NF series sand making and shaping,highly efficient crushing

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1. Brief introduction
NF series dry sand making production system streamlines crushing, shaping and grading. Its key patented technology lies in USF crusher, which is newest crusher with grading functiondeveloped by NFLG and Japanese Kemco. The crusher is capable to carry out crushing and grading independently. Its unique design also takes utility, economic benefit and environment protection into consideration, meeting stringent requirements of potential customers.

2. characteristics
(1) highly efficient crushing, shaping and grading functions
(2) internationally leading automatic control system
(3) complete environment friendliness, low noise, zero dust emission
(4) modular design, compact and little land consumption
(5) low running cost, easy to maintain
(6) outstanding property of finished sand

Perfect shape of aggregate after processing  

 Before shapingAfter NFZ shaping
Raw materialFinished product(5-31.5)
Loose bulk density (kg/m3)1266.541520
Tight bulk density (kg/m3)1539.041749.5
(loose bulk) solidityratio48.01%56.31%
(tight bulk) solidityratio58.34%64.82%

Note: raw material


Input volume

Module fineness of finished sand

Output of Finished sand5-13 output13-31.5 output

NameMohs hardnessContentofsilicon    dioxideContent of ferric    oxideContent of    aluminum oxideContent of    calcium oxideContent of    Magnesium OxideWater contentMud content

Solidity ratio is an important index to judge shaping effect of aggregate particle. The USF crusher removes sharp edge of particle after crushing, improving its shape. No matter there is coarse or fine raw material, the crusher shows excellent properties: high efficiency, high solidity ratio and stabile particle size.


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