OEM Plastic Watering Can Mould with different Styles

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500000 pc/month

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Plastic materials:PS, ABS, PP, PVC, PMMA, PBT, PC, POM, PA66, PBT+GF30%...etc.

Other materials:Rubber, Silicone rubber, LSR, aluminum, zinc...Metal...etc.

Quality:ROSH and SGS standard

Feature:Non marking and Non flash

Size:According to your drawing

Color, Quantity, Unit price, Tooling cost, Tooling size:To be discussed


Mold structure:Injection Mould, Plastic Mold, Overmould, 2k mould, Die-Casting Mould, Thermoset Mold, Stack Mold, Interchangeable Mold, Collapsible Core Mold, Die Sets, Compression Mold, Cold runner system LSR Mold,…etc.

Mould Base:HASCO standard, European standard, World standard

Mould Base Material:LKM, FUTA, HASCO, DME, etc. or as per customer’s requirement.

Surface Finish:Texture (MT standard), high gloss polishing

Finish:Mirror finish etc.

Cavity / Core steel:P20, 2311, H13, 2344, Starvax 420, 236, AdC3, S136, 2312, 2379, 2316, 2083, Nak80, 2767 etc.

Cavity:Single cavity, Muti Cavity, based on customer’s requirement.

Hot / Cold Runner:HUSKY, INCOE, YUDO, HASCO, DME, MoldMaster, Masterflow, Mastip, Taiwan made brand…etc.

Mould Life:1,000 to 1,000,000 shots (according to your working environment)

 OEM Plastic Watering Can Mould with different Styles


Design & Program Softwares:CAD, CAM, CAE, Pro-E, Solid works…etc.

Equipments:High speed CNC, standard CNC, EDM, Wire Cutting, Grinder, Plastic Injection Molding Machine for testing mold from 50-3000T available.

Package:Standard exported wooden box packed, fumigation process (upon required)


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