New Led Lamp,10W 20W 30W 50W Cob Led Track Light

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Product Description:

New 10w 20w 30w 50w cob led track light



Main MaterialAluminum

LED Power


Total Power


Light Size


Package Size230*120*250MM

Input Voltage 


LED Chip


Operating Temperature 


LED Life Span


Relevant Certificate 




Light Color 


Beam Angle




Normal CCT




Light Attenuation ratio (%) 

less than 1% in 5,000Hrs

Working  Humidity

10% ~ 90%R.H.

Water Proof(IP) 

Indoor Use Only



 LED Track Light Introduction


1,LED track lights are newly designed LED lights, and mainly Used for commercial lighting and product display.


2,New track adjustable design, high quality led light source, spectral pure, rich colors, green energy


Aluminum alloy house, lightweight and easy, nice


3,High-power transformer, together with the lighting and power, makes the perfect combination, so that highlight its elegant features.


4,Light colors:red,yellow,blue,green,white,warm white,colorful/RGB


5,Material Color:black,white,silver


6,Applications:can be installed on the rail or direct mounting on ceilings or walls.





1,high-quality aluminum housing,and better heat dissipation,light decay less,live longer


2,Brand LED cold light source,no radiation,no heavy metal pollution,performance, olor pure, rich, high brightness,low flicker,saving much health


3,high-grade optical lenses,optical loss,good illumination


4,high-power transformers make the perfect combination of the lighting,electrical appliances and light


5,lightweight easy,elegant,easy to install and replace


6,Streamline design,beautiful appearance 


7,Energy and durable(consuming only ordinary incandescent lamp 1 / 10,life is extended more than 100 times.)Ordinary 70W metal halide lamp we put it down to 10W from 70W


8,shell protects heat, prolonged use of more secure than traditional halogen lamps


9,wide voltage constant current circuit,no flicker, stable and reliable


10,dust, pest control,not easily deformed



Selling Points:


1,The design is new unique fashion and trend.


2,Energy saving, environmental protection.


3,easy to install (no need to modify the store style)


4,Exclusive monopoly(tailor-made for you according to customer needs).


5,product performance, radiation effects are better than other products.


6,Use cold light source, will not increase the temperature of the room even use long. While other traditional lighting on the contrary.


7,light shines on the items, the bright color of the items can be maintained, and look gorgeous all the time.Not like other conventional metal halide lamp, items lose their luster as a result of long irradiation


8,Widely used in shopping malls, hotels, halls, clubs, villas, windows, clothing stores and other places of lighting and decoration.



Most largely produced products:


 Indoor Ones:LED ceiling light;LED spotlight;LED bulb(candel bulb;corn bulb included)


 Outdoor Ones:LED flood light;LED wall washer;LED project light(tunnel light included)


 YUQUAN's other main products:


 Indoor Ones:track light;high bay;wall light;point light source; LED tube;LED strip; LED bar


 Outdoor Ones:underground light;underwater light;lawn lamp;garden spotlight;street light



Characteristics of LED:


Power:in light of the circumstances does not weaken,we reduce the traditional 70W to 10W


Light:concentrated,with emphasis on certain items,the effect is outstanding.Natural light,no glare, changing the projection lamp beads can change the effect.


Green:green light,non-toxic element mercury pollution.No infrared and ultraviolet spectra,no heat, no radiation,recyclable,touch,safety green light



1. Environmental protection:
All LED bulb light does not contain mercury and other harmful substances, without UV, no flickering, eye protection, no noise, ensure that the comfort and security.
2. Energy conservations:
The over lighting efficiency up to 100lm/w, superior optical properties, in the same light intensity, the 7w led light bulb equivalent to the 60w incandescent bulb, energy saving 75%
3. Long lifespan:
LED light bulb leading low attenuation, lifespan is 10 times more than ordinary fluorescent tube, without maintenance costs, more suitable for difficult replacement situations
4. High stability:
Wide voltage and rate input without stroboscopic, transient response without delay, frequent switching loss less to the light.
5. Good heat dissipation:
Scientific thermal and optical design, Aluminum housing assure outstanding heat dissipation



Replace traditional bulbs in restaurants, hotels, meeting rooms, museum, shop windows, and art gallery ect. Where UV or IR is undesirable
1. Commercial lighting: suitable for jewelry shops, adornment shops, boutiques, clothing shops and more
2. House lighting: suitable for sitting rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms and more partial or whole lighting
3. Office lighting: suitable for offices, reception rooms, office buildings and other places



Our Promises:
1. Provide solutions and high quality products
2. Streamline the buying and paying processes
3. Deliver the goods to our customers all over the world with speed and precision
4. Protection of your sale area, ideas of design and all your private information



Shipping Options:
1. By Express: such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX etc. The dispatch time is about 3-5 days.
2. Air Freight: when your order more than 100kgs which will be more economical than express.
3. Sea Freight: we will update sea freight once we know your sea port where goods will be delivered.
4. Agent designated by client: please tell us the contact detail of your shipping agent and we will arrange to deliver the items.



