Noise Resistance Power wire cable conforming to RoHS for sale

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- Global standard cable 
- Oil proof, heat resistant , flexible

Noise resistance power wire cable conforming to RoHS for sale


Oil proof, heat resistant (150°C), flexible 
Noise resistance (effective for dealing with EMC),

low transfer impedance 
CE, CCC (2.5mm² or below), UL, cUL (6mm² or below),

PS E (0.75–4mm²), GOST – R certification

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Q:Why do power cables have a big sag in the middle?
To much tension requires more expensive equipment on the end poles to handle the stress. So some slack is necessary. Temperature can effect how saggy the lines are. If the wires are hot, they will sag more. Generally heat from the wires usually depend on the amount of current flowing through it. During the summer, lines sag big time because not only it is hot outside but there is so much current flowing through them from everyone cranking up the air conditioners at their homes and offices.
Q:Power supply missing cables?
There's 2 types of power connectors, old style 4-pin Molex and Sata power. Adapters are pretty cheap, just check Monoprice.
Q:i need help on where to run my amp power cable from the battery to the amp on a 2006 f150 i cant find any?
ye this is just a common problem on many cars/tucks not just ford. did a custom install on my jeep and had to cut small hole in front left insulation under dash. it came right out into open space under hood and made great place to run wire. if u cant see any holes/spaces to run it then ur gonna have to cut a hole ro have someone do a pro install for you. (ultimately its cheaper easier to diy - need power drill and a big enuf bit to fit wire thru. im sure u can figure it out, just go slow and be carful, mine worked quik and easy and sounds great. good luck w/ all that - hope i helped
Q:How do I extend the power cable for a 1500W heater.
What I would do is make an extension up and just plug the heater into that. When you don't use the heater anymore use the extension for something else. Normally you need a Janus plug a normal plug and 2.5mm^2 three core flex. You can solder the wires and heat shrink it, just make sure the solder join is done well. If you just twist it together it might heat up and burn.
Q:How can you tell which lines on telephone poles are power lines, cable lines, and phone lines?
The higher they are up, the Higher the voltage. Of course, high voltage power will usually have individual bare aluminum conductors on porcelain or plastic insulators. Lower voltage (120/240 in North Amercia) is either three or four conductors on a set individual insulators, or two or three insulated wires wrapped around an aluminum wire (steel cored actually). The 4th wire, if there, is for street lights. Telephone is a think cable, with junction boxes evert few homes, which the customer lines come off of. Cable lines are a round coax, which connect to its pole equipment with threaded connections, usually with hex fittings, and splitter/taps which customer lines conenct to. Cable lines also have power injector boxes every often. They supply the power for amplifiers. If the wires are overhead to a home, you can usually tell by what they connect to. Electricity is obvious, the individual conductors from the lateral connect to the individual conductors on the drop, which lead to the meter. Telephone and cable both usually go to similar boxes on the house, but cable continues with one or more of similar coax, while telephone goes in with a JKT, Cat 3, or 5 cable, often grey.
Q:Do I have to use a fuse for the power cable on an amplifier, if the amp is only a 350 watt amp?
look at the fuses on the back of the amp, total those up and there's the fuse size you will need to use on your power wire.
Q:i have replaced the power box in my dell dimension 4800 and the amber power light its still flashing?
Hi Hope this helps. Thanks and Regards, Chinmay S
Q:What is the interface between the power interface and the hard disk?
YCV-copper core XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable, VV-copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable. YJV-voltage level (kV) 6 ~ . the maximum allowable working temperature 90 ℃ VV-voltage level (kV) 1 ~ . allowing the maximum operating temperature of 65 ~ 70 ℃
Q:i only have a power cable for my ps3 how do i set it up with hdmi cable ?
1) put the hdmi cable in the back of the the console. 2) put the other end in the telly. 3) also make sure the power cable is connected to the console 4) change the telly channel to hdmi That should be it and yes you will get sound :)
Q:150,120,95,50,25,10,4 * 1.5,2 * 1.5 how much cable to use the heat shrink tube
(AX-310HHC) cooler cool cool supreme falcon hard drive is now no price or price soaring to buy or To find a friend not used second-hand hard drive if it is a parallel port to buy a adapter card to buy a 50 or so into the best is to spend a 50-60 block to accept a second-hand brand machine chassis down also estimated that 1100-1200 this configuration The purpose is very simple, that is, so you can in the case of cheap as possible to meet a daily life office needs of the machine, and the quality of the parts and not too far behind. Inte the G530 quite some to occupy the low-end market means, first of all its performance than the previous generation of low-end goods E5000 and Athlon 200 series to a little bit, and its power consumption is very low, with Athlon Than the chicken is the gap between wow, which makes his power and heat control is to force, do not need a good radiator. And G530 comes with a nuclear show, the effect does not say how good, the most basic 3D games, such as Warcraft CS play a play or no pressure, but also support the hard solution, see the film also solved the problem. The price is also particularly cheap, less than . almost can be said that the low-end first choice.

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