Multifuctional Chenille Carpet, mat, rug

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100% Polyester,Polyester / Cotton
Hand Woven,Woven printing
Home,Hotel,Bedroom,Prayer,Outdoor,Decorative,Bathroom,Toilet,Commercial,Car,ROOM CARPET, bedroom carpet,living room,meeting room,prayer room
40*60cm 50*80cm 60*90cm, 40*60cm 50*80cm 60*90cm
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China (Mainland)
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chenille floor carpet and rugs
Gram weight:
0.11~0.4 M3
Packaging rate:
50 pieces
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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:50PCS OR 100PCS pp bagand the carton packing
Delivery Detail:10-15days


1.Floor carpet and rugs manufacturer
2.200 designs are available
3.Small order accept
4.samples are in free
5.Fast delivery

1.Item Name:    High pile chenille floor carpet rugs


Door mat Rugs/ Floor Carpet mat / Room carpeting  mat


100% Microfiber chenille  polyester

2)Pile Weight


3)pile height


4)backing material

Natural  latex

5) Design


6) Size

40x60cm/50x80cm/60x90cm/50x100cm/120x170cm 140x200cm/160x230cm/200x300cm/customizable


Anti-slip, washable, durable, fashion design,

8) MOQ

1000PCS/size/design or 500 sq.m.

9) Packing

Roll up in polybag or Carton or according to customer demand

10)Container Holding

one 20ft container can hold about 3000-3500 square meters;

one 40ft container can hold about 7000-7500square meters.


Bank T/T, Western Union,Cash

12) Port

Ningbo or Shanghai,  we can ship as customer requirement




Floor,outdoor,indoor,room floor,bedroom,bathroom,Washroom, door,floor,kitchen,porch, windowsill , dining kitchen

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Q:my kittens keep pulling the rug??? hellp!?
why are ppl so nasty.... if you don't like cats don't answer cat questions... anyway, i'm haveing the same proble with my kitten and i have two scratching things, one post and one cardboard thingy both with catnip... he's not interested. but i have a sound i make when he's bad that he doesn't like it's like a loud chhhht. and when i do it he stops and runs away to do something else... he comes back but it will take awhile... the spray bottle idea was good too.... they just have to learn what's good and what's not just like dogs
Q:how do you get lamp oil from a carpet?
I'm going with Norman777 on this one. chances are the carpet is ruined in that spot already. Adding another flammable solvent to it will only make it worse. The padding underneath will absorb it and keep wicking it back to the carpet for days. The carpet WILL delaminate from the backing and ripple up, and leave you with an area in need of a repair. Long story short, get ready to call a carpet guy. If you don't have any excess carpet from that room, you'll want to go get a piece of rem carpet and pad from a carpet outlet that's big enough to do the closet you are going to get the piece to repair that area out of. Total cost of about $125-$225 depending on where you live and how decent the guy that does it is. By decent I mean nice, quality of work is a moot point since it really won't match perfectly for a couple of months at least. Just make sure they replace the pad also. Good Luck.
Q:how to get soy sauce out of carpet?
soak the damage parts in lukewarm water. scrub lightly with laundry soap, leave the soaps and suds on and put the carpet under the sun leave it for like 2-3hours. soak it again on water, rinse the carpet. *soaking and drying while soapy makes stains evaporate with hot air.
Q:What do you mean by the number and the needle step of the carpet?
Needle step multi pointer method refers to woven shapes, patterns. One side stitch, that is, one side of the pattern, the back of poor ornamental, similar to cross stitch, sweater on the back of the same; double needle step, positive and negative are the same effect. Can also be understood as the positive needle step, the reverse needle step stitch, the positive needle step weaving out, the front face is carpet front, and the reverse stitch after weaving out the reverse side of the carpet. The stitching is similar to the coordinates, such as eighth step needling at 20 cm position, Fifteenth step line at 3 cm position, stitch different number of different, so as to form different patterns.
Q:How do I clean a sisal area rug at home?
Sisal area rugs are simple to clean using mild dishwashing detergent and water. To do this, take the rug outdoors. Dip a brush in a detergent solution to clean the entire surface, and rinse with a hose. Hang the rug up to dry in the sun. But be sure it dries quickly and completely. Damp, natural fiber rugs will mildew and eventually disintegrate.
Q:Home made carpet cleaner?
I work 1 day a week for an Alzhiemers facility. I maintain their plumbing, electrical and security systems. After observing the condition of their carpet, I asked them if I could help them find a product that would improve it's condition. They owned a carpet cleaner. It was a $4,000.00 machine so I expected that the machine wasn't the problem. For the next year, I searched the internet for formulas (There is no end to the people that have mixed up a concoctions) This is what I discovered. Although there are some homemade remedies that work well on certain stains, the best product for the money is available at Ace Hardware stores under their own brand name. Ace 6 in 1 carpet cleaner The problem when purchasing carpet cleaners is the ratio of cleaner to water. I purchased a gallon of each type carried by WalMart for example. The best ratio they carried was 4 to 1, 4 oz of product per gallon of water for standard cleaning. The Ace product wax mixed at 2 to 1, 2 oz of product per gallon. Since these all were in the same price range, this meant that the Ace cleaner was 1/2 the price of not only the Walmart cleaners but almost every other one we tried. We found that Oxy clean would bleach out carpet dyes over time. Vinegar had just enough sticky to attract dirt. Windex, however, worked great on urine spots and some stains. When testing these products and formulas, I used a test piece of carpet rather than the installed carpet which was lucky considering some of the helpful formulas we tried. I should add that we cleaned our carpets once a week plus did constant spot cleaning. The problems we encountered would take years to develop if the carpets were cleaned only once or twice a year
Q:How soft is the carpet after washing?
Carpet cleaning methods and techniques:(1) use upright vacuum cleaner to vacuum thoroughly. (if there is no upright vacuum cleaner can be used drum type dust machine).(2) clear clear stains first. (in addition to water soluble, oil soluble, colloidal stains)(3) the liquid medicine box is arranged on the wiping machine, and against the water dry foam liquid into the box, the best installation of electronic C box, using C box to reduce the foam water content.(4) will promote the wiping machine inside the washing place, plug the power line plug, debug the wiping machine lifting rod (the position adjusted to operate their own positions), and start the machine from indoor to outdoor each line overlap 1/3 scrub and mechanical walking direction from left to right, then move to another line from right to left, the operation is repeated until the full after scrubbing.
Q:best spray carpet cleaner?
This Site Might Help You. RE: best spray carpet cleaner? I have a beige carpet that is in need of a good cleaning. I'm looking along the lines of a product that I can spray on, leave vacuum up does a excellent job at eliminating odors/dirt. I am overwhelmed with the amount of products, not to mention I don't want to spend $20 on a product...
Q:How to remove carpet Plush?
Operation method:1, vacuum cleaner with a vacuum cleaner2, diluted detergent can also be injected into the water tank3. Spray detergent all over the carpet4, 10-15 minutes after the stain out of fiber5. Wash with a washing machine, operate backward, and make each operation part of overlap, at least two times after washing6, in the cleaning carpet at the same time, with a suction machine to clean the carpet has been washed7, let the carpet completely dry, in order to speed up the carpet dry, you can start carpet drying machine.
Q:What is composite carpet
Composite carpet is made of plush fabric, sponge, non-woven cloth or plastic cloth or by flame, glue composite machining. It has flexibility and moisture insulation, heat accumulation, so it's comfortable to step and suitable for sitting and lying.

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