OEM 3000mah Polymer Ultra Slim Power Bank

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100 pc
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10000 pc/month

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Color: Black/White Battery: Li-Polymer Material: IMD
Certificate: CE/ROHS

Product Description:

Product Description






The product can be charged by computer USB port or by   mobile phone's charger.

Rated capacity


Operating display

Blue indicator lights flashs in turn when it is   charging, and keep blue when fully charged.


Over-current; Over-charge; Over-discharge;   Short-circuit, Over-temperature.

On-off mode

Connect the power bank with the mobile phone with the   cable, the power bank will charge the phone automatically

Housing type

Aluminum housing in optional color




Micro USB (5Pin MicroUSB)


USB (4Pin USB-A Port)



Input voltage


Input current

800-1100mA (Max)


No load voltage


Load voltage


Output current


Output power


Other parameter

Load check

Connect the power bank output with the load, the output   will automatically
   charge load.

Quiescent current

<100ua< strong="">

Built-in battery capacity


Average operating efficency


Charge time

3-5 hours

Cycle time

>500 times


Over charge voltage


Over current

3A (typical)

Under voltage


Short circuit

<200μs shut down output

LED display

Indicator light flashs from 25% to 100% in turn when it   is charging, and keep white when fully charged.

Other functions

Output can recover automatically after short-circuit   protecion, over load protection or over discharge protection.


The product support most mobile phone for IPHONE, for   SAMSUNG,for HTC, for NOKIA, for HUAWEI, for ZTE etc.,digital product like   MP3,MP4, for ipad etc.,as well as many mobile equipment powered by 5V power   supply for PSP, GPS etc.

OEM 3000mah Polymer Ultra Slim Power Bank

OEM 3000mah Polymer Ultra Slim Power Bank

OEM 3000mah Polymer Ultra Slim Power Bank

OEM 3000mah Polymer Ultra Slim Power Bank

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