New Jaw Crusher Manufacturer Hard Stone Crushing

Ref Price:
$4,000.00 - 40,000.00 / unit
Loading Port:
China main port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1 unit
Supply Capability:
300 unit/month

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Product Description:

Structure of PE150×250 Jaw crusher

Type: Jaw Crusher

Mode: PE150*250

Condition: New

Application: Rock Crushing

Brand: CMAX

Certificate: ISO, CE, GOST


Packaging & Delivery of PE150×250 Jaw crusher

Packaging Detail: Nude package for main machine, motors and small parts are packed in wooden cases.       

Delivery Detail: 25-30days


Main Feature of PE150×250 Jaw crusher

1) simple structure, easy maintenance;

2) stable performance;

3) even final particles and high crushing ratio.

4) Save 15~30% energy 


Application of PE150×250 Jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher is our company set the successful experience in similar products at home and abroad, for mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy, road construction and other industrial sectors quarries and rock crusher specially designed. The product specification is complete, the feed size from 600-850 mm, PESS-type jaw crusher crushing materials of compressive strength of up to 300Mpa, is a complete set of broken lines in the first choice of primary crushing equipment.


Specifiation of PE150×250 Jaw crusher

ModelFeed Inlet Size(mm)Max Inlet Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Electric Power(kw)Overall Size L*W*H(mm)Weight(t)


Images of PE150×250 Jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher China Branded Factory for Sale

PE/PEX Series Stone Jaw crusher 

PE/PEX Series Stone Jaw crusher


FAQ of PE150×250 Jaw crusher

A: Which kind of material you are going to crush?

Q:Soft stone (dolomite, limestone) or hard stone (granite, basalt, river pebble)

A:What's the max input size of the material?

Q:In inch,centimeter or milimeter

A:What's the granularity of the final products you need?

Q:in milimeter, micron or mesh 

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Ace Hardware should have what you need. About 15-20 minutes.
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painful is the only feeling i could think of
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Hi..not Canadian, but hope this helps. :) As far as not having a saw..if you purchase the wood at a home improvement store or a lumber yard, sometimes they will cut the wood to specifications. Things You’ll Need: 2 x 4 inch board Strap hinge kit Jar lids Two 1-inch screws Screen door handle Step 1 Cut the 2 x 4 board into two pieces that are 16 inches long. Step 2 Attach the hinge to the ends of the two boards with the screws included in the hinge kit. You want to two boards to fold inward until they are stacked flat on top of each other. Step 3 Use the two 1-inch screws attach the two jar lids to the inside ends of the 2 x 4 on the opposite end of the hinge. The jars should be directly on top each other when the two 2 x 4s are folded on top of each other. Make sure that the two jar tops that are slightly larger in size than the average can. Step 4 Attach the door handle to the board that is going to form the top of the can crusher. Attach it at the end opposite of the hinge, above the jar lid. Step 5 Place a can in the jar lid of the bottom board of the can crusher. Using the door handle, bring the top board down on top of the can. The two jar lids will keep the can in place as you use the door handle and force to crush the can flat.
Q:where is the site for coal crushers from pennsylvania?
You can ask to the right people at the link below
Q:My icemaker is stuck on crushed ice. It will not switch to cubed. It dispenses water and cubed.?
Shut it off, look for a jammed piece - remove what you have in there let it thaw if you cant get to it. Usually that's what happens to mine, it wont allow the roller to go back up that crushes the ice.
Q:how much can i get for a M-22 “Rock Crusher”?
A genuine M-22 Rock crusher Muncie 4 speed transmission is going for anywhere from $500-$1000. I've seen many 4 speeds that people say are rock crushers, but are M-21's, or not even Muncies. Make sure of what you have before you offer it to someone.

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