators. Each time he uses the scratching post, praise him, even give him a treat now and then. Encourage him with your presence. Oh yes, and dangling a toy, or a piece of string from the top of the scratching post will also make him stretch in curiosity - and that's good, he will learn it feels nice. You also need to temporarily cover the sofas with something that will repel him - like double-sided tape or aluminum foil, so that he will learn that those locations do not feel nice, while the readily available scratching post feels great to use. Also, some cats are picky on scratching posts. It may need a bit of experimentation to find which scratching post works for your cat - perhaps one that is similar to the fabric of the sofa(s) will work.
Q:Quality Leather Sofas?
I okorder.com/
Q:What accent colors to use with a sofa?
red/maroon navy green
Q:How can I repair a cigarette burn in my sofa?
They used to make this powdered fabric glue. You would take a piece of fabric from somewhere else on the item in question, slice the fabric up into the consistency of fine tobacco, mix it with the powder, put it over the hole or damaged area, place paper over it, and apply a hot iron. It would blend in with the surrounding fabric, and you'd have an instant repair. Try fabric stores, they might know what the stuff is.
Q:Does DirectBuy have a sofa like this?
Somebody wrote: Yes, it does. The cost varies with scotchgard.... Well isn't that special! They could have provided price with scotchguard or price without scotchguard, but instead provided nothing at all. How helpful! A google shopping search provides prices in the range of $933 to $1419. Some of these include free shipping, the lowest one of which is $1125. These prices are of course subject to change, and they may also be temporary sale prices. One of these listings (with the $1125 price) shows the regular price as $1930. Without getting a price quote, there's no telling what the DirectBuy savings on a specific item will be. But you can imagine that even with a 50% savings, which would bring the price down to $965, by the time you added shipping and delivery costs (not to mention handling), you would be paying more to buy from DirectBuy. Even if they actually have a 75% savings off the MSRP on this sofa, it's easy to imagine that your savings after paying for shpping, delivery, and handling might be $350 or less. So you can see that you would probably have to buy a lot of these sofas (or other merchandise) just to break even on your memberhsip fee. And none of this takes into account that dealing with a seller who makes a profit on your sale has an incentive to make you happy with the sale, because they can profit from your future sales as well as from the goodwill you can generate for them. It's not as though DirectBuy actually forgoes the profit, they just take the profit upfront in the form of a non-refundable membership fee.
If you can sew, make bolsters to go against the wall at the back, and matching upholstered cushions and spread. You could build a frame to put it on that gives support to back and sides for regular pillows to be used as bolsters or cushions. It would be a very Middle-Eastern thing to have in your living room. This may be why you can't get rid of it - not many people like to buy used beds because of transfer of mites, body fluids, old skin cells and even bedbugs.
Q:I am looking for couch/sofa for around $200?
Maybe a futon, try IKEA
Q:Reupholstering a chair & sofa?
I've had a sofa and a few chairs reupholstered. The sofa was the most expensive because of the amount of materials needed. I think I paid about $175 for that and about $100 each for the chairs. But I didn't have to pay labor because my mom did them for me. Some tech colleges offer upholstery classes and you can do your own for less than paying a professional or sometimes the people in the class are looking for projects to do.
Q:Bedroom sofas???????
umm go to the ikea website and they have really nice sofa!
Q:best way to remove urine on sway sofa?
upholstery cleaner vinegar/water solution carpet cleanser for pet problems * Pine Sol or liquid Spc N Span/water solution dry baking soda or pet carpet deodorizer then vacuum * professional carpet/upholstery company If urine got too deep into the stuffing; it will be next to impossible to remove without replacing the stuffing. When having children, etc.. sleeping on sofa, I bought a cheap curtain liner and lay on sofa under a sheet. Saved my furniture many times from sick, drunk adults to sleeping children and pets.

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