Why do you select us?


1. We manufacture the casing,power,led and finished goods by ourselves that is why our price are competitive than others,moreover,we can control the quality and delivery time.


2. Warranty:1/2/3 year as you want


3.LED Chip availabel:Cree;Osram;Edison;Bridgelux;Epistar


3.Passed CE&RoHS;CCC;LVD,LCD;SAA,ISO9001:2000





High class stores, shopping malls ,Hotel, entertainment places, beauty parlor lighting,Fashionable dress and lighting ,Salon, coffee house, living room lighting ,supermarket, restaurant, city bright project,etc.


About us

Specialized in LED for 10 years,YUQUAN do have its own  hardware factory(YUQUAN do have many its own modules) power plant(YUQUAN 's power supply do reach CE&RoHS certificate) LED chip plant  and assembly plant


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Q:Don't know where the power cord, want to get out to the LED's light rail, you help me
You pack is now a bucket to shoot the light, you can use a glyph screwdriver raised edges and then down gently, see the wire to the middle of the spring pressure, it will be pulled down, and then see the two wire is 220 v power supply cord.
Q:LED track light really can save electricity
LED products involved in business, building, office, light electrical appliances, household and other fields, and LED to assemble a complete processing chain will be launched soon, including LED r&d, LED encapsulation, radiator production, as well as other parts production.
Q:100 how much is the led tube light 1 search
So the LED ceiling price in the market will have a lot of, a few dozen, who has more than 100, more than 200, in the LED industry, a penny a points goods, what materials to correspond to what price, also more transparent, in general the 4 w ceiling in 40 yuan or more, the quality of the more questions about the price of LED ceiling lamp, can understand baidu shenzhen silver moonlight into their website, the above six big ceiling lamp series, more than 80 kinds of specifications, the hope can help you, thank you
Q:NATSEN Watson's resistance LED ceiling lamp, please
Peterson resistant lighting, I've heard, half a year the newly established new company, I have to buy their products, products of good quality.
Q:How many square meters can track light rail connections?
What is light, if they are LED to list some more, if the metal halide lamp may not so much. Article mainly the orbit is the inside of the copper wire or aluminium wire to allow what is the maximum current. In general with the LED you concatenate a more than 10 meters.
Q:Shoot the lamp to light up 5 minutes later start flashing
Each lamp according to the special transformer, as long as it's not the led will be installed
Q:The use area of 40 flat, how many W track shoot the light, how many suitable
Lamp is the main effect, make setting wall and corridor with more. Have effect on the lighting is too demanding, not durable.
Q:20 square meters of small clothing store as several orbit to shoot the light
alogen lamp, or 35 to 50 w w. LED 5 w, 7 w. Track shoot the light, the LED is better than metal halide Lantern Festival can be a lot of, I am the LED industry. Now shops are slowly with LED lights, how many watts of shoot the light, depending on what you choose to shoot the light, if use LED power smaller,
Q:Which a few kinds of LED track lamp points? The choose and buy of it
The classification of the LED track lamp: 1, 1 w, or by a single star of 1-3 w high-power lamp bead, representatives of this product on guangdong, zhejiang and jiangsu is given priority to, with shenzhen star standard times lighting co., LTD., represented by the high power LED track lamp, using single high-power lamp bead, power generally ranged from 3 w and 36 w, in LED technology matures, in 2012, the LED track lamp more underlines the technical content of the LED industry. 2, integrated track shoot the light, to the north of Qingdao hagrid LED the integration of energy saving technology track shoot the light, the orbital lamp generally USES integrated chip or COB light, add optical reflectors, form a condenser. Shoot the two points of low voltage, high pressure, consumers had better choose low voltage lamp, its long service life, high light efficiency. Shoot the light efficiency of high and low to power factor, power factor, the greater the photosynthetic efficiency, the better, the power factor of ordinary lamp at around 0.5, the price cheap, high quality lamp power factor can achieve 0.99, the price is a bit expensive.
Q:Various brands of led track light rail is the same specifications
Guide lamp installation article orbit in two lines, three lines, these four line, two line is only wire and zero line, a little electrical safety specification on the engineering project are not allowed to use this kind of lamps and lanterns, three wire is ground wire, four wire is a intelligent control.

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